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A sample of freelance markets and contract jobs mentioned in the newsletters are listed below. You can find permanent jobs in the newsletters under JOBS. Note: these markets mean $200 or 10 cents/word in payment. The exception is in the sci-fi realm where professional rates are 6 cents/word and up.


Heirloom Gardener is a premium quarterly magazine tailored to organic gardeners, chefs, homesteaders, herbalists, and market growers who are interested in growing and preparing plant varieties with a rich history. The magazine covers all aspects of raising and using heirloom edible, ornamental, medicinal, and fiber plant cultivars, including organic growing tips, recommended varieties for each region, seed-saving tutorials, garden-fresh recipes for both the table and the medicine chest, and historical accounts of seed cultivars, traditional plant breeders, botanical organizations, and more. Many of our feature articles are written by our contributing editors, but we also assign articles to freelance writers, particularly those who have experience with our subject matter (both firsthand experience and writing experience). Please send a short synopsis of the idea, a maximum one-page outline, and any relevant digital photos to We would also like to see samples of your writing.



December 30, 2018

. So, you’re a certain age now, and you’re ready for what’s next. You might be enjoying an empty nest, or starting a second career, or winding down a first one. You might be downsizing, or traveling, or caring for elderly parents. You might be going on the adventure of a lifetime or taking long walks in the woods. The one thing you know for sure is that you’re not ready to stop living! You feel energetic and young and there is still so much more to see and do and give and enjoy. We are looking for stories about the humorous or serious sides of life after 60. You will also receive a check for $200 and 10 free copies of your book, worth more than $100.



December 15, 2018.

We are looking for true stories or poems of 1,200 words or less, about all aspects of running and stories about running to raise awareness of and funds for a cause. Stories can be funny and quirky, or they can be serious and heartwarming. Pays $200 and ten copies of the book.


We want to tell fresh stories about health, education, and social impact. We’re looking for writers, photographers, illustrators, designers, thinkers, makers, educators, and all sorts of creatives who are rigorous researchers with an eye and a drive to tell stories like they’ve never been told before. We pay average to well in comparison to other online publications and we are constantly working to increase those rates.


Futures is a venue for very short stories or ‘vignettes’ of between 850 and 950 words. The subject is typically near-future, hard SF, although this can be interpreted liberally. In short, what Futures is looking for is originality. Pays £85 or US$130.


PodCastle is looking for quality fantasy fiction. If you’re a writer with a speculative short story that you’d like to hear narrated by one of our performers, we’d like to see it. Limit 6,000 words. We pay $.06/word for original fiction 6,000 words or less, $100 flat rate for reprints over 1,500 words, and $20 flat rate for flash fiction reprints (stories below 1,500 words). Note the schedule.


Cast of Wonders is a young adult short fiction market, open to stories up to 6,000 words in length. Please check our schedule for submission window timing. We aim for a 12-17 age range: that means sophisticated, non-condescending stories with wide appeal, and without gratuitous or explicit sex, violence or pervasive obscene language. Think Harry Potter or The Hunger Games. We prefer high fantasy. We like all forms of science fiction. Our horror offerings tend to be psychological, comedic, or situational — not visceral. We pay six cents per word for original fiction of any length. For reprints, we offer a $100 flat rate for Short Fiction, and a $20 flat rate for Flash Fiction.


We are looking for passionate freelance web writers to be in charge of spreading the amazing, compelling and disruptive story of Blasting News. Blasting News represents a new concept of journalism – made by the people for the people! Publish high-quality news and stories about the topics covered by Blasting News including Breaking News, Business/Finance, Sport, Showbiz & TV, Style, Entertainment and Tech. Use a variety of formats, such as written articles, videos, photos and audio. Share and promote the news on social media platforms and through social networks (such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google +, YouTube) to increase the number of the readers. Compensation is up to £200 per article.


We’re seeking smart, driven writers to help us create our daily content by mapping both sides of hot-button questions in the news. Freelance writers work closely with our editorial team to identify, research, and write about the most hotly-debated issues in politics, business & tech, culture, and beyond. Most top candidates have some background in journalism, debate, philosophy and/or political science, but we consider all applications. Working remotely is a completely acceptable for this position.


