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Free Traffic – The Parasite Effect

Free Traffic - Parasite Effect

As marketers, we often find a system that works for us (if we are lucky), and as a result of many of us actually stay right there… I.e we do the same thing day in, day out.

And while this is great if / when it works many of us continue our business in an almost blinkered fashion… kind of tunnel vision. And the result is: we miss the wood for the trees… which isn’t great because that essentially means lots of lost opportunity.

Are you missing out?
This week a number of products hit the market at roughly the same time, all expressing the same or similar ways of driving free traffic by using or utilizing the power and authority of high traffic platforms.

And while much of what I saw wasn’t completely new to me, it was apparent that I was missing a trick.

We all need traffic, right?
Of course, we do… I need traffic and so do you, because without that traffic none of us have a business, end of story.

So let’s talk traffic…

What are your options?

Paid Traffic.
Paid traffic anyone… Paid traffic is good, or it can be. But of course, you need money to make that work.

Truth is you might need quite a bit because getting everything right so your offers convert doesn’t just happen, it takes time (hence money).

So if you are on a very tight budget, jumping right into well-known paid traffic may not be the best option for you right now.

Paid options
And a whole host of others.

(PTC) Paid to click networks
This option is hit or miss, having said that it can work… let me explain. People join PTC networks because they get paid to click, as such these people are prequalified as having an interest in making some extra money online… of course, they are, why else would they be doing it.

Plus the fact that they are actually doing this means they really don’t know how to make any real money online… so if for example you were looking for very, very cheap traffic and had a well-designed landing page with a well-crafted headline that basically told them how they could make $XXX in XX days then you could be into a winner.

Does this actually work?

Yes, it does, I’m doing it and yep, very cheap to do.

But you must have the right offer in place.

Solo Ads
Yes, Solo Ads can work well… but you will need to find a reliable and reputable solo ad seller.

And you will need some start-up money (around $100). If you want a solo to add source join my Facebook mastermind group at the bottom of the page and drop a message in there.

I’ll reply with the resource.

Organic Traffic
Organic traffic is great, no question… but getting that organic traffic isn’t easy to believe me.

So when I say organic I’m really talking about traffic from Google (first) and then other search engines like Bing for example.

How does this work?
In a nutshell, you have to rank phrases or keywords which relate to your site or offer as high on page one as you can.

Content, Backlinks and a ton of other factors make ranking high traffic phrases at the top of Google next to impossible (at least for most) today.

Its true ranking a video for a specific keyword is easier than say written content… but you still have to do the research and make the video.

Sure you could record a quick PowerPoint video, and that may work but people expect more and more… so don’t expect to drive hordes of traffic with one PPT video.

Social media
Social media is kind of the way most people have tended to head over the last couple of years. Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter etc., etc.…

And for good reason… it works, however, although it does work, gaining real or should I say substantial traffic… enough to feed your online business and make you enough money to say; quit your day job isn’t as easy as it may at first appear.

Unless of course, you have a trick or two up your sleeve… do you?

No… then take a look at this.
Remember when fan pages on Facebook were all the rage? I bet you built some right? Yeah me too and what a waste of time that was… but all is not lost.

You see, while fan pages are a pointless exercise today (at least for me) groups are the opposite.

Did you know that anyone can set up a Facebook group… invite people to join and quickly build a dedicated and engaged following in any niche you like?

Why You Need To Take A Close Look At Using Facebook Groups To
Generate Traffic…

  • It’s 100% FREE to get started with Facebook groups
  • You can have as many groups as you want
  • Anyone can create them (even if you’re a newbie)… you don’t need any special skills or background
  • No website, email list, money, or experience is required to get started
  • The traffic is highly targeted and converts like crazy in all sorts of niches
  • Promote anything you want… your own products, affiliate products, and even physical products .

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