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5 Easy Pieces for Beginners

Don’t miss 10 Surprisingly Simple Woodworking Projects for Beginners For the uninitiated, woodworking may seem far too daunting to even consider tackling. Dovetail joints, mitered corners, chamfer bevels—these are terms that would put fear into anyone. But the fact remains that with every new project you gain skills and a renewed sense of confidence. The

25 Beginner Woodworking Projects

They say the best way to get through writer’s block is to just start writing. I have heard from so many people who want to learn to use tools and try woodworking, but have yet to take that first step. This one is for you. Seriously, pick up that hammer. Or jigsaw. Whatever you have

lead acid battery reconditioning

I have been working with used/old/discarded lead/acid batteries for about five years with the aim of making them work again. At the moment I use homemade electronic desulphators built from scrap I find in the dumps at electrical stores. I use varying amounts of power depending on the battery.   Size is the most important indicator

How to make a boat out of wood?

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