How to Choose Best ClickBank Products to Promote?

ClickBank is one of the most popular affiliate networks online.

There are thousands of people

making millions online

by just promoting ClickBank products. While there are stories of affiliate millionaires, there are even stories of people who earned nothing from ClickBank.

It’s not always because they couldn’t market the product effectively. But one of the biggest reasons is not being able to choose the right ClickBank product.

It’s true that you can promote just any product you want and make money if a sale is made. But the reality is a little different. You need to know it before you jump into affiliate marketing.

Today I will discuss about how to choose the best ClickBank product that can make you some real money. Although there are hundreds of products available, there are certain products that are exactly right for you.

If you are serious, you have to be serious about finding these products only. Then only, you can expect some good results.

There are a number of ways to find out the best products in the market. There are already hundreds of popular ClickBank products you may know about. But it doesn’t always mean that if you promote them, you will make money.

The reason is that there is a high competition. As a result, you will have to work harder to make it possible and ultimately

make some money


make money with clickbank 2018

No, I am not telling you to be afraid of high competition. Actually high competition is good. Because if a product is being promoted by a lot of people, it definitely means that it is in high demand. People are actually buying it and this is why more affiliates are promoting the same product.

But … you must remember that the products which are not in high demand are not always bad products. People are not aware of these products only because people are not promoting them actively. If you are new in this market, you should target these products only.

You should target the type of products that many people are searching for, but not many people are talking about.

So when someone searches in Google looking for information about a particular product, they find nothing. Think about it once. If you can provide these people the information they are looking for and ask them to purchase the product, they will do it. As a result, you will earn money.

Do You Know Why They Will Buy?

It’s only because they are looking for information about that and if you give them what they are looking for, they will trust you. This is very important as you are building a relationship with your customers.

Nobody will ever buy from you if they don’t trust you.

Remember, trust is the most important connection between a buyer and a seller. So if you can build this connection, you can actually make them think the way you want them to think.

This is how you will win the game. Please understand that it’s about fooling your customers and taking their money into your own pocket. But it’s about being honest to your customers and being a great seller as well.

So this was all about building a relationship with your customers. Here your customers are the visitors of your affiliate links or affiliate site.

There are many ways to promote an affiliate product online. But the most effective way is to

build a small site

regarding that particular product or creating a video review and submit it to video submission sites.

In the process, you need to give your customers all the information they need to know. You have to answer all the questions that they might have.

You need to provide a good reason to purchase. You will also have to tell them why need to buy. Once you have all these information and the ability to build a strong connection with your buyers, you are ready to promote the product.

So How to Find These Valuable Products?

You may already know that there are thousands of ClickBank products available in the marketplace. While there are thousands of products available, the reality is that most affiliates for go for products that are highly popular in the market with high gravity. Because they expect to earn more with these kind of products.

Even new affiliates do the same thing. As a result, a lot of products are not even being promoted. But remember, there are hundreds of people looking for information on the type of ClickBank products that are not being promoted.

Your work will be looking for these products only.

I don’t say that you shouldn’t promote a product with high gravity. But if you are new in affiliate marketing and want to see some quick results, it’s better to go for a product with less competition.

You may also be successful in promoting high gravity ClickBank products. But you will have to work harder. It will take time to get success. So you may be discouraged and I don’t want you to leave affiliate marketing for a silly reason.

You would find people who recommend going for high gravity products only. While they are not totally wrong, you have to be SMART.

Because ….

Gravity is NOT a measure of popularity of a product or its sales or its quality. Rather, it is a time-based figure of merit on the success that other affiliate marketers have had selling the particular product. So if a product has low gravity, it doesn’t mean that it will not sale and people don’t purchase it.

So there is nothing wrong to recommend a product with low gravity. Nowadays ClickBank reviews every new product for its quality before being included in their marketplace. So the question of quality should end now. As a result, you will have significantly low refund or charge-back rates.

So if a product has low gravity, we can understand that it’s not being promoted by many affiliate marketers. It means that you will have significantly less competition to promote that product. Because of less competition, it will be easier for you to rank your sites in Google; for terms relating to that product.

Here’s what you can expect with a small ClickBank affiliate site. It’s definitely not a great income, but obviously not bad. So what are you going to do now?

Now I am sure that you can do your own research within ClickBank marketplace. To make your research easier and effective,

You Can Join CBEngine

. This is the top ClickBank Analytics search site on the web. So you shouldn’t ignore it.

So basically, your work will be choosing a list of products with low gravity. Now visit each of their sales page to see how attractive it is. Now you have to choose only the products with a good sales page.

A good sales page is the first thing a buyer sees and then decides to buy. So it’s important to have a top quality sales page.

Once you are ready with some good products, go to

Google Keyword Planner

. There is a field called

Search for New Keyword and Ad Group Ideas

. There is another field for your

Landing Page

. Put here the URL of the landing page of the product you want to promote and click

Get Ideas


Now you will find a list of keywords related to your landing page. Look for the keywords which have the highest number of searches. Choose the top keyword you have got and come back to the same landing page section again.

Now type your keyword in the field called

Your Product or Service

. Look below to find the option to

Customize Your Search

. Click

Keyword Filters

and choose average monthly searches at least 3000.

So now you would have a list of good keywords you can target.

It’s not guaranteed that you will always find some great keywords using this method. But this is the exact method that is being followed by top affiliate marketers of this world. This is the most effective way to find out some of best keywords to target while promoting a particular affiliate product.

Obviously you will not find these golden keywords for every product you want to promote. This is why you can’t choose just any ClickBank product and start promoting. Because you wouldn’t make money at all.

If you find at least 4 to 5 long tail keywords with at least 1000 to 3000 searches per month for any of your selected products, go for it. This is the best and most profitable ClickBank product you should promote. Believe me; you will make money if you carefully follow everything I mentioned here.

If you have some money, I would suggest you to go for a paid keyword research tool called Long Tail Pro (

Click Here to Have a Look at It

). It will help you find long tail profitable keywords quite easily. I have shared

one of my affiliate marketing stories here

. Don’t forget to read it.

Here is another article

that shows the actual income potential of affiliate marketing. Don’t miss it. You may have heard stories of affiliate millionaires. You may have been inspired by their stories. But how many times have you tried to make it your own reality. You are smart. But they were smarter than you.

So take action right now and don’t get left behind. I promoted many affiliates products online. Sometimes I was successful. Sometimes I failed.

But I would always remember the lessons I learned in my journey. You may also fail. But don’t stop. Just don’t repeat the same mistakes again.

There is no marketing method that can give you 100% guarantee to get success. Just research more and tweak your methods to see what works and what doesn’t.

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