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Guardian Angels of those born in November

Reader Hannah of Parañaque City is requesting for the roster of Guardian Angels for those, like her, born in November, including Lipa City Mayor Vilma Santos who’s turning 48 (not 49 as

earlier mentioned) on Nov. 3 and Armida Tita

Midz” Siguion-Reyna who’s turning 71 on Nov. 4.Here they are:

• Ielahiah

(Fourth Angel of the Virtues, Oct. 29 to Nov. 2) 

Ielahiah grants victory. He protects against weapons. He helps to have judges on our side and favorable decisions in legal suits. He grants success to positive ventures.

His protégés will have strong ideas and strong feelings. Energetic and confident, they can sometimes go overboard!


will grant them courage and strength. They will be brave fighters, and


will make sure that they already reach victory in their endeavors, as long as they are not motivated by the wrong values. Influential and powerful, they are indomitable! They will like to travel in a constructive way.

They can become celebrities with their accomplishments, even heroes who will do a lot to improve this world. They will have a life of strong emotions!


is the Angel of John Adams, Chiang Kai-shek, Christopher Columbus, Marie-Antoinette, Luchino Visconti, Claude Lelouch, Burt Lancaster and Stephanie Powers.)

• Sealiah

(Fifth Angel of the Virtues, Nov. 3 to Nov. 7)

Sealiah is the universal motor. He controls vegetation and fertility. He brings life and health to anything in nature, energy to any aspect of life. He gives strength and hopes to the humiliated, the deprived, and the oppressed.

fertile energy stimulates everything around him. He can change any situation for the best. His protégés, when in a situation of disadvantage, can see great changes in their lives.

Sealiah can make any endeavor flourish. His protégés will have the endurance to go all the way to their goals. They will like to learn and will have the means and talents to do so easily.

Sealiah wants his protégés to carry the same warm energy. Curious and energetic, they will know how to stimulate those around them. They will be knowledgeable and healthy. Their endeavors will be fertile and successful.

(Note: Sealiah is the Angel of Charles Bronson, Roy Rogers, Billy Graham, Barry Newman, Bryan Adams, Sally Field, Vivian Leigh, Monica Vitti, and Albert Camus.)

• Ariel

(Sixth Angel of the Virtues, Nov. 8 to Nov. 12)

Ariel is the Angel of revelation. He reveals the most important secrets of nature. He shows hidden treasures.

Ariel will help his protégés to discover hidden treasures, spiritually and materially! His protégés might be able to foresee the future in their dreams.

will help them to dig out what is best within themselves, and in others as well. He wants his protégés to have a strong and subtle mind. They will have great ideas and bright thoughts.

They are very perceptive, and their senses will be very sharp. They will be able to discover new ways or have innovative ideas. These discoveries can lead to following a new path in their lives or creating great changes in their lives.

Attractive or magnetic, they know how to seduce and persuade. They will be able to solve the most difficult of problems and will make enlightened and cautious decisions. They will be able to enrich their lives spiritually and materially.

(Note: Ariel is the Angel of Ennio Morricone, Neil Young, Margaret Mitchell, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Martin Luther, Grace Kelly, and Demi Moore.)

(Seventh Angel of the Virtues, Nov. 13 to 17)

Asaliah rules over justice and makes the truth be known.

Asaliah wants his protégés to be honest and virtuous. He protects against immoral behaviors and scandals! He helps his protégés to elevate their souls, to live with justice and truth.

He will enlighten their intellect, and inspire great ideas. They will know what is right and what is wrong, what is the truth from what is lies. Clear-minded and courageous, they will be fair and will defend what is just.

Measured and helpful, they will get very involved in defending the cause or the project that they have chosen. Knowledgeable, they will also have an excellent memory. They will find solutions to problems and apply them. Observant and thorough, they will be able to change any situation. They will materialize their ideas with authority. In short, they are assured of the success of their projects!

(Note: Asaliah is the Angel of King Hussein of Jordan, Jawaharlal Nehru, Whoopi Goldberg, Robert Louis Stevenson, Lee Strasberg, and Rock Hudson.)

• Michael (Eighth Angel of the Virtues, Nov. 18 to Nov. 22)

Mihael controls conjugal fidelity and friendship. He rules over fertility and the reproduction of living beings.

Mihael wants his protégés to have peace and strength in their relationships. They will have a good rapport with the other sex in general.

They can have deep and faithful love and friendship with their mate. It is important for their personal balance that they find this relationship. They will have a fruitful rapport with others, which will create strong friendships, and also with different generations, such as their children and other family members.

Very active, they will be extremely productive and creative professionals, artistically, or in any field that they have chosen. They are intuitive and can have premonitions about the future. Kind and generous, they have a lot of humor and a lot of charm! They draw a lot of attention socially.

also wants his protégés to travel a lot, and to taste all of the pleasures of life, spiritual and material.

(Note: Mihael is the Angel of Charles de Gaulle, Voltaire, Indira Gandhi, Jodie Foster, Meg Ryan, Gene Tierney, Linda Evans, Charles Schultz, Thomas Cook, and Calvin Klein.)

• Vehuel (First Angel of the Principalities, Nov. 23 to Nov. 27)

Vehuel shines like a sun!

governs great personages, people of virtue and talent.

He wants his protégés to develop their virtues. They will have to discover their true personality and their real talents, and this will change their lives!

will enhance their natural qualities. Energetic and free-spirited, they will enjoy everything, and everything will be beautiful and exciting for them. They are so sensitive that they will pick up the beauty of anything in life, and they will shine just like Vehuel does.

Vehuel will protect his protégés against sadness and annoyance. He will make sure that his protégés get over any adversity that they might encounter. They will get thoroughly involved in any task they choose and will be able to accomplish anything.

They will share their dynamism with everyone around. Generous and loyal, they will be very much appreciated by others for their qualities and their actions.

(Note: Vehuel is the Angel of John XXIII, Joe DiMaggio, Tina Turner, Little Richard, Dale Carnegie, and Jimi Hendrix.)

•Daniel (Second Angel of the Principalities, Nov. 28 to Dec. 2)

Daniel rules over justice, lawyers, and judges.

is also the Angel of mercy and comfort.

His protégés will have good and fair judgment.

will inspire them when they are in doubt when they do not know what to decide. They will sharply and objectively judge situations and people and will be talented at conciliation.

He will give them the moral strength to turn situations around, and will also give them motivation and courage even if they are at the end of their rope. He wants his protégés to live by these principles, and to inspire others as well. They will comfort those in need, and bring them new hope for life.

Lucid and naturally gifted with eloquence, they can portray their judgment through humor, and can, of course, succeed in the field of law. They will have a taste for literature. Dynamic and vibrant, they will be very industrious and will excel in business.

(Note: Danie is the Angel of Winston Churchill, Mark Twain, Jonathan Swift, Woody Allen, Maria Callas, Bette Midler, Tracy Austin, and Claude Lévi-Strauss.)

(True or false?)

(Note: Send answers to Fanfare-Band of Brothers Contest, P.O. Box 512 Greenhills Post Office, San Juan, Metro Manila 1502. Each of the seven winners for every episode will get a beautiful Band of Brothers T-shirt.)

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