Flat Belly Fix – Healthy Weight Loss System & Diet Protocol?

The Flat Belly Fix

is a downloadable diet program sold online through Clickbank and through TheFlatBellyFix.com. Read our review to find out how this secretive program works.

Flat Belly Fix System, the rapid weight loss system

What is The Flat Belly Fix?

The Flat Belly Fix

is a weight loss system that comes in the form of a downloadable eBook and weekly video coaching sessions. The diet program claims to offer an unprecedented 100% success rate. In other words, every single person who has ever tried the

program has lost weight

– at least, according to the makers of The Flat Belly Fix.

(Note, the author of the program later reveals that out of four people who initially tried the program, all four lost some amount of weight in 21 days – which is how they got the 100% success rate claim).

In any case, The Flat Belly Fix promises to share with you a “powerful weight loss secret” that’s simple, affordable, and easy for anyone to implement. Using the system, you can lose 23 pounds in 21 days.

The Flat Belly Fix was created by a guy named Todd Lamb. Todd claims that his wife, a police officer, was in a devastating car accident. This accident caused her to gain a lot of weight – and she eventually lost this weight with the help of Todd’s system.

How exactly does The Flat Belly Fix work? Let’s take a closer look.

How Does The Flat Belly Fix Work?

The Flat Belly Fix isn’t some comprehensive diet program. It’s not a step by step guide that will walk you through every hour of every day to help you lose weight.

Instead, it’s more of a collection of tips, tricks, and strategies you can use to start losing weight as quickly as possible. The Flat Belly Fix cites numerous customer testimonials where customers lost an average of half a pound to 1 pound per day for 21 days, with the average weight loss for every customer being between 10 and 25 pounds.

Obviously, that’s a significant amount of weight to lose in a short period of time.

To help you achieve those

powerful weight loss goals

, The Flat Belly Fix eBook contains things like:

-A “magical fat burning spice” that none of the experts are talking about

-Natural fat burning substances you can buy from your local grocery store to enhance your weight loss routine

-A simple Flat Belly Tea you can make in your kitchen to relieve your symptoms of type 2 diabetes

-A 5 minute ritual that burns a bit of belly fat every single day

The lessons above are included in the core program of The Flat Belly Fix. However, your purchase also comes with some bonus eBooks that teach you additional weight loss exercises and strategies, including:

The Flat Belly Fix Bonuses

The bonus products included with your purchase are:

7 Minute Flat Belly Protocol

This eBook is a series of 7 minute exercises you can perform 5 to 6 times per week to flatten your belly. Most of these exercises target your abs and core, helping you tighten muscles in this region and flatten your belly without intense exercises. They can be performed at home without the use of any exercise equipment.

VIP Online Coaching

This VIP Online Coaching system raises some red flags: the author of The Flat Belly Fix advertises this VIP Online Coaching as a “free” subscription that lets you access an “exclusive coaching group” for “the fastest weight loss possible.

Once you get past the marketing, however, you’ll realize that you only get access to this program for free for 30 days. After those 30 days are over, the VIP Online Coaching subscription appears to cost you $29 per month for 3 months. After that it is free for life.

The Flat Belly Fix Pricing

The Flat Belly Fix is available online at a price of $37 USD.

All purchases come with a 60 day money back guarantee. You can request a full refund through Clickbank within 60 days of your purchase. That’s the same refund Clickbank offers on all products – so it’s nothing unusual.

You can also get the the Flat Belly Fix Kindle, ePub or audiobooks versions for an extra $3.00 each but is also an option to get them all for only $4.00 more.

Can You Actually Lose Weight With The Flat Belly Fix?

The Flat Belly Fix loves to tell you about how customers have lost 1 pound per day while following the strategies outlined in The Flat Belly Fix. The author gleefully describes how the program has a “100% success rate” and has helped multiple people lose over 20 pounds in 21 days – which is a ridiculous (and likely unsustainable) amount of weight loss for most individuals.

If you actually read the fine print, however, you’ll realize that The Flat Belly Fix backtracks on


of these promises for legal reasons. There’s an entire page dedicated to explaining that The Flat Belly Fix


won’t help you lose weight. Here’s what that page has to say:

“Consumers who use our products can generally expect not to see any increase in fat loss, health benefits, or other positive results of any kind. It is entirely possible you will gain fat, experience a decline in health, and experience other negative outcomes as a result of the advice contained in our products.”

That’s the word for word warning hidden on The Flat Belly Fix website. You can view the full page



Ultimately, most weight loss guides sold online feature a similar disclaimer. Still, it doesn’t exactly give you confidence in the program – and it’s far from a “100% success” rate as advertised on the official Flat Belly Fix website.

Who Wrote The Flat Belly Fix?

The Flat Belly Fix was reportedly written by a guy named Todd Lamb. Todd Lamb is a pseudonym, and the author admits that he has hidden his real name.

In any case, Todd claims that his wife, a police officer, was nearly killed in a car accident. After that accident, she gained a lot of weight. Todd helped her lose weight by implementing different weight loss strategies and exercises into her daily routine.

We’d love to believe that story, but based on some of the other stories we’ve read on Clickbank products, it’s hard to immediately trust this story at face value. Is The Flat Belly Fix really using a tragic accident as a marketing ploy? Did that tragic accident even happen at all?

In any case, “Todd” may or may not exist. But we


know that The Flat Belly Fix was produced by a British Columbia-based online marketing company named Rogue Syndicate Inc. That company is based at the following address:

6728 Woodward Drive

Brentwood Bay, BC V8M 1G8

That’s the same company behind AlphaNation.com, a website which sells a variety of supplements and eBooks catered towards men.

Should You Use The Flat Belly Fix to Lose Weight?

The Flat Belly Fix suckers you in with a sob story about how one man created this weight loss program after his wife, a police officer, was nearly killed in a car accident. I sincerely hope this story is true – otherwise, it’s a cheesy and unethical ploy to generate sympathy for the author in the hopes of making a sale.

Based on all of the information we find online, unfortunately, that story never really happened. There’s no evidence, no names, and no pictures of the accident available – so that immediately weakens the credibility of the author.

There’s also the problem that The Flat Belly Fix makes enormous claims about its “100% success rate” while simultaneously featuring a page stating that most people won’t lose weight by following the program. That page specifically warns that people might


weight after following The Flat Belly Fix program.

Another problem is the VIP Coaching Program, where you only get a 30 day trial of the program. It’s unclear if you’re automatically charged $29 per month for 3 months after your trial.

Ultimately, weight loss products sold online today have to protect themselves legally. And I can understand why the author wouldn’t want his police officer wife’s identity sold online. If you follow the lessons outlined in The Flat Belly Fix, then you should be able to lose weight and flatten your belly.

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