How Teenagers Can Make Money Online


When I was a teenager back in the 80’s – OMG! Was it really 30 years ago?!? – the only way for a teenager to make money was to get a part-time job at the mall or maybe at a stand-alone fast food joint.  Of course, there was no Internet back then, and our options were much more limited than those of teenagers today.

And forget starting our own business!  That took money, and most of our money had to some from our parents or the aforementioned job.

Today, with an Internet that has over 2 billion people on it, teenagers’ options are wide open.

Here are a few options that teenagers have other than getting the traditional minimum wage job.

Option #1: Sell Gigs on Fiverr

Fiverr is a website where people can offer their services, called gigs, in return for some agreed-upon price.  Most gigs start at $5.

Here are the main categories for gigs on Fiverr:

  • Graphics & Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Writing & Translation
  • Video & Animation
  • Music & Audio
  • Programming & Tech
  • Business
  • Fun & Lifestyle

People offer services for everything from writing resumes, letters, and articles to playing video games.  There is such a wide range of services offered on Fiverr that you you are almost guaranteed to find something you’re good at.

If your teachers always tell you how well you write and give you A’s on all your papers, consider writing articles or blog posts.  Of course the video game offers sound like fun, but I don’t know how much demand there is for that.  I even see people offering to help draft a fantasy football team.

Option #2: Start a Blog

Before social media, blogs used to be the primary way people shared various aspects of their lives, their opinions on a wide variety of topics, and even their personal photos and videos.  Now, social media has taken the place of a lot of those blogs, but

blogging is not dead


Blogging can be a lot of fun, and there are a number of ways to

make money blogging

.  A few of these are:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Using ad programs
  • Selling advertisements directly
  • Selling your own products

If you do do want to start a blog, I recommend using a website builder rather than trying to do it on your own.  I recommend using

Site Rubix

; in fact, it is the website builder I used to build this site.  It’s easy to use, you get two websites hosted totally free, no technical knowledge is required, and it comes with access to a huge community of online entrepreneurs to help you will all aspects of your new venture.

If blogging is the route you choose to go, and you do want to make money off it, make sure you choose a specific niche.  In other words, don’t make your blog about anything and everything.  You might think that would be a good idea since you could then attract a lot more people, but the reality is that most people are drawn to blogs that are specifically about a particular product, and avoid general blogs that are about everything.  Search engines know this too, so it will be really hard for you to get ranked on the search engines if your blog is too general.

Finally, my last recommendation is to make your blog about something you love.  If you love Pokemon Go! then blog about that.  If you love doing hair and make-up, make your blog about that.  If you pick something you love, working on your blog will end up being something you look forward to and not something you look at as work.

Option #3: Start a YouTube Channel

A lot of younger people have been wildly successful with their YouTube channels.  You can too.

I realize this option might not be for everyone.  Some people are shy or don’t speak well in front of a group or camera.  Plus, you will have to learn all the ins and outs of video editing, which will probably be what you spend most of your time doing on a YouTube channel.  You will also need to have a thick skin since there are a lot of trolls out there, and you will get negative comments and dislikes, especially if your channel is successful.

Here is a video talking about the top 10 subscribed teenagers on YouTube.  It’s from over a year ago, but I’m sure it’s still pretty accurate.

If you’re a dynamic person who loves the idea of making videos, editing them, and dealing with all the comments and issues that come with being famous, starting a YouTube channel might be for you.

Most of the recommendations for starting a blog apply to starting a YouTube channel as well.  You will want to choose a niche and stick to videos about that niche, and it should be something you love.  That way, you’ll stick with it.

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One thing that you have to be aware of is that YouTube is changing it’s ad policies, so if you want your channel to be somewhat controversial, YouTube may not ban you, but they might age-restrict your videos or simply not allow ads to be shown.  There has been some criticism of YouTube recently for targeting political channels that don’t seem to fit in with the predominant political philosophy of Silicon Valley, so just be aware of that.

Option #4: Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing

is basically selling other people’s products.  You don’t have to have to worry about producing, buying, or shipping anything.  You just post your own special links to websites like Amazon or Walmart, and if someone buys something after clicking your link, you earn a commission.

In all likelihood, you will want to incorporate some of the previous options in your affiliate marketing business.  Absolutely, you will want to have a


.  That is an absolute necessity.  Don’t let anyone tell you that you don’t.  You will need to produce content for that website as well.  A blog is the perfect vehicle to do this.  Also, a YouTube channel can definitely help, though there are those who are very successful without using YouTube.

You will probably also use social media, both to promote your blog and to promote your various products.  Just don’t think that social media alone will be enough.


are a few tips for those getting started in affiliate marketing.


are a few common mistakes to avoid.

If you really want to do affiliate marketing right and start making money much more quickly than those who go it alone, there is an online community you should consider joining.  Think of it as a big social network of online entrepreneurs.  You’ll get to connect with lots of other people, many in the same boat as you, all with one purpose: making money online.  There is also step-by-step training that will walk you through choosing a niche, building a website, and creating content that will likely draw traffic to your site.  It’s called Wealthy Affiliate, and you can read my detailed review of it



Whichever route you choose for making money online, remember that you will be your own boss.  One thing that doesn’t change much about teenagers, even from 30 years ago when I was one, is that they all love their freedom.  Even if you do get a job at a local business, you should consider doing some of these things online just to compare the freedom of working for yourself to working for someone else.  Once you see what it’s like you might never go back.

If you’re a teenager who has made some money online, I would love to hear from you.  Just leave me a Comment below.

Have a great day!



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