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Amazon Wants to Know Your Waistline Inc. wants to understand one of the more intimate things about you: body size. The online retailer is inviting people to an office in New York to measure small changes in size and shape over the course of 20 weeks. Those chosen via a survey to participate in the 10, semimonthly visits will receive

Are you in a sharing field? Survey breaks down researcher openness by discipline

Two-thirds of scientists share results outside their circle of trusted colleagues before formally publishing them in scholarly journals, a survey of thousands of researchers reveals. But sharing trends vary markedly across fields, with social scientists and mathematicians most likely to disclose findings before publication, and computer scientists least likely. More than 7,000 researchers responded to

Make Money Online With SURVEYS (BEST 5 SITES 2018!)

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41 Sites to Sign Up With Today!

I have received a couple of messages this year from people looking for online jobs for teens. Some of these people actually were teens, and some were parents of teens. If you are a teenager or if you have a teenager, I have some solutions that will help ! Most of these things are just good

How To Make Money As A Teenager

With summer just around the corner, your parents are probably already wondering when you’re going to start applying for a job. If you have already started looking, you may find that it’s hard to find jobs hiring teens and other jobs just seem boring or too hard. We will tell you how to make money

How to Make Money – As a Teen

Now, there is lots of money to be made in computers. Fixing them accounts for a lot of that. The geek squad charges around $100 a hour to fix your computer. I can show you a little troubleshooting you can do to fix most viruses. First, if the computer is frozen but you can move

Online Surveys for Making Money

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