The Cambodia Daily is looking for contributors and freelancers to help expand our digital-only presence. With the suppression of press freedom in Cambodia, we have transitioned to an online-only publication with Khmer- and English-language news pieces published on our web and Facebook pages in text, audio and video format. As we continue to expand our reach we are seeking the help of experienced journalists both inside Cambodia and from further afield. Candidates must have solid news judgement, strong writing skills, and the ability to produce hard news stories and analytical pieces in English under tight deadline. Market rates. For inquiries, please contact us at



The editorial team at Valnet Inc. is looking for writers and journalists to contribute list-based articles for one of our sites, At the TheRichest, we need writers who are driven to succeed, have a way with words, and keep up with what’s trending. We’re looking for original, informative and eye-catching articles on topics people are craving to read about.


iWorkwell’s members-only website is a state-of-the-art resource (information, tools & services) that improves organizations’ HR practices, lowers management costs and boosts productivity. Write/edit instructional articles you are assigned as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) when it fits into your schedule. Assuming you do a great job and on time, you can earn over $200 per article.



July 1, 2018.

We have decided to combine our request for submissions for three separate book titles we are working on into one call out because these topics can overlap. We are collecting stories and poems for a book on Angels, a book on Miracles, and a book on Messages from Heaven. You might have a story that fits into only one of these titles or your story might fit into all three! All stories and poems need to be true — we do not publish fiction. Stories should be no longer than 1,200 words. You will receive a check for $200 and 10 free copies of your book, worth more than $100.


Deadline July 1, 2018. We are now open to original short stories of urban weird fiction (so stories about cities and dealing with the complexity that is other people) for the upcoming Nowhereville: Weird is Other People. These are modern weird tales (give or take a few decades) that could only be told of the weirdness of the urban experience and our interactions with one another. Looking for 3,000-7,500 words. Pay rate of eight cents/word for first rights to digital, audio, and print formats in English.

HOUSE LOGIC is a site for homeowners who want smart solutions to enjoy, improve, and maintain their home; for buyers ready to find their happy place; and for sellers ready for their next chapter. No matter where you are in your home ownership journey, HouseLogic is the place to dive deep into such topics as home improvements (building equity!), the best ways to save on home expenses, house-hunting insights, and tips for prepping your home to sell — fast.

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Needs Texas writers, preferably those who have experience with travel writing, for destination reviews: restaurants, hotels, events, music, bars, etc. All the things that make Texas the great state that it is. You can also write about unique people, cities, out of the way places, etc. Sources are required for each piece. All blog posts are written in first person POV and range from 600 to 1,000 words. Pieces pay $125-200. Photos are required and included in the payment.


We rarely publish narrative travel features on this site, but we do consider interesting blogs, inspirational round-ups, “listicles”, guides and advice pieces. Please ensure that you are familiar with the site, our style and our audience. To suggest an idea, please email us at Wanderlust aims to cover all aspects of independent, semi-independent and special-interest travel. We do cover ‘soft’ adventure but leave the crampons and adrenalin stuff to other magazines. Off-the-beaten-track destinations, secret corners of the world and unusual angles on well-known places are always of particular interest.


The LightHouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired in San Francisco is putting out an official call for submissions. We are in search of the best and brightest writers who are blind or have low vision, to contribute stories for publication on a paid, freelance basis. We want to hear first-person stories not merely about blindness, but about what it takes to survive and strive as a human. We want to establish a new venue for exploring direct experiences surrounding the often misunderstood and under-appreciated aspects of blindness.


Stories and photographs are submitted by freelance contributors. We welcome nonfiction manuscripts on West Virginia folklife, traditional farming practices, industry and commerce, holiday and community celebrations, immigrants, music, crafts, herbs, architecture, religion, politics, medicine, sports, railroading, women’s history, and similar topics. We prefer stories about living West Virginians, based on recent, direct interviews. We generally do not publish manuscripts that focus on the pre-20th century era (including the Civil War), out-of-state activities, genealogy, or fiction. We pay 10 cents a word for one-time use of original manuscripts.


Only publishes science fiction, fantasy, and horror. Currently open to short fiction submissions. Maximum word length is a firm 7,500 words. Payment for original fiction is six cents per word up to 7,500 words. If they podcast your story, payment is one cent per word up to 7,500 words.


