Digital Marketing

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Digital Marketing

SoftBank provides services to guide users to your business’s website by displaying advertisements to search engines including “Yahoo! JAPAN” and “Google ” and portal sites. Furthermore, we provide O2O solutions using coupons and special offers as initiatives to drive users to your doorstep, as well as payment services and website production services to further support the promotion of your sales.

List of Services

O2O Solutions

Ultra Shukyaku


“Ultra Shukyaku” brings users to your shop by fully advertising your store infromation on Yahoo! JAPAN and by offering specail discount coupons.



This service offers planning, implementation, and measurement of promotional campaigns that match your needs in attracting customers from the Web to your shop.

SoftBank Ads Platform

SoftBank Ads Platform

Our three advertisement distribution services, DSP (Demand Side Platform), SSP (Supply Side Platform), and PMP (Private Market Place), make use of SoftBank’s own unique data to make highly accurate ad targeting possible.

Video Advertisement

SoftBank Ads Platform

Our DSP service utilizes SoftBank’s unique data for highly accurate targeting, while our PMP service allows you to protect your brand image by selecting where your ads are displayed.


Our video advertisement distribution service features the capability to distribute your video ads in various formats, deliver rewards after the ad-view is complete, and guarantee view counts.

SoftBank’s Owned Media Advertisement

SoftBank’s Owned Media Advertisement provides Email Marketing, Display Advertisement, Advertising Mail and other various services to SoftBank users.

Email Marketing

This service enables your advertisements to be published in SoftBank’s e-mail newsletters sent to SoftBank users and to distribute targeting mail advertisements.

Advertising Mail

Direct mailing advertisement (paper media) for SoftBank users.

We send information of various campaign, services and products as a notice from SofBank.

Internet Advertisement

It is a service that displays advertisements on partner site “Yahoo! JAPAN” or “Google “, which is used frequently in the country. Fee does not occur in view of the ad itself, charges generated when the ad is clicked are “pay-per-click”, you can achieve to attract customers from a website efficiently without waste.

Listing Advertisement

Listing Advertisement is a service that lists ads to search queries returned by search engines such as “Yahoo! JAPAN” and “Google “.

Display Advertisement

Display Advertisement is a service that displays image ads to “Yahoo! JAPAN” and other domestic portal sites.

Inbound Promotion

Inbound Promotion

With the rise of tourism in Japan, we target advertisements to China and the rest of Asia. We consistently provide travelers coming to Japan with advertisements targeted at their experiences before, during, and after their visit.


Your iPad can be used as a simple, convenient, and secure POS register! Credit cards can be supported too.

Cloud POS

Cloud POS

Your iPad can be used as a simple, convenient, and secure POS register. Cloud POS can help you do that! Cloud POS is a solution that enables you to use your iPad as a complete POS terminal by installing a proprietary application and making it link with the cloud.

Points Service



Implement in an easy way, a points system where users can “collect” and “use” points.

Website Production and Analysis

Website Production Service

With the Website Production Service we offer production services such as the building of landing pages and optimization for smartphones.

Website Optimization

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Website optimization takes more than just making a web page easier to view. The most important element is to make users visit the page you want them to see. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a solution that can help you increase the number of users viewing your web page by making your business rank high in the search queries by ways of optimizing how the HTML is written and the keywords linking to your website.

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