How Many Smoothies a Day to Lose Weight?

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You've heard that drinking smoothies will help you lose weight. Do you know how many smoothies a day you should drink? The answer might surprise you. Learn more on
You’ve heard that drinking smoothies will help you lose weight. Do you know how many smoothies a day you should drink?

How Many Smoothies a Day Should you drink to Lose Weight?

There is a common misconception that all smoothies are created equally, and that they all will help you lose weight. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case.

Many smoothies have a lot of calories – even more than what you would eat in a typical meal. The only way you’re going to lose weight drinking smoothies is to make sure the smoothie you are drinking has fewer calories than the meal you are replacing.

Oh – that’s another thing – to lose weight with smoothies you must actually be replacing a meal you would otherwise eat. Not drink a smoothie, get hungry again soon after, and then eat a snack that would bring you to or over the amount of calories you would have normally eaten. It doesn’t matter which meal you replace, it just needs to be an actual meal replacement that is lower in calories.

What about cleanses for losing weight?

Many people go on these 5 or 7 day smoothie cleanses that don’t actually work for most people. Let me rephrase that. They DO work for people but they are usually so absolutely starving by the end of the cleanse that they binge like crazy and end up worse off than before they started. That’s probably not what you are looking for.

Losing weight on a smoothie (or juice) cleanse is a different kind of losing weight.

Yes, there are different ways to lose weight.

When you do a cleanse diet, most of the weight you lose is from, well there’s no delicate way to put this, less waste being in your intestines. Food and liquids that are in your digestive tract (like your stomach and intestines) is included in your overall weight. Cleansing diets drastically reduce the amount of food you eat for several days. In the end you weigh less because you have less food or waste in your digestive tract. And you could be a bit dehydrated.

This might look good when you step on the scale but it won’t last.

Once you start eating again you will see the number on the scale go up. This is because you only lost the weight of something that is not a part of you (food passing through your digestive system) instead of losing weight from fat that your body is storing. It’s the fat your body is storing that you want to lose when losing weight. When you lose fat, you gain the most health benefits and long term results. Cleanse diets are temporary. Very temporary.

I think a lot of people are looking to lose weight super fast but that doesn’t lead to creating long term lifestyle changes. And that’s what it takes to lose weight and keep it off in the long term. As painful as it seems, the best way to lose weight is with small changes that add up to a big change over time. Like diet and/or exercise changes.

It’s not all bad, though. I have personally used smoothies to lose about 15 lbs several years ago and have kept the weight off  by continuing to drink them. Before smoothies, I tried diets where I was cooking meals all the time. I’d get very frustrated because I do NOT enjoy cooking.

I needed something fast and convenient for my lifestyle and smoothies were my answer.

When I started, I replaced 1 meal a day with a smoothie. I chose to replace dinner, but it doesn’t really matter as long as you are consistent. It took about 3 months to lose the 15 lbs because I wasn’t starving myself or depriving myself of the foods I love. Now I’m maintaining my weight by drinking smoothies most nights of the week but not every night. I keep my eye on the scale and adjust my diet (smoothie consumption) accordingly.

How many smoothies a day do you need to drink to lose weight?

How many smoothies a day you need to drink to lose weight depends on how quickly you want to lose the weight, and if you want to be able to maintain that diet for the long run. You’ll be able to stick with smaller changes much easier than drastic smoothie cleanse diet or the like.

There are cleanse diets available that will have you drinking three smoothies a day for several days. You probably won’t (and probably shouldn’t) be able to keep that up for very long. You’ll lose the weight and probably be very hungry. And you might not know what to do next so you slip back into your old eating habits.

Another option is to drink two smoothies a day for a while, but this shouldn’t be a long term diet. You actually do need to eat whole, healthful foods. You will lose weight drinking two smoothies a day – not as fast as three smoothies a day. It’s very important that you eat plenty of whole fruits and vegetables in between your smoothie meals. Also, be sure your one whole food meal a day is well balanced nutritionally.

I recommend one smoothie a day for weight loss, with the occasional two smoothies a day for after a particularly glutinous day. Yes, it’s a gradual weight loss. But it’s a small lifestyle change that you will be able to stick with for the long term.

It shouldn’t be a race to better health. It should be about just getting there and being able to maintain it.

Be mindful of the calories and nutrition of your smoothies

Keep in mind that no matter how many smoothies a day you drink you need to be sure the calories in it are less than what you would normally eat in a meal. To lose weight with a smoothie it needs to be a meal replacement – not in addition to a meal.

Your smoothies should also be well balanced nutritionally. If they are not, you may end up hungry again soon after drinking it and that may lead to snacking. When you’re snacking more you’re probably not going to lose weight.

If you’d like to learn more about how to create weight loss smoothies that work, download my free guide:

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