Homeopathic Remedies: A Quick and Easy Guide to Common Disorders and Their Homeopathic Treatments

People are always stating things like “nonsense” or trying to preach how it is simply ‘sugar pills’ or ‘placebo’.

I can state that my family is very conservative and believes in going to doctors. They believe that medicine heals and honestly didn’t so much question the medicine since it was considered ‘medicine’.

A lot of quotes, I know.

Yet, despite all criticism and disbelief:

– My wife of 12-years *now* has a working treatment for her post-menstrual migraines which occur monthly.

Three globules under the tongue and within 10-minutes a headache is gone. Every month, like clockwork.

– My children have not been into the doctor’s office due to illness in 2-years now.

After beginning homeopathic treatment we removed my son from daily Omeprazole(Prilosec) – which is a common treatment for recurring ear infections and the usual stomach issues.

Homeopathic treatment cured him of constant ear infections.

– My son was also being treated for MRSA (inside the ear) which is contracted in the hospital at birth.

The first two years of his life he had been prescribed 49 rounds of antibiotics which never cured the MRSA. He had 3-sets of ear tubes, adenoids removed, and one additional 5th surgery to attempt a cleaning and clearing of the MRSA.

Our ENT doctor (ear nose and throat), the pediatric doctor, family doctor, and even St. Jude’s top doctors could not cure the MRSA.

My poor child has lost hearing in his ear and we are simply praying that he doesn’t have any long-term damage that will show up in the future – to his kidneys, liver, etc. (All due to the antibiotics)

** I began researching homeopathy and within two weeks, my son’s MRSA was cured.

His ears stopped draining, his pain stopped, and the child – for the first time in his life could hear my voice without sounding as if he was underwater.

I hold homeopathy with the highest honor possible – it saved my child’s life. The ENT doctors have since begun using the very treatment I used on my son and are publishing results.

It treats colds, flu, allergies, congestion, MRSA, bacterial infections, and I even saved my newest dog of Parvo with it. (Not because we didn’t vaccinate – this is another story…)

*** A pug was dropped off at the local shelter and the family simply didn’t want it they said…

We adopted the dog 3-days later and he was vaccinated again for everything (since no one was sure if he was ever vaccinated in his lifetime). The pug is 8-months old. We brought him home and within 24-hours he was vomiting profusely terrible diarrhea and lethargy.

A visit to the vet resulted in them finding worms in the fecal sample – likely caught from the animal shelter.

They dewormed the dog and we brought it back home with the idea he would be much better the next day.

* Day 2: The dog is in worse shape than the day before. Called the vet and they want the dog brought in again as he should have been recovering and back to his old self at least 50% of the way after the shot of de-wormer and anti-nausea provided.

They realize something else is wrong and run a distemper/parvo test. Distemper was negative but parvo was positive. How can this be? Apparently, parvovirus takes 4-5 days to incubate and show symptoms. Additionally, it may not show up on tests until that time.

Our guess is the previous owners never vaccinated the dog and he was exposed to parvo upon being dropped at the shelter. The timeline fits, now we have a new pup with parvo.

The vet offers 3 options: Euthanize, provide just support (fluids) hope he gets better, or throw everything at it and treat him with Tamiflu and other meds.

We opted for the third but 36-hours later he was just as bad, if not worse. Between the worms and parvo – his intestinal tract was in terrible shape and simply wasn’t going to make it…

Day 4 (PM): So I begin researching and beg the vet to let me visit him and give it another 48-hours.

My family visited the dog and to the veterinarian’s (near-laughing response to homeopathic suggestion) I gave the dog a high dose of homeopathic treatment for the bacterial infection (possible sepsis) and for the parvovirus (flu treatment) – as well as a third-dose for diarrhea and vomiting.

Day 5 (AM): Veterinarian calls and states that his diarrhea has stopped, still has not eaten but was keeping down water.

Appeared to be in better spirits and despite all odds – honestly looks like he’s recovering. I come in and repeat the doses once again.

Day 6 (AM): Veterinarian releases the dog to us after he had eaten and had a bowel movement. That was two weeks ago and our healthy little pug is happy to be here with us. Homeopathy saved his life.

Now those are two ridiculously long stories but they all come to a point. Homeopathic medicine works and people honestly don’t have to believe it. I just ask they try it – try it and see. Then make your judgment.

On to this book: This book is excellent! I am always referring to this book and Andrew Lockie’s Family Guide – these are two of the best homeopathic books out there. If you own a homeopathic book – this is the one for you.

***Another note: It’s not necessarily homeopathic but we have also treated multiple staph infections within the family or recommended to friends – all with 100% effective results – with Manuka Honey (16+) – for external staph infections on the skin – Manuka honey can provide a cure within 48-hours. (Sadly this didn’t work with my son since he was deep within his neck – but on the skin, don’t use antibiotics as a first treatment.

Use Manuka Honey first – if it doesn’t work, then use antibiotics.

I hope someone finds this information useful and I wish you all the best of luck.

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