How To Drive Massive Referral Traffic From Pinterest In 2015

There was a time not too long ago when you could solve your traffic problems by simply churning out more content and spending money on PPC ads.

And that approach may still work if you’ve got a lot to invest.

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Getting started on Pinterest

Actionable Ways To Drive Referral Traffic From Pinterest

1. Display the official ‘Pin It’ button on your site

2. Optimize your visuals

  • Pin videos directly on Pinterest
  • Use a watermark on your visuals
  • Use the 2:3 aspect ratio for images (aim for tall than wide)
  • Covert multiple images into infographics as

    long visuals get the most repins

    and traffic
  • Try not to use real faces. Images without faces

    receive 23 percent more repins
  • Use a clever mix of pictures, text overlays, and step-by-step instructions to create sharable images. These may also be called ‘how to’ images or ‘tip’ images
  • Use dominant colors in the images
  • Use


    to optimize the template of your visuals

3. Include a link to your site in the pin and its description

4. Engage with followers

5. Host contests

  • Create a buzz about your contest by promoting it to your email list, other social networks, and website visitors
  • Offer an excellent prize. If you don’t have a big enough budget, you can give away discount coupons or merchandise
  • Mention the date at which the winner will be announced

6. Leverage rich pins

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