Clickbank University Review: Will It Teach Me To Make Money?

I recently purchased a one-month subscription to

Clickbank University

. Being someone that believes in life-long learning, I believe that we must continually seek out new sources of education.

Of course, this does not mean straying from the course that we originally set out on, but rather, to add to our already growing knowledge.

There are many ways to approach affiliate marketing, but one of the most essential parts of affiliate marketing is the actual product that you promote, the “offer”. Clickbank is an amazing network to find these offers, and is one of the original websites that gave people an opportunity to be digital marketers.

Having the amazing reputation that they have, I did not hesitate to check it out.

Overall it’s been a very good experience. In this review article I’ll be going over what you can potentially learn in Clickbank University. I’ll give you my take on what the course does well and what it lacks and can improve upon.


Name: Clickbank University


Price: $47 and Upsells

Owners: Justin Alan & Adam Horwitz

Overall Rank: 4.0 out of 5.0

What Is Clickbank University 2.0?

There are many ways to make money online. If you are reading this review you are likely exploring this landscape right now and in search of a good education source. Well, good news.

Clickbank itself is an amazing affiliate network with a lot of amazing digital and physical products that you can promote and generate fat commissions from.

It is only natural that they also founded an education platform to help entrepreneurs make their own products or promote other people’s products. When I discovered that this resource was available, it was exciting.

In Clickbank University, you will be provided with

20 weeks

of lessons on how to produce your own products so they can be promoted on Clickbank and also how to generate sales on products that you promote, whether they are yours or a vendor from Clickbank.

In the introduction video, Justin and Adam claim that there are over 100000 people making a living marketing for Clickbank.

If you are new to the online marketing world, this is can be mind blowing. Personally, I had an overwhelming sense of awe at this industry that was beneath my fingers the entire time. I mean, we all use the internet, but I think a lot of people underestimate how many people have found careers in the digital landscape.

Clickbank University mostly focuses on promoting products using paid traffic. This means you have to spend a bit of money to get exposure to your offer and hopefully reimburse that expense with the profits in your commission.



other, less expensive ways to promote products. For example, you can product content on YouTube, or start a website with a blog, or even advertise to your podcast listeners.

These methods take a bit more time to master, but they will hone your digital marketing skills at the same time.

While Clickbank University is a great resource to learn how to use paid traffic like Facebook or Instagram, the


place to learn how to content market (they also cover paid traffic a bit) is this

online university


Content marketing might be the most cost effective way to make money online, and it also lets you express yourself creatively and genuinely. The only downside is that it takes


to build organic traffic. You are essentially proving to Google, the big G, that you are an authority in the subject that you are making content for.

What I Like About Clickbank University 2.0

You will learn

a lot

about affiliate marketing in the lessons that Justin and Adam produce.

This includes the essentially theories of marketing, like preselling and lead captures. Also, a huge portion dedicated to generating traffic with Facebook and Instagram.

If you are new to the digital marketing world, this can get you on your feet and making sales pretty quickly. Although the courses are made to be consumed weekly, and initially you are drip-fed the courses, you can make a request to access all the lessons right away.

I’ve seen some comments in the forum (which is also pretty great) of people going through the whole course in a weekend. It only took me a week to get through all the lessons and I consider myself to be a pretty motivated person. So, depending on your eagerness to get started you can get a good education in affiliate marketing pretty quick.

Of course, if you do decide to just wolf down all the material you might be going back a lot to refer to it. In my opinion, the best way to learn is to write notes and reflect on material after every lesson so that it will be ingrained in memory. If you’re watching mindless YouTube videos or movies then yes, consume it expediently.

Like I mentioned earlier, I really like the active community in the Clickbank forums. There are a lot of veterans that will answer any question you have, and it’s also very motivating to read success stories that pop up once in a while.

Clickbank is


original affiliate network and you can really sense the professionalism in their training.

What Clickbank University 2.0 Can Work On

Even though Clickbank University 2.0 does give you an overall guide to starting your affiliate marketing journey, it is quite limited in the approach it takes to this.

What I mean is that they teach affiliate marketing through the method of paid traffic and with a “funnel” system.

If you’re not familiar with what a funnel is in online marketing lingo, it is the path that you take when you click on a link that potentially brings you to a purchase.

Everyone that’s purchased anything on the internet has experienced going through a landing page, giving out your email, and then eventually making a purchase.

This is a tried and true method of making sales, but it is quite controversial. It is developed with human psychology in mind, with the goal of “persuading” someone to make a purchase. Of course, most of the time the customer was


going to make the purchase, but it is


effective at pushing someone who is on the edge over into a purchasing mode.

As a digital marketer myself, I am happy to learn these methods and use them to make a living myself, but I also know that there are, let’s say, more wholesome ways, to generate an income. You can give a bit more value, and build more of a relationship by learning how to create niche content and marketing while your visitors learn from you.

This is something you can learn



Another thing that turned me off about Clickbank University 2.0 is the


aggressive upsells. It is funny because you get a taste of what you will learn in the lessons


when you make the purchase of the course itself.

The upsells can amount to about $300 dollars. And you were wondering why the initial subscription was so cheap!

Included in these upsells is the Clickbank Builder 2.0.

This is a pretty good tool that you can use to design your landing pages and funnels. These are things that you will learn about at depth in the lessons.

The unfortunate thing about Clickbank Builder 2.0 is that the course is kind of built around it, so it will be pretty hard to follow along if you don’t have the tool. Especially in the lessons that are around landing pages and lead capture.

This is something you can work around though, because there are plenty of other landing page builders out there.

Overall, I would like to see Clickbank University 2.0 work on providing more lessons on traffic sources and alternative ways to promote products.

Final Thoughts

Clickbank University 2.0 is an awesome course that can launch any new affiliate marketer in the right direction.

You will learn how to market


not just products found on Clickbank.

If you are an eager beaver you go through the lessons in a week or less and get into your first campaign shortly after.

If you have some money to spend on paid traffic like Facebook and Instagram, then this course will teach you everything you need to know to utilize it. If you do not purchase the upsell of Clickbank Builder 2.0, make sure you do have something to design landing pages with.

Landing pages, though sometimes controversial, are


to digital marketing, and have been proven to work for decades now.

Finally, if you want to learn how to build an affiliate marketing business in an inexpensive, but just as effective way, check out this

online university

where you can start for free and acquire an online entrepreneur certification.

Wait, before you leave, drop a comment down below and let me know how your affiliate marketing  journey is going! Are you going to enroll in

Clickbank University 2.0

, or are you going to take an alternative route in your online education?

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