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Yeloni’s WordPress Autoresponder Plugin

Your search for a free wordpress autoresponder plugin ends here. In this article, we explore Yeloni’s free email autoresponder feature that enables businesses to send a free email to their new subscribers. Yeloni’s Wordpress Autoresponder Plugin You’ve set up an effective lead capture widget and your visitors seem to be loving it, you can tell that much

Best Free Autoresponder

Best Free Autoresponder How do you get an autoresponder that’s free and provides the features that the big boys use? From Verizon through manufacturing firms, I’ve had dozens of clients ask me “What’s the best free autoresponder available?” over the years. We should probably start by answering the question, “What is an autoresponder, and why

New Feature – Auto Responder

Today, we’re launching Auto Responder — an exciting FREE feature that will change the way you communicate with your subscribers. Auto Responder is a new feature that automatically sends an email to your subscribers without the use of an email service provider . This is a HUGE feature many of you begged us for, and