Nightmare is seeking original horror and dark fantasy stories. All types of horror and dark fantasy are welcome. No subject should be considered off-limits, and we encourage writers to take chances with their fiction and push the envelope. They are open to stories of 1,500-7,500 words. Stories of 5,000 words or less are preferred. Nightmare pays six cents per word for original fiction, or one cent per word for reprints.


Albedo One and Albedo 2.0 are open for submissions in four reading windows each year. These are the first month of every quarter, i.e., January, April, July and October. Their definition of what constitutes science fiction, horror and fantasy is extremely broad, and they love to see material which pushes at the boundaries or crosses between genres. All authors receive a complimentary print and pdf copy of the issue their story appears in. Payment is six euro per 1,000 words (i.e. six cents per word), up to 8,000 words. Preferred length is between 2,500 and 8,000 words.


The Dark is an online magazine published monthly. We are seeking horror and dark fantasy of 2,000 to 6,000 words in length. We pay six cents/word for original fiction up to 6,000 words on publication for first world rights; and one cent/word for reprint fiction up to 6,000 words on publication for nonexclusive reprint rights.


Vela publishes nonfiction written by women. Please read our manifesto and several of our stories to get a feel for what we publish before sending us your work. Our feature stories typically run from 3,000 to 6,000 words, although we are open to longer work. Submit completed work only; we do not accept pitches. We also do not accept previously published work.


Today’s older adults are redefining what it means to be a senior. They are more demanding in where, when and how they spend their retirement years. Yet aging also means they can face health, housing and financial challenges and concerns. 3rd Act Magazine™ is a free, quarterly, magazine that reaches this growing demographic with articles and stories that speak directly to this stage of their lives. For our print publication we are primarily interested in short features of 350-500 words and feature stories of 500–900 words. These relate to health, home, family, community, moving, aging, memory health, downsizing, traveling, caregiving, legal, financial, living well at any age and others. Our standard payment for published articles in print or web is between $25 and $50 depending on length, complexity, how much editing it needs, and whether or not it’s an original or previously published article. If you are a published writer with proven expertise and submit articles that are well researched and require little editing, you will be considered for our paid list of writers at a per word rate of $.25.


Bored Teachers is a platform to celebrate teachers. Our blog is an outlet for all educators to find humor in the chaos of the job, the latest education news, and awesome teaching resources. We welcome submissions on a wide range of topics relating to education and the teacher lifestyle. We pay $50 for all approved submissions around 500 words.


CityLab is dedicated to the people who are creating the cities of the future — and those who want to live there. Through sharp analysis, original reporting, and visual storytelling, our coverage focuses on the biggest ideas and most pressing issues facing the world’s metro areas and neighborhoods. Pays around 25 cents/word.


We’re only looking for articles you’ve written for the survival niche and you believe it’s your best work. We currently pay a very competitive per word rate, but that is because we are paying for top notch quality work. We also accept the occasionally accept guest posts but again, only if it’s going to be top-notch quality material.


Are you a writer either living with a health condition or who has otherwise been personally touched by one? If so, Folks wants to publish you. Folks is an daily online magazine dedicated to telling the stories of remarkable people who refuse to be defined by their health issues. By sharing the experiences of these individuals, we hope to change people’s notions about what it means to be “normal.” We pay $400 for the exclusive publishing rights to your essay for a one-year period.


A website that matches people who want their biography written to freelance writers. Now seeking writers.


We accept submissions for all holidays and occasions including humor. Allow at least three to six weeks from end of submission period for review process. Verse submissions may be sent via email either as attached document or within the body of the email. It is helpful to indicate the category of submission in subject of email.


Calypso Cards, Inc publishes and distributes several lines of sophisticated, contemporary, and innovative greeting cards. We work with a handful of talented freelance artists, illustrators, and ghostwriters to provide fresh, original artwork and copy that approach the greeting card from a new angle. Before submitting please take a look at our website to make sure that your work fits our style.


Card ideas need to be written for these occasions: Birthday, 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th and 60th, Relative Birthday, Belated Birthday, Get Well, Good-Bye, Miss You & Thank You, Love, Wedding, New Baby, Anniversary (from friend to couple), Congratulations, and Retirement.


