ClickBank University 2.0 Review

This 8-weeks of affiliate marketing training is conducted by Adam Horwitz and is broken down as follows:

Week 1 – Affiliate Marketing on ClickBank

Week 2 – Understanding Affiliate Marketing

Week 3 – Finding Your Passion

Week 4 – The Ultimate Affiliate Funnel

Week 5 – Free, Free, Free: Always Over Deliver

Week 6 – Writing the Perfect Swipe

Week 7 – The Email Blueprint

Week 8 – Scaling and Expanding

Bonus – Running Affiliate Promotions

Altogether there are about 35 classes (covered over 8 weeks) on how to build an affiliate marketing business by promoting digital products found on ClickBank marketplace.

The business model is simple. Find a perfect niche based on your passion, create a landing page or opt-in page and build an email list. Then recommend useful products and helpful information to your list and earn commissions. That is it!

I am not going into details everything that is entailed in this Affiliates training, but this is the concept that they build out. I would say this Affiliates training is decent enough but not very comprehensive.

(If this sounds good to you, you may be interested in this free course.)

Core Curriculum #1 – 12-Week Vendor/Publisher


The Vendor/Publisher’s training is conducted by Justin Adam and is broken down into twelve modules:

Week 1 – How Everything Works + Setup For Success

Week 2 – Finding Your Perfect Product

Week 3 – Creating Your Avatar

Week 4 – Course Content Creation & Outsourcing

Week 5 – Your Perfect Upsell To Maximize Sales

Week 6 – High Converting Sales Copy

Week 7 – The “Easy ” Video Sales Letter

Week 8 – Finalizing Your Product via Builder, etc

Week 9 – Getting Up On ClickBank

Week 10 – JV Managing

Week 11 – Split Testing

Week 12 – How To Scale

Bonus Training – Selling High Ticket Products on Webinars

Throughout this 12-week Vendors course, you will learn how to create your own digital/informational product (brand, and business), product funnel (Sales Copy & Video Sales Letter), upsells and launch it on ClickBank.

This is also a bonus training to market high ticket products on webinars which you can effectively sell your high ticket products after they have registered and watched the webinars.

The training is provided through easy to follow videos and supplementary PDF’s.

Why I say the videos are easy to follow is because they’re only 5 to 15 minutes for the most part. Which means essentially your concentration will be at its peak the whole time and you’ll get most of the information (tons of quality ones) by the end of every video.

Moreover, their member’s area is pretty easy to navigate and follow along.

Traffic Generation Section

It’s pointless to have the NICEST looking website or funnel in the world if you’re not reaching your targeted audience.

In this traffic section, they’re focusing on three paid traffic sources:Facebook advertising, YouTube Ads and Instagram Shootouts & Influencers.

Although it is easy to learn and one of the best ways to get SUPER target traffic, all these methods are costly unless you have the budget to spend.

Unfortunately, they didn’t cover the free traffic part like

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), content marketing and free social media marketing.

Nevertheless, they do briefly mention in their Q&A section on how to drive traffic to your site from forums and twitter search.

I wish that they have training on how to generate free traffic to your website or funnel.

On top of the training that’s included, you also get access to the ClickBank University  2.0 Forum and Live Q&A Sessions.

Private ClickBank University 2.0 Forum

This forum is a place where new members, old members, coaches and creators alike can all get together to discuss what’s working, and what is not.

There’s a decent amount of activity in the group and group members are actively engaged most times. Mostly it’s the trainees driving the discussions but sometimes Adam or Justin (or both) will join.

But their community is definitely not as active as the one I’m personally involved in.

Weekly Live Q&A Webinar  with Adam and Justin

Another useful support is the weekly webinar (class) conducted by Justin and Adam. This is a live discussion when you get a chance to ask questions or hear other member’s questions and how the trainers respond. The best part about their live Q and A webinar is that it’s recorded so any member can watch them anytime, anywhere they want.

Here are some of the previous topics recorded:

  • Deciding on a Niche, Creating Content, Sending Broadcasts

  • Influencer Marketing

  • The ClickBank Marketplace

  • Building an Email List Without a Giveaway

  • How to Pick A Product to Promote & Researching It

  • And many More (You can see them all in the Member Area)

All these are BONUSES training on top of the main training itself!


I know everybody hates upsells. Although they are optional, l highly recommend you consider picking them up as they’re necessary and useful to implement your business faster and in accordance with what they have taught you.

