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Digital Transformation Conference












Growing Business through Digital Relationships

Digital Transformatio


It’s the profound transformation of business and organizational activities, processes, and marketing and sales competencies through the intelligent use of digital technologies to ultimately generate enterprise results.

Are you ready to apply digital transformation into your own organization? Learn how as TMSA hosts its first-ever Logistics Digital Transformation Conference. This two-day event will take place Oct. 15-16 in Chicago.


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Why Attend the Logistics Digital Transformation Conference?

There are 25+ educational sessions from which to choose that will enable you to learn how to leverage digital strategies to achieve business goals and revenue growth. In addition, you’ll see first-hand 15 award-winning best practices in transportation/logistics marketing and sales strategy that have generated business results. Relevant sales and marketing topics will include:

  • How Digital has Changed the Industry – and What You Need to Know to Adapt
  • Re-engineering the Digital and Live Buyers Journey for Joint Sales and Marketing Success
  • SEO: What You Need to Know About Shifting Sands of Search
  • Hacks to Leverage Digital on a Shoestring Budget
  • Case Study: Leveraging Industry Media for New Digital Opportunities
  • The Joys and Pitfalls of Native: Creating Content Across Multiple Platforms
  • CRM Selection: Finding the Right Fit for Your Organization
  • Employee-Powered Social Content: Your Key to Recruiting, Sales and Success
  • Measuring Your Digital Marketing ROI: It’s Easier than You Think
  • Deep Learning for Sales Encounters
  • Creating Killer Content to Drive Engagement and Results
  • Tools and Techniques for Mapping the Digital Buyer’s Journey
  • Powering Your Analytics Dashboard for Results
  • Getting the Most from Sales and Marketing Automation
  • Email is Not Dead: Hacks to Optimize Your Campaigns
  • Website Strategy and SEO
  • Lead Generation and Conversion Strategies through Digital
  • How to Leverage Digital Transformation for Optimum CX

Expand Your Network of Marketing and Sales Peers

Gain access to a powerful network of business, marketing and sales professionals with third-party logistics companies, motor carriers, railroads and intermodal companies, maritime players such as ocean carriers and port authorities, technology innovators (TMS, WMS, and enterprise-wide solutions), and original equipment manufacturers.

See Best Digital Practices in Transportation and Logistics

Learn what other companies in commercial freight transportation and logistics are doing to leverage digital marketing and sales strategy to generate business results. See first-hand more than 15 sales and marketing initiatives that incorporated digital strategies from companies that earned the 2018 TMSA Compass Award, including:

  • PeopleNet: Video Intelligence Virtual Reality 360 Degree Video
  • Bennett International: Branding Bennett’s Safety Culture through Digital
  • Landstar: Content Marketing to Understand Hazmat
  • New Penn: Recruiting Millennial Drivers through an Innovative Landing Page Experience
  • Crowley: Cuba Express Digital Sales & Marketing Campaign
  • Canada Cartage: Grows Sales Pipeline by Combining Traditional Direct Mail with Digital
  • Holland: Leveraging Testimonial Landing Pages to Recruit Millennial Drivers
  • Port of Long Beach: Driving Success through Digital
  • Crowley: Puerto Rico Digital Ad Campaign
  • Landstar: Mobile App Launch for Available Loads
  • Ruan Transportation Management Systems: National Advertising
  • Saddle Creek Logistics: Whitepaper Showcases 3PL’s Omnichannel Expertise
  • Women In Trucking Association: Digital Channels to Drive Conference Attendance
  • Landstar: Engaging Qualified Carriers via Digital Marketing Channels


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