How These 8 Bloggers Got Tons More Traffic From Pinterest

Pinterest is amazing at driving organic traffic to blogs – tons of it. For many of our members

Pinterest the #1 or #2 source of referral traffic to their websites

.  If you’re a blogger looking to get more traffic to your website, then look no further than Pinterest and these tips from folks successfully driving traffic every day.

We monitor the Interwebs for people talking about Tailwind and there’s a lot of chatter from bloggers about the struggle to drive more traffic from Pinterest to their blogs, and how Tailwind is one of the strategies they use to do just that.

Here’s some of the best of those recent blog posts.

*Note: Some of the bloggers featured in this post save money on their Tailwind subscriptions by referring people via their Tailwind referral link, some are affiliates, some have no affiliation with us other than that they just love the tool.

#1 – Abagail and Emylee from

Think Creative Collective

“Our traffic has steadily gone up on our site and the repins are through the roof (meaning our content is getting seen and loved by new people). We’re talking over 16k clicks to our website from a pin happening every single month (whoa).”

Top Tips:

  • “The entire point is for you to create a user experience for people who are searching for specific topics. If you can provide an all-encompassing experience for them, they’ll follow you and stick around.”
  • “Most people suggest pinning upwards of 25 times a day”
  • “We bulk pin directly from within Pinterest using the Tailwind extension because they make it super easy.”
  • “A very unique feature that Tailwind has is the ability to set pins to go out at intervals. We use this feature mostly when we’re pinning to group boards because there’s usually a rule that pinners can only pin once a day”
  • “Our daily formula is now maybe 30 seconds (the time it takes to pin the most recent blog post to our main board). Then we go in about once a month and spend about 15 minutes bulk scheduling all the pins for the next 4 to 6 weeks.”

Pinterest Tip: ‘Create a user experience for people searching specific topics.’ – @thinkcreativekc

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#2 – Elna from

Twins Mommy

“Within two months of actively being on Pinterest, I had over 1k followers. And by my third month, I almost gained another 1k followers.  And you want to know something?  I wasn’t following many people. In fact, I stopped following people – unless they were my blogger friend – and I still gained more followers.  Now, six months later, I have 4.8k followers.”

Top Tips:

  • “I belong to over 60 group boards. From mom groups to growing your blog groups to social media groups and to freelance groups, if it’s related to being a mompreneur I’m in it.”
  • “One of the first things a pinner is going to read is your headline. You have about two seconds for them to decide if that pin is worthy of their time. I found that one of the best headlines to use on Pinterest are personal ones. Using “I” or “my” seem to generate more repins and click-throughs for me.”
  • “If you can show a benefit for the reader in your headline, they are more likely to click through to your post. And if you have a engaging introduction that hooks them, they’ll remember your content and not only subscribe to your list, but also follow you on Pinterest. A lot of my subscribers found me via Pinterest!”
  • “I feel that branding my profile helped me grow my followers quickly.”
  • “Have an optimized bio: One of the first things I did with my profile was make sure my bio had keywords in my niche and told people what I do and who I am.”

Pinterest Tip: ‘Create Hella Awesome Images.’ – @ecainwrites

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#3 – Kate from

Simple Pin Media

“Simply, we’re crazy about Pinterest! Simple Pin Media started in January of 2014 with just three beta clients and has grown to serving over seventy monthly maintenance clients and hundreds of consultation, clean up, and review clients.”

Growth Chart:


Top Tips:

  • “I’m a big fan of analytics. I want to know what does and doesn’t work. Since Tailwind started out as an analytics company they understood the importance of data to create a strategy that would move the needle forward.”
  • “Add in the Smart Scheduling and pinning becomes exponentially easier not having to select a time for each and every pin. Just fill up the queue and you’re scheduled out for a few days.”
  • “Tailwind has added quality pinning features like Content Discovery, a mobile app, board lists, batch pinning and Tribes! Tribes is the program I had been searching for all along. It not only meets several needs for my team but leaves Facebook Pin Groups in the dust.”
  • “Their customer support kicks booty! Seriously, everyone on their team is beyond helpful and will even take a look at your analytics if you have a problem.”
  • “It’s an approved API Marketing Partner with Pinterest. Boom! No worries of Pinterest shutting your scheduling program down because they are in violation of Pinterest TOS. Tailwind is compliant with Pinterest.”

Pinterest Tip: ‘I’m a big fan of analytics. I want to know what does & doesn’t work’ @simplepinmedia

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#4 – Alan from

The Practical Saver

“When I started blogging, I was posting heavily on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and other social media platforms. I thought that I would get more exposure by doing such that. I was wrong. So, I focus and am still focusing on my biggest referrer, that is, Pinterest.”

