Client Boom Review

What is Client Boom?

This powerful training has 9 Modules that show your customers EXACTLY how to get in front of the decision-makers – including access to the software that shows them how to get those emails!

Front End ($24.95 – $37) Product is set in 10 sections that explain how to get high ticket decision-makers calling you. It is a combination of video and templates a person can use to get started immediately.  Your customer will also get a Biz Boom software that allows them to get 1000 high-quality leads. 

Upsell #1 ($37) Done-For-You Prospecting 

Power Pack 


This will take what you learn with Client Boom, and put it on steroids. First of all, you get advanced training on how to approach elite entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and decision-makers. These are the ‘big fish’ clients that can transform your revenue. 

Then, you get professionally-produced, done-for-you LinkedIn prospecting materials. Now, you don’t need to waste time and money on trial and error. Get copy/paste invitation to connect messages, copy/paste new connection messages, copy/paste prospecting email templates and more…

Every single item has been tested by Cory & Ira, and are proven to convert prospects into clients. 


? 30 Days of DFY LinkedIn Postings

One of the biggest issues, when starting out, its credibility. How can you approach serious entrepreneurs when you have no ‘track record?’

We’ll give you 30 days of quality, professionally written posts that will position you as an expert on LinkedIn…instantly!

? 15 Never Released Professional LinkedIn Cover Backgrounds

Nothing gives the ‘game’ away and makes you look like an amateur as much as a bad LinkedIn background. So here are 15 professional looking background images that will give you instant credibility. 

? 3 Professionally Written LinkedIn Blog Posts

Another great way to get credibility and authority is by publishing blog posts on LinkedIn. But this takes time and skill. Not to worry, here are 3 expertly written blog posts that you can use on LinkedIn, as well as on your website or other social media platforms.

Upsell #2 ($37) OTO 2

Case Study

This is an eye-opening case study about Anthony Martin, who was homeless when he stumbled across Cory & Ira’s LinkedIn hack that delivers appointments straight to your calendar (100% legal and compliant with LinkedIn policies).

This case study will detail exactly how Anthony went from living in his car for 3 months to booking 10 qualified appointments, and closing a deal for $1000/month, overnight.

Not only that, you will get the exact “Overnight Appointments” training that Anthony received, which has helped regular people book over 1 million appointments to date. With this training, waking up every day to 5,10 or even 15 appointments is a reality.


 Rapid Results Prospecting Message

If you’re not speaking to anyone, then you’re not building a business…it’s that simple. But reaching out to people can be daunting. This is a step-by-step guide that shows you how to build your network quickly, with EXACT message templates for you to simply copy and paste.

? Pursuit Inversion Principle (video training)

In normal situations, you are pursuing a meeting. Have you ever booked a meeting with a prospect and they keep rescheduling you or, even worse, they just don’t show up? 

We’re going to show you how to end this for good! Our Pursuit Inversion Principle training will show you how to flip the normal ‘pursuing prospects’ model on its head. When potential clients book themselves in, the show-up rate increases dramatically. 

We’ll show you exactly how to use this “reverse psychology” on prospects, and get them to pursue YOU.

? Critical Path (video training)

We’re always looking for the shortest route to get to an end goal…we call this ‘critical path.’ Our end goal for you is to book as many appointments as possible, in the shortest amount of time. 

This video training will show you how you will never be short of appointments, and not just any appointments, but qualified appointments with actual decision-makers.

? Know Your Numbers (video training)

We all want more money, but most of us don’t have a clear plan. Here’s the truth. Success isn’t something that just happens…it’s planned. 

This video training will show you the exact numbers you need to know to hit your revenue goals, such as how many people you need to reach out to, how many you need to close, etc.

Armed with this information, you’ll learn how easy it is to become super productive. When you plan for success, you will always have an unfair advantage over others.

? Know Your Numbers (spreadsheet)

This handy spreadsheet calculator will show you, at a glance, what targets you need to hit to reach your revenue goals. This will allow you to become super focused, and give you the motivation to win, every single day.

? LinkedIn Special Sauce Blueprint (report)

This blueprint reveals the exact 3 steps needed to making money on LinkedIn – no fluff, no hype… just what works right now in 2019.

? Ira Rosen’s “Secrets from a Billion Dollars in Sales” (report) 

Over the last 4 decades, Ira has created, run and sold numerous multimillion-dollar companies… in other words, what Ira doesn’t know about sales isn’t worth knowing about!

This special report lifts the lid on how Ira has generated a billion dollars in sales, and how you can follow in his footsteps. 

