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Guardian Angels of those born in September

And here now are the Guardian Angels of those born in September, culled as usual from Veronique Jarry’s book Who Is Your Guardian Angel? (courtesy of Tempo’s Ronald Constantino). This group of Guardian Angels belongs to the Family of the Powers, with Camael as Prince-Archangel and Mars as their Planet. Their characteristics are strictness and

Who Is Your Guardian Angel?

Published on Aug 21, 2017 Alpha Tests Presents: Who is your Guardian Angel? Do You Have A Guardian Angel? Who Is My Guardian, Angel? We all have at least one guardian angel; some may have more than one guardian angel assigned to us in our lifetime. Our guardian angels seek to guide and protect. The

How To Meet Your Guardian Angel

One of the most common questions I receive in helping people to connect with the angelic realm, is “ How do I meet my guardian angel? ” As far as questions go, this really is a great question to ask. Consciously connecting with your guardian angels is a powerful step to take on your path

Archangels Mysteries of Guardian Angels

Archangel Gabriel Archangel Gabriel is the DIVINE MESSENGER of God, who brings us inspiration in order to assist us with transition and change. Gabriel inspires us to receive divine unction directly from the Source. For Gabriel’s messages align us with who we truly are, blessed in the soul’s arousal of our spiritual path. Therefore, receiving

A powerful litany to one’s Guardian Angel

This litany summarizes perfectly the different roles our Guardian Angel has in our lives. While we may know that God has appointed a Guardian Angel to watch over us, their particular mission is not always evident. The Angel of God prayer asks our angel to “ever this day be at my side to light and

Guardian Angel

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Guardian Angels

Do you Believe in Angels? I do Here are just a few of my favourites; Angel Ariel Ariel’s name means ‘Lion or lioness of God’ and this archangel is associated with lions and animals. Ariel is involved with healing. She protects and heals humans, the animals, fish and birds. Environmentalism. Angel Azrael Azrael’s name means