Top Tips:

  • “Don’t be afraid to connect with other bloggers. You and other bloggers can help out each other to become successful. You may be in the same niche as with the other bloggers, but don’t treat them as competition. Treat them as friends or blog family.”
  • “Write longer posts but fewer posts in a week”
  • “Take your readers as inspiration for your new posts. Listen to what they ask. Write based on what “
  • “If you want readers to consistently come to your site, you need to learn the art of patience. Don’t expect that they will come right away. It takes time.”
  • “Tailwind is the reason that my traffic has dramatically increased. I’ve only been blogging for nine months but my traffic per month is already around 150K – 170K. I credited that, mostly, with Tailwind.”

Pinterest Tip: ‘You and other bloggers can help each other to become successful’ – @practicalsaver

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#5 – Sydney from

To The Wild Co

“In January, I set out to increase my Pinterest stats. Within less than three months, I’ve seen a 30% increase in new followers with about an hour of time investment per week.”

Growth Chart:


Top Tips:

  • “Spend a day completing the tasks suggested , and then fill up your queue with enough pins to last you one week. And then don’t touch Pinterest for 7 days. After your week has passed, take a look at your Pinterest notifications and see for YOURSELF what I’ve been seeing for three months.”
  • I use the “Shuffle” option a lot. I usually queue up loads of similar pins at once, and like to scramble them up a bit to break the monotony.
  • “If you pin from your iPhone or iPad, there are apps for that, too – the iPad one is my fav.”

Pinterest Tip: ‘Fill up your queue with Pins for 7 days then don’t touch Pinterest’ – @tothewildco

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#6 – Mckenzie from

Moms Make Cents

When I started this blog I had goals for my pageviews, email subscribers, income etc. and to be totally honest my reality has blown those goals out of the water! I was hoping for rapid growth,

but what has happened has been phenomenal.

Growth Chart:


Top Tips:

  • “Tailwind has a browser extension tool which is available for Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox. The extension allows you to schedule your pins from any website. You also can easily schedule pins directly from Pinterest.”
  • “Tailwind has a clear and useful analytics tool that will help monitor all activity on your page. You can track the number of followers by week, viral pins, top performing boards and much, much more. You can monitor your metrics on Tailwind + they will send you an overview via email each week. “
  • “Another aspect of Tailwind’s analytics features is Board Insights. This shows you how well your boards are doing. Using this tool can help you tweak your strategy so you know which boards to keep pinning to and which require less interaction.”

Pinterest Tip: ‘Know which boards to keep pinning to’ – @MomsMakeCents

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# 7 – Louisa from

La Passion Voutee

“After numerous recommendations, I decided to give Pinterest a chance. And boom! It all started to fall into place. Pinterest has suddenly become my biggest social referral even without having a pin go viral… yet.”

Growth Chart:


Top Tips:

  • “Because Pinterest rewards active members, you want to stay active by pinning great content frequently. When I started out, I was trying to manually share about 10 pins per day but it was hard remembering to pin so often. “
  • “Do you have photos on your computer? No problem! You can bulk upload images to your Tailwind account as well.”
  • “You can view how well your boards (regular, secret, and group boards) are performing on Pinterest. This is, you guessed right, an invaluable asset of Tailwind. Getting this insight gives you more information on whether you should pin more or less to certain boards”

Pinterest Tip: ‘You want to stay active by pinning great content frequently’ – @LaPassionVoutee

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# 8 – Alyssa from

My life before Tailwind:

Unorganized pinning all day every day, or getting a free hour and blasting out 3 days worth of pinning all at once, at like 1pm on a Sunday. Is that even an optimal time to Pin? No idea. Tailwind knows though:)

My life after Tailwind:

Pinning twice a week for 1 hour. Pins get pinned at optimal times throughout the days and week. My Pinterest reach and engagement grow. I work on the areas of my business that need my focus, and I have a life again. Oh, and I actually enjoy pinning again! Not to mention, my reach and engagement on Pinterest has skyrocketed!

Growth Chart:

Top Tips:

  • “I started out pinning 70 times per day when I was growing my brand new biz account. As my account grew I was able to scale back to 40.”
  • “When you setup your Tailwind account you can simply click the “Generate New Smart Schedule” button. Choose the number of times you want to pin per day and Tailwind will then create a custom smart schedule with the most optimal time slots.”
  • “If I try to schedule a pin that doesn’t have a source URL or has a broken source URL Tailwind alerts me so I can correct it.”
  • “There are several schedulers out there. With Pinterest giving the seal of approval on this one, I feel confident this tool is going to put my Pinterest Marketing efforts on the right track.

‘I bulk schedule 1-2 times a week and know I have a daily presence on Pinterest’ – @lyssabasinger

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