Upsell #3 ($77/month) Social BFF

Social BFF

Everyone knows that LinkedIn is a goldmine of prospects…but searching for this gold takes a ton of TIME. Finding the correct prospects, visiting profiles, sending out invites to connect, sending messages, one by one…it’s enough to stop most people in their tracks.

This fantastic chrome extension allows you to automate all of the grunt work. Set it to automatically visit profiles of your perfect prospects (simply tell it what kind of prospect you want), and then watch it auto-invite people to connect with personalized messages, auto-follow prospects, auto-message all your 1st degree connections, auto-endorse connections, and even filter profiles to find key influencers, premium members and ‘big fish’ clients.

This is, without doubt, the fastest way to find your perfect prospects!

Special Exclusive Bonuses

Purchase Client Boom Through Our Link And You’ll Also Receive These
Exclusive Bonuses For FREE…

FTC Guardian Basic Membership

Protect your business and personal assets today, and make sure you’re FTC Compliant.
Brought to you by FTC Guardian
Legal Protection For Your Online Business
#1 in FTC Compliance Training
Your Trainer: Chip Cooper

Currently Sells at $288

Prospecting Videos and Scripts

Get DFY Prospecting Videos with scripts to make the most of Client Boom.

Valued at $197

Our Bestselling Website Profit Monster Course + Website Theme

This is a backstage pass to our Six-Figure Web Design Agency. We’re going to reveal how we close local businesses all month long with basic websites. In addition, we’re also providing a completely custom Offline Sharks website theme (developer license) with backend functionality so basic, it allows non-tech consultants to craft a beautiful site and can be set up in just minutes (training included).

Currently Sells at $97

7 Tips To Make Your Linkedin Profile Stand Out

When you do things a little different, you always stand out… Don’t be just one more profile on LinkedIn, Instead be one of the most attractive profiles on there with these 7 tips.

Valued at $47

Never Released Expert Interview for GDPR

Never Released Expert Interview with Peter Borner CEO of ‘The GDPR Guys’ helping Fortune 500 Companies to be GDPR Compliant

Valued at $197

GDPR Compliant Badge Pack

Full Pack of GDPR Compliant Badges

Valued at $47

Regular Guy lands 2 National Brands as Clients

Until New Year, Alphonso was a regular guy. He decided to learn about social media marketing for local businesses….and within the first 20 days of 2019, he’d gone from complete newbie to securing huge monthly retainers for nationwide sports bar chain, Dave & Busters, and country club chain, ClubCorp.

Here’s the full transcript of our interview with Alphonso – this is a ‘must-read’ for EVERY aspiring local entrepreneur.

Valued at $97

How to Prospect To Small Business Owners (and get results)

This powerful video training reveals the correct way to prospect to small business owners. You’ll learn how to easily convert prospects into clients, how to encourage each client to take up more and more services from you, and why a NO almost always does not mean NO.

Valued at $47

11 Ways to Get Clients Without Cold Calling

Who likes cold calling? NO ONE. But what if you had not one, not two…but 11 different strategies for gaining new clients, without ever resorting to cold calling? This powerful 15 Page PDF Report shows you exactly how.

Valued at $27

How To Get High Ticket Clients (Even If You’re A Complete Newbie)

It’s a lot easier (and less hassle) keeping 5 x $3K a month clients happy, then servicing 30 clients at $500 a month.

However, many people fall into the trap of low paying clients because they don’t know how to secure high-ticket clients (it’s a lot easier than you think!)

Even if you’re just getting started, this comprehensive 8 part video series will show you how to build your confidence, how to spot the tell-tale signs of clients open to high ticket offers, and how to make consistent high ticket sales without ever sounding ‘salesy.’

Valued at $197

‘Outsourcing Made Easy’ Directory – 49 Must-Know Freelancing Sites

A true entrepreneur is 100% focused on growing their business, not just running their business. If they are servicing clients themselves, as well as doing all the back office stuff, such as accounting, paperwork, etc. they can’t focus on business growth.

Which is why we’ve compiled an extremely handy list of 49 awesome freelancing sites, where you can find experienced freelancers in nearly every skill or discipline your business could ever need, so you can get back to growing your business and profits.

Valued at $37

Entrepreneurship Skill Set – Checklist

Entrepreneurship isn’t a gift…it’s a skill. In fact, it’s a set of skills. We’ve compiled the ultimate list of Essential Skills that are necessary for anyone looking to become a successful entrepreneur and guarantees that they excel in each and every business venture they take on.

Valued at $37


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