Digital Marketing Training Course in Lagos, Nigeria

5 reasons why we are so sure that our digital marketing course will work for you?


Reason #1:

We have created a “total step-by-step” system that ensures you won’t get lost or stuck

Digital Marketing can be intimidating… there’s so much to learn. We keep you focused by breaking everything into small, easily-accomplished steps. One step at a time is all it takes to see success.

And this comprehensive, easy-to-implement system gets results:

Even if…you’ve never done digital marketing before

Even if…you’ve struggled with digital marketing in the past

Even if…you’re overwhelmed with no idea where to start

Watch Enitan Ajayi explain how she learnt a lot practically even without previous experience. She also talked about the level of support she has access to and how she got everything we promised

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Reason #2:

It’s time-tested and proven to work.

We have trained over 2,438 people to succeed in the last 5 years.

Our team of expert have both local and international experience, they continually grow their knowledge and expertise as we solve challenging digital marketing problems daily.

So far we’ve worked with clients in various countries and continents (Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Gambia, United Kingdom, United States and many more).

We have truly been around the block and we get our hands dirty. We have also made countless mistakes along the way (we will share some with you on this page).

We have generated over 10,000,000 Website Traffic and ran over 1,300 Digital Marketing Test. We have sent over 1,000,000 Email Marketing Campaigns and we have achieved over 5,000,000 Social Engagement.

You will achieve great return on investment in your career or business using digital marketing by attending our digital marketing training course.

We practice what we preach and we are transparent enough to show you that we drive real digital marketing results and we have trained other people like you to achieve better results than we do.

Keep reading to see proof and success stories.

For example…

As you can see from the screenshot below, we know our stuff.

This is what we do better than anybody else in the digital marketing industry — rapidly boost traffic, convert traffic to sales and grow businesses using digital marketing tactics (we have more examples on this page, make sure you read the entire page).

The good thing about you being on this page now is that we have done the hard work and made all the mistakes (wasted a lot money and time) and you will get the best strategies to drive real results.

If you want to save time and money from being wasted from taking the wrong actions then you really want to attend this digital marketing course because we will give you step by step process, checklist and we will implement together in class.

Watch this video

– Oluwaseun Adebayo explains how he learned practically from people that practice what they preach and how that has made him confident and increased his ability to drive results.

This is the only digital marketing training course that includes every strategy, technique, and tool to go from “no idea” to “an expert”

The course includes every step of the digital marketing process

— from driving quality traffic to conversion to engagement using our ACE Methodology to successfully market any business. All perfectly integrated together to balance each other, complement each other, and grow your business or career exponentially.

Watch this video –

Chinaza Ahamefula talked about how our digital marketing course was focused on getting results and how he learnt how to come up with winning strategies using our A.C.E Methodologies. Also, he said he will refer us to a lot of people especially because we share our winning strategies, tools, and resources without holding anything back.

Watch this video

– Nnena Azuka talked about why she picked our course instead of an international course and she didn’t regret it. She said she has learnt a lot practically that has made her confident.

If your goal is to start an online business or make money online then this course will make you achieve that.

You should watch Oluwadare Ponle tell you about how we helped him:

Watch this video where Emmanuel Edward

explains how he started transforming his company’s marketing strategy and results even before he graduated from our course:

Our advise is to make the right decision to attend our course today, why waste a lot of money on other trainings that give you theoretical knowledge that do not drive your business and career results.

We offer the Complete Digital Marketing Course that is 90% hands-on practical and 10% theory. Our course is significantly better than others because we are 90% hands-on and it is taught by industry experts that have both local and international on-going experience with high level of successful campaigns.


Reason #3:

You don’t need any skills, knowledge or experience to make it work.

Brand new to digital marketing? Never done it before? No problem.

You don’t need to know how to build websites already. You don’t need to be a great writer or a graphic designer.

You don’t even really need to know what digital marketing is. (We will cover that in the first lesson.)

We will show you how to do everything from scratch, so anybody can follow it.

With simple, down-to-earth explanations and clear instructions, you’ll quickly get up to speed for the more advanced topics.

Just watch and listen to Apostle Stephen Adeleke, he is

over 55 year old

and he attended our course and was able to build his website, effectively use social media, email marketing and so on. This just shows that we have structured our digital marketing course to be comphensive and easy to understand.


Reason #4:

You’ll get help and support every step of the way

The only way to truly fail with digital marketing is to get stuck and give up, so we’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Although the training is VERY thorough and in step-by-step format, we are sure that a question or two will pop up as you implement and practice the strategy, techniques and skills learnt after the course.

That’s why you will enjoy 1 year support from us. For example, 3 or 6 months after our course, you are trying to run a digital marketing campaign to boost sales or make money online but you get stuck then, just let us know and we will support you in getting the campaign to run smoothly and successfully. Simple and easy.


Reason #5:

You will get the best learning experience with only 12 people in a class

Our class size is just 12 people because our digital marketing course is highly practical and we want to be able to give you high level of support, coaching and mentorship to ensure you achieve the best learning outcome and get results. The class gets filled up fast especially when people from outside Nigeria come down to Lagos, Nigeria to take our course. Just watch and listen to Emmanuel from the Republic of Benin.

You may think, class size is not an important aspect to consider when deciding on where to learn digital marketing but the truth is that for you to get the best learning outcome you need to be in a small class size where you can get personal attention and have ample time for practical with direct feedback from the facilitator.

In our 12-student class, you will have three times more individual attention with our expert facilitators and the classes will be very engaging

(You will get one-on-one attention from experts with local and international experience especially with our founder and ceo).

Also because our class size is just 12, you will

develop deep and lasting relationships with the other students in class

, you will get to know each other better.

Our training is well attended by top decision makers and employees from these great companies who choose us over other digital marketing training companies:

World Bank, Lagos State, Suzuki Nigeria, Boulos Enterprises Limited, Google, Spectranet, Heir Holdings, UAC of Nigeria, GTBank, Sterling Bank, Wema Bank, Diamond Bank, Chi Limited and many others.

We are able to know the strengths, weaknesses, and needs of each student in our class. With this increased level of attention, we are able to make sure everyone receives the support they need to succeed with our small class size.

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