We do accept writing submissions for greeting cards. Short and clever is what we desire. Something light and catchy, not too serious, please. You may email a sample of three to five sentiments or greetings with or without image concepts to

. We will respond to those that we find appropriate for our various lines.


The HerStories Project publishes first-person essays about what it’s like to be a Gen-X woman at midlife. It also considers opinion pieces and informational articles or features. Although we are interested in essays about how any facet of your life at midlife — work, kids, marriage, care taking, and all the rest — affects your particular experience, we are not a parenting publication, per se. In other words, we are less interested in essays about how to parent or how to raise good children and more interested in you. Suggested word count: 750-2,000 words. Pay: $80 for a personal essay or opinion piece. (Pay is negotiated for feature articles.) (Thanks



First and foremost, we seek profile stories (1,500-1,800 words) with interviews of the region’s most prominent or notable figures in the region. Other types of stories we seek are: Getaways – exploring rarely chartered regional ground; Medical – highlighting the work and/or advancements of regional hospitals and physicians; Fashion/Style – spotlighting the region’s designers & trends in fashion and home décor; Education – pertinent topics and trends in higher learning and within the Northern Virginia public and private school sectors; Arts – news and discoveries in fine and performing arts within the region, must NOT be events-related content; and Business – analysis and news on business trends, closures and openings in the region, as well as business-owner spotlights. Feature stories (2,000-2,500 words) most likely to get our attention will present new information on topics making headlines or a story yet to be published anywhere else in the Metro D.C. area. Freelance contributors may receive anywhere from $50 to $1,000 for a story, depending on length, research, newsworthiness and complexity.


Yankee Magazine covers the six New England states of Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont. Our Feature articles, as well as the departments of Home, Food, and Travel, reflect what is happening currently in the region. Yankee welcomes freelance submissions in the areas of home, travel, food, and non-fiction editorial. We are not currently accepting poetry, fiction, or cartoons.


The best places for new writers to start with the magazine are the Perspective column, an opinionated 800-word essay on a timely local news topic, and Connections, a 650-word first-person essay on relationships of any kind (romantic as well as those between friends, siblings, and parents and children). The following are not open to freelance submissions: Your Week Ahead, On the Block, Cooking, Miss Conduct, and Dinner With Cupid.


We seek pitches from talented writers on cross-cultural topics for the inaugural issue of Perfect Strangers magazine. We value beautiful and thoughtful writing, and encourage creativity. ‘Cross-cultural’ may be broadly interpreted according to the interests and experiences of the writer. Examples of potential topics of interest: an analysis of the rising popularity of Turkish TV series in Latin America; a reflective essay on teaching Korean in France; an eloquent reflection upon the significance of unexpected 23andMe genetic testing results; tongue-in-cheek observations regarding a culturally hybrid culinary phenomenon; an interview with or profile of a contemporary figure who has been shaped by diverse cultural influences in fascinating ways; etc. Interested writers are asked to send their proposed topics along with (at least) two writing samples, either attached or viewable online. For those whose proposals are accepted, compensation ranging from US$250 to 1,000 will be provided upon acceptable completion of the assignment.


OUR stories are 1,200, 2,000, and 3,000 words long, although stories of 4,000 words are welcome for our specials. And don’t forget our famous 10,000-word crime thrillers, featured in every second special! Our readers like reading about people of any age. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking we only use stories about grans and grandads, widows and widowers. Our readers also enjoy stories with up-to-date, young themes. And remember, romance isn’t only for the young! There’s always a place for the lighthearted and humorous, too.


The makers of Sesame Street are looking for submissions for their all-new YouTube channel. Looking for fresh creative talent to dazzle and delight preschoolers. They want timeless, character-driven stories for kids age two to five.


Accepts submissions before May 15 and after August 15. No limit on fiction length but no novel excerpts. Submit three to five poems at a time. Only one essay at a time. The Georgia Review pays all contributors; the current standard rates are $50 per printed page for prose and $4 per line for poetry. Essay-reviews and standard reviews earn honoraria of $50/printed page; book briefs carry a fixed honorarium of $50. In addition, all contributors receive a one-year subscription to The Georgia Review, an extra copy of the issue in which their work appears, and a 50% discount on additional copies of that issue.


