Concealed Ankle Holster

This Holster Will Keep Your Weapon Concealed
Your weapon will be concealed easily underneath blue jeans, dress pants, or workout pants. Many other holsters make the weapon protrude from your leg so much that the weapon can bang on objects or even your other leg.
The Most Comfortable Ankle Holster on the Market Is FREE Today Only, Just Cover Shipping and Handling. Here’s Why You Need THIS Concealed Holster:
  • Breathable, flexible, ultra-comfortable neoprene design allows you move freely without sweating and chafing underneath
  •  Fits a wide range of weapon sizes, from .38 snub nose up to .45 1911 pistols
  •  Retrieve your concealed weapon in 1.8 seconds with fast detaching but secure thumb-released velcro strap
  •  Undetectable with loose-fitting pants
  •  Won’t slide down your leg thanks to it’s unique, form-fitting, double strap design and ultra-strong, military-grade velcro
  •  Ambidextrous for left or right hand draw 
  •  Includes an extra pouch for ammo clip, knife, or pepper spray


ORDER Your Concealed Ankle Holster TODAY …


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