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ClickBank Affiliate Marketing Tutorial For Beginners – A Step-by-step Guide in 2018

The most happiest thing that happens in

affiliate marketing

is when you received the first

clickbank cheque


But wait:

The most hardest thing in clickbank’s affiliate marketing is getting your

first dollar and your first cheque.

Hey there!

My Name is Haseen and today I will be giving you a tutorial on

how to make money through affiliate marketing with ClickBank


A small note about clickbank and affiliate marketing :

Promoting other people’s products and earning a commission for every sale you make through your affiliate link is called

Affiliate marketing

, and clickbank is the largest digital marketplace(affiliate program) that allows you to be an affiliate or vendor and make money. People sell their digital products through ClickBank.

Making money with clickbank affiliate marketing is very easy. Lots of people overcomplicate this.

There are tons of ways you can promote affiliate or clickbank products, but

Why people don’t succeed?

The main reason is

jumping one to another like Mario.

It means:

They learn something and they will not implement or take massive action on what they learnt, once they learn a method they jump to another method.

My Advice To You:

Master one method on promoting clickbank products, Master it or crush it, stay consistent, success will not come overnight it takes time.

In my mind the best way to promote clickbank products is by creating niche websites.

In this article I will show you exactly how to create a website and to promote clickbank products step-by-step. So keep reading…


Now its time to choose a niche. Choose a niche that you are interested about. Then only you can write helpful articles to your blog.

Once you picked your niche create blog around that niche.

I wrote a full article on starting a WordPress blog you can

check it here<<.

If you don’t have a clickbank account

click here

to get one.

Once you get your account, go to the clickbank marketplace and plot some useful quality products in your niche.

Fill your blog with articles that are useful and related to your product of choice. E.g., if you wanted to sell a cooking product, you would create a cooking blog. As I said above choose niche that you passionate about.


Write a review of your chosen clickbank products, optimize it and publish it to your blog.

Create useful articles related to your product review and link to your product review from your related articles(supporting articles).

EG: If your product review is “Metabolic Cooking review” your supporting articles will be like “10 metabolic cooking recipes”.

EG 2: If your product review is “Organafi review (an weight loss product)” your supporting articles will be like “10 tips to lose weight fast” “weight loss tips for women”

Try and funnel your visitors towards this review. E.g.internally backlink to the review, and pin it as the top post on your blog homepage.

Real Life example:

Enlightenment Gateway

Enlightenment Gateway

, created by a millionaire affiliate Mark Ling. He do this strategy perfectly. This site makes thousands of dollars each year and was created using


and AffiloTheme.


Most people sucks in internet marketing is on getting traffic.


There are two ways you can get traffic to your website:

1. Free Traffic

‎2. Paid Traffic

In my opinion free traffic is the best and it converts well. The main free traffic source is search engines (i.e. Google, Bing etc…).

Choose 200+ monthly searches per month keywords. You can find these keywords using keyword research tools link Google Keyword Planner, Kwfinder etc… Choosing a keyword with low competition is very important, so go with Low Comp keywords.

After getting your keywords:

Create the best (I MEAN BEST) articles for all your keywords. If any keywords related to your product review, then link to them.


: Always try to be a helper, don’t be a seller. So creating useful articles and helping your readers will build a relationship with you and with your reader. So they will trust your recommendations.

We all here that everyday


Now by creating quality content consistently is not enough to rank high on Google. There are more than 200 ranking factors Google uses to rank a website or a web page.

I am not saying not to create quality content. I mean Creating quality content is one of the rankings factor. So always make sure to create quality content.

But consistency is not that much important.

One of the main ranking factor is backlinks. Simply


are like votes. How much powerful links pointing to you, and you will rank.

A backlink is when another website links to your page. Google sees it as a signal that they think your website is good.

So backlinks are important to consider in order to rank higher.

There are some black hat techniques some are using to get lots of backlinks to them. These spammy backlinks will not rank high, google will penalize your site down.

So keep in mind:

When it comes to backlinks quality is very important than quantity. So try as much as you can to get links from high quality sites.

Other than backlinks, there are some on site SEO you should consider.

Here are some:

  • Place your chosen keyword once in the title tag, and in your description tag. Optimize your article by sprinkling the keywords through out the article.
  • Include at least two pictures, and for each picture, use one of the keywords as the image alt text.
  • Include the primary keyword in the article’s URL.
  • You can learn more about these strategies in more depth in the AffiloBlueprint course. The course

    AffiloBlueprint course. The course

    which I took and Became a successful affiliate marketer + entrepreneur.


I know it’s hard to rank high on Google and it takes lots of time. So you can go with paid traffic, and rank high in Google immediately but you should pay Google adwords to run an ad.

Use keyword research tools like Google keyword planner and find keywords relevant to your clickbank product.

Create high quality ads and buy ad space from Google Adwords. Funnel your traffic to your review page on your blog.

You can’t directly link to a product’s sales page with your affiliate link, Google will not approve your ad, so linking to your review page is a good idea and it will warm your traffic to buy.


So this is the clickbank affiliate marketing tutorial. I hope you learned something. Don’t scared to implement these strategies, I am here to help you, so if you have any questions let me know in the comment section below.

Without implementing or taking action you won’t see results or you can’t become an affiliate marketer. So take massive action on what you learn.

To be honest I am also an ordinary person like you, I always thank Mark Ling to help me out to be an successful affiliate marketer.

If you are serious in learning all about affiliate marketing then make sure to check my Affiloblueprint Course review

check my Affiloblueprint Course review

. Where I explained everything about that. If want you can check it out.

So hope this article helped you and to solve questions. I’ll see you soon In another article like this, gotcha!

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