Asia Times welcomes unsolicited news articles, analysis pieces and op-eds. For paid content, we are seeking original reporting and analysis, but will also consider commentary from time to time. We will also consider packages or series of stories addressing a common theme or topic. If you seek compensation, please indicate this clearly in your pitch, and whether the article has been published elsewhere, and if so, in what language and in which publication. Any payment must be agreed by the newsroom in advance. With a clean aesthetic and unique functionality, Asia Times stands apart as the only all-digital, pan-Asian site aimed specifically at English-speaking users. It is widely read not only in Asia, but also in Europe and in North America, where nearly half of its readership is based, regarding it as the must-read on Asian politics and finance.


Alaska Parent magazine is looking for freelance writers who demonstrate a fresh, engaging writing style and a keen sense of the topics that matter to local parents. As Alaska’s exclusive, all-in-one parenting resource, our readers include parents with children ages newborn through teens, as well as expectant moms. Features are 800 to 1,200 words. Original articles can command $40 to $200. Authors willing to localize their reprints with interviews with local parents and experts can expect more.


IncomeDiary provides the very best content for web entrepreneurs. We do pay up to $200 for worthy articles of the highest standard – but we emphasize that your article needs to be of the highest standard and genuinely of interest to our audience. Our most well received articles are about:

Creating great content

Interviews with experts

Buying/Selling websites

Driving traffic to websites

Search engine optimization

Creating awesome websites

Blog design features and functionality

Creating information & digital products

Making money from websites, blogs & forums

Affiliate marketing and selling things through websites as an affiliate

Social media, anything to do with Facebook & Pinterest goes down well


We’re looking for writers who are deeply invested in and committed to the theatre field. You could be a current student or a seasoned professional, but if you’re actively involved in theatre and/or performance, we’ll be thrilled to hear from you. We do not publish personal attacks, promotional material, or material that has been previously published. Essay parameters: 1,500-2,000 words. Essays are rigorously edited. Depending on the backlog of content, articles may wait as long as three to four months before publication. Upon publication of an article, we pay the author $150. NewCrit focuses on analysis of a specific show(s) beyond the traditional “thumbs-up, thumbs-down” review. Limit 1,000-1,500 words. Usually published within a month of submission. Upon publication of a NewCrit review, we pay the author $100.


We are looking for enthusiastic freelance writers to join our team. You should be informed on diverse aspects of urban lifestyle and be able to write on various topics and have a keen eye for details. Writers should be able to deliver good quality content suitable for our online audience demographic of 18 – 50+.


Futures is a venue for very short stories or ‘vignettes’ of between 850 and 950 words. The subject is typically near-future, hard SF, although this can be interpreted liberally. If accepted, you will receive a (non-negotiable) fee of £85 or US$130.


Topics of interest: Slow Living, Connection, Travel, Adventure, Boredom, Zeitgeist, Nature, Consumerism, Simplifying, Productivity and Busy Disease, Technology, Hustle Culture, Societal Norms, Parenting, Anti-Establishment, Rebellion, the Psychology of Motivation and Change, Neuroscience and Eastern Practices, Storytelling through Data. We accept pitches for the following sections. Pays ten cents/word and up.

Reported Pieces (~1,250-2,000 words)

Personal Essays (~900-2,500 words)

How-to’s (~500-2,000 words)

Interviews (~500-900 words)

Photo Features (~500-2,000 words)

Reviews (Book, Record, Restaurant, ?) (600-900 words)

Feature Articles (~2,500-3,500 words)


The Partially Examined Life will pay exceptional writers for essays related to philosophy, culture, and ideas. We’d love to see queries from writers who can contribute:

=> Philosophy-related essays, personal essays, and interviews. See The Stone for great examples of this sort of content:

=> Book reviews of philosophical texts.

=> Review essays about any genre and medium, including thoughtful takes on literature and film. These need not explicitly be about philosophy and philosophers.

=> Thoughtful pieces related to politics and culture, especially pieces that analyze current issues by way of political philosophy, social thought, moral philosophy, moral psychology, and psychoanalysis.

=> Pieces related to the intersection of philosophy and popular culture (as in the Popular Culture and Philosophy series).

=> Anything else you think you can persuade us is suitable to our site – pitch away.