ClickBank University 2.0 Toolkit

In the Tools Sections, you find all the necessary online tools and training you’ll need to implement your online business successfully. It’s broken down as follows:

  • Introduction To Tools

  • Setting Up a Custom Domain with GoDaddy

  • Creating a Sales Presentation with Powerpoint

  • Editing and Recording Your Sale Video with Camtasia

  • Design Banners, Posts, & Giveaway with Canva

  • Setting Up Your Funnel with CB Builder

  • Split Testing with Visual Website Optimizer

  • Increasing Conversions with Optimonk

  • Enhance Your Social Media Activity with Hootsuite

  • Outsourcing with UpWork

  • Sending Broadcasting and Automating with Aweber

  • Demographic Research with Google & Twitter

Normally,  you could just search through the Google and purchase all these tools with different vendors (a tedious task), but the advantage of using the affiliate links provided in the ClickBank University 2.0 toolkit section is you’ll be able to purchase from legit vendors at a massively discounted price.

ClickBank Builder 2.0

ClickBank University Builder

ClickBank Builder is a professional Copy & Paste Design Editor with various themes for creating HIGH-CONVERTING sales funnels, membership sites, opt-in pages and so much more.

The catch here with this tool is it costs a hefty $594, but you can pay this in two installments of $297 each.

Needless to say, ClickBank Builder has its own advantage because it’s dedicated to work seamlessly with ClickBank and easily integrate with autoresponders such as ConstantContact, MailChimp, GetResponse, and Aweber.

ClickBank Builder comes standard with all the following features you need to boost your business that you may consider to purchase it.

  • Free Blazing Fast Hosting

  • Unlimited Products Creation

  • Unlimited Sales Funnels

  • High Converting Themes

  • Simple Copy & Paste Design Editor

  • A Complete Video Training Library Designed To Get Your Results Fast

Advanced Training – The Ultimate Case Study  ($97)

The advanced training is based on ClickBank Case Study and is dig deeper into the specifics of ClickBank success. The training is broken down into three categories:

1. Email Marketing

2. Launches and Holiday Sales

3. Optimization

in which they give you tips, secrets, and ideas that they acquired over the years.

Again, for a one time fee of $97, it’s worth the investment. Think about the amount of money that you would have to spend on getting this expert knowledge through experience.

The Official ClickBank Copywriting Guide – $7

ClickBank University Builder

This POWERFUL Copywriting Guide was written by the best Copywriter – MATT O’CONNOR. In this fine print, you’ll discover 77 surefire tips to accelerate your ClickBank copywriting success.

This guide is given free to ClickBank University 2.0 members.

However, you may purchase it for $7 only.



1. Created by ClickBank for ClickBank. As you all know, ClickBank is a reputable marketplace for Vendors and Affiliates and this ClickBank University 2.0 course is specially designed for people who want to make money with ClickBank.

2. Further, the course instructor, Adam, and Justin have been very successful with ClickBank and thus they are able to deliver what works best for ClickBank. It’s a big advantage.

3. High-quality videos to be honest, very easy to understand because of most of the video only 5 – 15 minutes.

4. Support – There are Live Q&A Webinar and forum allow you to interact with trainers and other learners.

5. Simple ClickBank Builders comes with various themes and they provide free hosting for funnels (Unlimited).

6. The lessons are great for newbies, anyone new to creating their first digital product.

7. The Member Area is easy to navigate and friendly user.

8. 30-Days Money Back Guarantee – It’s basically a risk-free investment.


1. I am a bit disappointed by the lack of advanced training for affiliate marketing which is crucial for the success of affiliate marketers.

2, The training focuses on using the ClickBank Builder and its toolkit so you may feel disadvantaged if you don’t purchase the tools (which by the way you’re told is not a requirement).

3. The is a lot of upsells especially the ClickBank Builder is not cheap as compared to similar tools in the market such as Thrive Architect, etc.

4. The training is mainly focused on paid traffic and it’s costly to advertise. They totally missed out on methods like Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing and free Social Media Marketing. A big disadvantage if you don’t have the budget to spend on advertisement.


The answer is YES because ClickBank University 2.0 is endorsed by ClickBank, the largest marketplace for digital products and their real instructors with legit training resources to help you making money online.

Simply put it, ClickBank University 2.0 is the best option available online for anyone who wants to learn how to create digital product and launch it’s at ClickBank. So if you have the interest in creating your own digital product or product ideas then you should check out ClickBank University 2.0

But if you just want to learn affiliate marketing, l have a better alternative for you and some more it’s free to join.

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