CB Money Vine VIP Review


CB Money Vine VIP
CB Money Vine

CBMoneyVine is what my biz partner Tom E and I have dubbed a “reverse income system.”

And it’s truly remarkable.

You see, instead of traditional affiliate marketing – where YOU have to hunt people down to sell them on your offer…

…CBMoneyVine sends the buyers to YOU.

…So it’s quite literally the opposite of affiliate marketing – it’s affiliate marketing in reverse.


CB Money Vine Funnel

$20 FE – CBMoneyVine VIP

1 click software that instantly hardcodes their affiliate links into 4,000+ ready to go products – all at once, with zero approval or whitelisting needed!

These products are (all!) automatically integrated into a “reverse-engineered” income system – with website included – that enables users to make monthly passive sales and commissions on AUTOPILOT….No selling required.

From a user perspective, they simply share their FREE CBMoneyVine website/opportunity link with others – and watch their monthly commissions grow from there.

CB Money Vine Commission Accelerator

$47 OTO 1 – CBMV Commission Accelerator

Commission Accelerator enables users to multiply their income via automatic “pass up” commissions from their CBMoneyVine referrals (aka Vine members).

CB Money Vine 10K List Mogul

$97 OTO 2 – CBMV 10K List Mogul

10K List Mogul enables takers to cash in by capturing leads from their CBMoneyVine websites automatically – and includes a package of DFY follow up emails.

Cb Money Vine 4 Figure Commission Club

$197 OTO 3 – CBMV 4 Figure Commission Club

Users unlock the ability to add an INSTANT high ticket backend, in the form of auto-webinars paying $500+ a pop in commissions.

This backend is seen not only by direct referrals but throughout the user’s entire CBMoneyVine referral base.

CB Money Vine Autopilot Traffic Co-Op

$197 OTO 4 – CBMV Autopilot Traffic Co-Op

This is for users who want traffic delivered to them on a silver platter – on AUTOPILOT – by us. Takers of this OTO do nothing but buy, and they’re automatically added into our traffic rotation. This means hands-free traffic for the life of CBMoneyVine!

CB Money Vine 6 Figure Empire

$397 OTO 5 – CBMV 6 Figure Empire

Users of this package are set up with SIX additional income streams (multiple streams of income!) delivered in the form of getting instant, fully upgraded access to 6 of our other best selling income systems.

These include 5iphon Reloaded, IGMoneyTree, ShopMonopoly, and more – $1000’s worth of award-winning income systems at a fraction of the regular price.


Autopilot “Pass Up” Commissions

CB Money Vine Free Bonus

You’re “this close” to daily and monthly payouts on over 4,000 high commission offers.

Remember, I’m talking about big commissions of 40%, 50%, and even 75% pop.

Commissions of $49, $197…even $500 per sale.

…But we’ve sweetened the deal even more for you.

As a FREE BONUS for ordering now, we’ll activate your account with our Autopilot Pass Up Commissions feature:

Each and every time a people on your vine becomes inactive (for any reason) you’ll automatically take over their vine.

What this means is that their would-be commissions will automatically pass up to YOU.

It doesn’t matter whether they were making $100 per month or $2,500 per month – it all goes to YOU.

These pass up commissions could easily go to Tom and I (and obviously make us a lot of money)…

…but we’re committed to maximizing your success.

The “catch” is that you have to join CBMoneyVine now to guarantee your Autopilot Pass Up Commissions activation.

Don’t wait a moment longer…



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