SMITHSONIAN.COM accepts unsolicited proposals from established freelance writers. This form has been developed to give you the most direct and timely access to our editors. It also allows you to provide all of the basic information we need to make an initial determination about your proposal. Due to the volume of submissions, we cannot guarantee a response to all inquiries, but if we are interested in pursuing a story, we will contact you. The travel section consists of inspiration, journey guides, news, how-to’s and essays.


World Hum is dedicated to publishing travel stories, videos and slideshows of the highest quality. We post several types of features:

=> Travel Stories are first-person travel narratives.

=> Speaker’s Corner essays feature rants or raves about any travel-related subject.

=> Travel Interviews are interviews with travelers, writers, artists—anyone with something interesting to say about travel.

=> Lists explore a wide range of travel-related topics.

=> Audio slideshows explore travel through photographs, sound and narration.


We accept fiction stories between 300 and 1,000 words. No previously published work. Flash fiction isn’t non-fiction or personal memoir. We do not accept erotica. Adult themes including sex, violence, and even politics are fair game. No children’s fiction. Pays $40.


Primarily looking for science fiction short stories that show the way back to a livable future. While most will be science fiction, they are open to fantasy and literary fiction as well. Submissions and queries should be sent to unshatteringthefuture@gmailcom. Send up to 4,500 words. If you have something longer, query. Pays 10 cents a word for prose fiction and expect to pay professional rates for other content.


We are a great home for writers who can tell deeply reported, gripping tales about issues in the public interest while plumbing the intellectual, theoretical, and empirical context that surrounds them. Every story we tell has a strong connection to one of our four core subject areas: economic, educational, environmental, and social justice. Our writers should want to make readers think about how society works—and about how it could be working better.


Services the Greater South Sound, including the cities of Tacoma, Gig Harbor, Olympia, Puyallup and more in the state of Washington. Content is general in nature, and includes homes, entertaining, travel, food and drink, fashion, personality profiles, business and more. All stories stories must be of interest and value to residents in the South Sound. Feature articles: 800-2,500 words. We also accept pitches for blog posts or features on Topics include Food + Drink, Arts + Entertainment, Home + Garden, Health + Beauty and Fashion + Shopping.


Latterly is always seeking pitches and submissions for features and photo essays from all over the world. If you have a story idea you think we might be interested in, please read the following tips and guidelines before sending it to us. We only want works of reported journalism that employ elements of narrative storytelling (plot, character development, etc.). We are not interested in fiction, poetry, personal essays or hard news. We pay $100 for photo essays and larger, negotiable rates for features.


The SFWA Blog is open to nonfiction submissions that might be of interest to new and/or established writers of science fiction and fantasy. Length 500-1,000 words. Pay six cents per word.


If you are pitching us a write-up of a place that you have visited or heard about, it is probably most suited to be an entry in the Places database. These are crowd-sourced submissions that go through an editorial process before being published. For the Stories section, we are seeking original journalism. Stories that will surprise us and article ideas that would never have occurred to us but that we won’t be able to stop thinking and talking about. We pay for stories, at rates competitive with other online-only publications.


We’re looking for stories that show what’s happening behind the scenes in the video game industry and its related culture. We like stories that reveal how specific aspects of the industry work, and put a focus on people rather than products. We like rare interviews with important and fascinating people. We like stories that reveal substantial new information about their given topics. We’re generally looking for stories that range from 1,000 to 5,000 words. Pays up to 25 cents/word.


Submissions for our New Voices poetry category are open year-round to any new and emerging poet who has not published more than one full-length collection of poetry. New Voices are published online only and will feature a number of poems from new authors each month. We are thrilled to offer significant payment to our partner poets: $50 per poem, up to $150. We are proud to be paying for published pieces but will be highly selective in our choices for publication.


If you are an expert at anything to do with: Creating awesome websites, driving traffic, social media or making money online, we would love you to write for us. We do pay up to $200 for worthy articles of the highest standard – but we emphasize that your article needs to be of the highest standard and genuinely of interest to our audience.


AJ is dedicated to in-depth analysis of environmental issues, including their ecological, social and economic dimensions. It combines the learned rigour of an academic journal with the accessible style and format of a general-interest magazine. Feature Articles (ranging from 1,000 to 4,000 words, including endnotes) cover a vital topic in depth. Reports (500 to 1200 words) are less analytical than features and are usually written to convey a story or inform the reader of new initiatives or recent developments in policy, thought, technology or action. We have a limited budget of about 10 cents per word.


