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Setup email autoresponders in Gmail and quickly reply to messages using pre-written email templates. Better than Canned Responses.

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Would you like to auto-reply to email messages in Gmail with intelligent responses? Canned Responses in Gmail help you quickly respond to incoming email using pre-written and formatted replies. You can save an email draft as a canned response in Gmail and then insert this response in your email replies thus saving some time.

Unfortunately, canned responses do not work on mobile phones as Gmail Labs features are only available on the Gmail website. The other limitation is that you cannot send canned responses to multiple emails in one go, you'll have to open every single email manually and respond to messages one by one.

The Email Autoresponder addon for Gmail has no such limitations and brings new features.

You can use the Gmail autoresponder to quickly answer customer support emails, acknowledge sales inquiries, payment receipts, and more. The draft canned responses can include attachments, rich text, and inline images as well.

How to use Gmail AutoResponder

Here's how the Gmail Responder add-on works.

Step 1: Create one or more draft messages in Gmail that will be used as auto-responses. You can format your messages with rich text and images and even include file attachments in the canned response.

Step 2. Open your Google Sheet, go to the Add-ons menu, choose Email Autoresponder and click Create New Rule. 

A simple wizard will open where you can pick a Gmail label name or specify advanced search conditions (like to respond to all PayPal emails).

Next, choose the Gmail draft template and all matching emails will be responded with the pre-written draft. You can also send auto-responses from any other email address that is configured as an alias in your Gmail or Google Inbox.

The auto-responder for Gmail replies to the sender of the email message using the reply-to address in the incoming email. This is similar to standard behavior in Gmail when you reply to an email message.

The new release of auto-responder lets you specify the start and end time when the program should run. This is helpful if you would only like to respond to emails during specific hours (like when you have left the office for the day).

The recipients will never know whether you've typed the response or sent an automatic reply with the Gmail autoresponder since the email will go from your own Gmail account with you mentioned as the sender.

Free vs Premium
The premium edition of the Gmail Autoresponder lets you create unlimited rules for auto-replying to email messages and have a higher mail sending limit. 

The daily premium limit is 1500 email recipients for G Suite users and 100 for Gmail and free Google Apps users.

The free version responds to emails once per hour while the premium auto-responder runs every 15 minutes if the quota is available.

Please go to to upgrade to premium.

Help & Support

If you are experiencing any problem or issues, go to the Add-on -> Email Autoresponder menu, and choose Restart Program. If that doesn't help, please send the Debug Logs to the developer. 

The auto-responder will not send emails that are:

1. Sent to a mailing list
2. Bounced emails from mailer-daemon addresses
3. Emails received more than a week ago
4. Emails that have "Re:" in the subject meaning it is part of an existing conversation.

For support, email or tweet @labnol

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