Central Coast Farm & Ranch is a quarterly magazine circulated in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties. It is distributed as a benefit of membership in the Santa Barbara and Ventura County Farm Bureaus, and its primary audience is members of the Central Coast agricultural community. But it also contains stories and photographs that appeal to supporters of local food, fans of local restaurants that feature local food, and members of the general public interested in learning about the past, present and future of the region’s signature industry. Each issue includes several features on topics specific to Central Coast agriculture, as well as departments devoted to local history, edible gardening, agri-tourism destinations, and industry news briefs. Length varies: 1,000-1,500 words for a cover story or feature, 500-700 words for departments, and 300 or fewer words for news briefs. Pay ranges from 50 cents to $1 a word for features, depending on placement and other factors, and is a flat $350 for departments. Pay rate for feature photographs is $75-$150 per assignment, with a bonus of $300 for cover art.


Outdoor Canada readers are active and passionate about this country’s natural heritage. They want to know how to get the most out of their outdoor experiences, and keep abreast of what’s happening in the Canadian outdoors from coast to coast to coast. That’s why each issue of Outdoor Canada contains a solid mix of how-to articles, entertaining features and in-depth reporting. As Canada’s authoritative outdoor magazine, we expect our outdoor writers to be experts in their fields. All features must provide the latest, most reliable information; they must also be well-researched and original. Most articles run from 1,500 to 2,500 words, while shorter pieces can run from 100 to 700 words. Writing fees depend on the complexity and length of the article, with fees generally ranging from $100 for short articles to $400 and up for features.


The Contemporary Sportsman is a quarterly online magazine devoted to people who share a serious passion for !y “shing

and wing shooting. An average Feature Article contains 2,500 to 3,000 words. We pay from $450 to $700 for Feature Articles, based on quality not length.


Hidden Compass is an online, quarterly travel magazine that encourages the deep exploration of a destination through powerful storytelling. We believe that some of the most fascinating stories are the ones that bridge the gap between travel and other disciplines (e.g., science, history, and art). Feature stories and feature photo-essays: $300. Stories and photo essays in other departments: $200. (Thanks to


If you want to get paid to write the list-style feature articles that is famous for (like 26 Sexy Halloween Costumes That Shouldn’t Exist, 6 Books Everyone (Including Your English Teacher) Got Wrong), The Actual Answers To 6 Famously Unsolved Movie/TV Mysteries, 6 Sad Facts About Beloved Characters, Proven By Fans, etc.) you simply need to sign up for our writers’ forum.


We are looking for excellent freelance writers who are experienced in interviewing and writing longer profile stories; empathetic, capable of connecting with customers; able to write an intimate story in which both facts and colored memories are combined into a fluent narrative. Send your resume and two examples of relevant written work, preferably lengthy interviews or profile stories, to our UK Editor Alice Nightingale at


Jejune Magazine is a fashion and art magazine that gives a much needed political and social voice to the population. We cover humanitarian issues, eco fashion, and current events in the world, giving a platform for discussion through powerful imagery, fashion, art, and written words. We are looking to unite across the cultures, diverse backgrounds, styles, and beliefs, for a better world to live in. Jejune is seeking contributors! We are looking for individuals in fashion and the arts who are interested in adding a voice to their art!


LiisBeth welcomes queries from professional and emerging feminist writers anywhere along the gender continuum. We look for journalistic, edgy, positive, well-informed articles that offer readers a feminist’s perspective on entrepreneurship and innovation happenings, including policy and politics. Yes. We pay. On average $100-$2,000 per piece depending on the type of work, the original research involved, and length (typically 500-2,000 words).


Aim under 1,000 words. If your article is selected for publication by Yoga International, you will receive a minimum payment of $50 USD. We pay more ($150–200 USD) for feature articles (articles that headline our bi-weekly eblasts). Feature articles are chosen based on topic, universal appeal, depth, and writing quality.


Uncanny Magazine is seeking passionate, diverse SF/F fiction and poetry from writers of every conceivable background.  We want  intricate, experimental stories and poems with gorgeous prose, verve, and imagination that elicit strong emotions and challenge beliefs. Uncanny believes there’s still plenty of room in the genre for tales that make you feel. Payment is $.08 per word (including audio rights).


Bloom Magazine is a culture and lifestyle magazine based in Bloomington, Indiana. Every issue includes articles on home & family, arts & entertainment, food & wine, health & fitness, fashion & shopping, and personal finance—plus all the interesting people, places, and events that make life in this part of south-central Indiana so worth celebrating. We rarely accept stories written “on spec.” If you would like to write for Bloom, please email your résumé and a few of your best published clips, as links or attachments, to


SchoolArts wants you to share your successful lessons, areas of concern, and approaches to teaching art. Limit 800 words. Pays up to $100 per article, free one-year print and digital subscription, up to six free copies of the issue in which your article was published, and two years of access to Davis Digital (Sign up for a free test drive at



We consider short fiction and personal essays with contemporary themes (no genre fiction or literary criticism). There is no specific word or page count; generally, however, Colorado Review prefers short stories and essays that are somewhere between 15 and 25 manuscript pages. Please submit one story or essay at a time. We consider poetry of any style. Please limit poetry submissions to no more than five poems at a time. Fiction and poetry manuscripts are read from August 1 to

April 30

; nonfiction manuscripts, however, are read year-round. We pay $10 per page ($30 minimum) for poetry and $200 for short stories and essays.


In print, we publish magazine-style stories that introduce readers to people and places pushing coffee and tea forward, even when we’re talking about something as seemingly impersonal as crema or Wi-Fi. Online, we have four blogs: Barista, The Whole Leaf, Roasters, and Café Basics. Posts are thoughtful, engaging, and concise looks at narrowly focused topics, trends, places, and people in the coffee and tea industry. The blogs are the best starting point for new writers to break into Fresh Cup. We accept queries for features (1,500–2,000 words), our blogs (300-500 words), and café profiles (800 words). For the best chance of publication, present a clear angle to the story, show us that you’ve researched it, tell us the sources and experts you’ll interview, have a sketch of the narrative structure, and explain why you’re the person who should write it. When querying, please include clips or links to published writing. If you have no clips, please write a 300-word story introducing us to your favorite café or teahouse.


Civil Eats is a daily news source for critical thought about the American food system. We publish stories that shift the conversation around sustainable agriculture in an effort to build economically and socially just communities. Founded in January 2009, Civil Eats is a community resource of more than 100 contributors who are active participants in the evolving food landscape from Capitol Hill to Main Street. Pays around 25 cents/word per


We are interested in MG and YA fiction that incorporates Earth Science concepts as key, rather than incidental, elements.  Stories with adult characters but written for MG or YA will also be considered.  The science element should be more substantive than “cool facts” or jargon that is slipped into a story.  Rather, the Earth Science concept should both be integral to the story and represent a key idea that might be taught in an Earth Science classroom. Stories should be between 1,000 and 3,000 words, with preference for stories around 2,000 words. Payment will be $0.06/word ($60 minimum).


Growing covers what rises above the green. Whether it be science, pest control, the art and business of farming fruits and vegetables or even the literal definition of “agriculture” – we cover what our audience deals with on a daily basis. For most, growing is a passion and a way of life that has been passed down from generation to generation. In the pages of Growing you will find content with tried-and-true practices along with new suggestions that will move our industry forward. Pays $175-$200 for columns, and $400 to $500 for features for 800 to 1,800 words.


Payment for first-time publication rights is made within the following ranges: Feature length articles (over 1,500 words) – $300-450; Shorter articles (500-1,500 words) – $125-250; Sidebars and “Off the Beaten Path” articles – $75; Second-time publications rights are made at one-half the above rates. Hunting, fishing, wildlife conservation, natural history, camping and much more are yours when you subscribe to “Outdoor Oklahoma,” the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation’s full-color, bi-monthly magazine.




A quick note about the reviews on this site: I am an affiliate for every product I review. The vendors of these products give me them without charge in order for me to test them. However all my reviews are done as honestly as possible and I make no promises to the vendor prior to writing my review. Should you click a link on this site that takes you to a paid product this link will be an affiliate link and I will be paid a percentage of the sales price should you decide to purchase that product.
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