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Bitconnect promoters VS critics. Community unites and seeks revenge.

Bitconnect promoters VS critics. Community unites and seeks revenge. Litigations, threats, persecutions, apologizes, class-action lawsuits. Disclosure: I didn’t invest anything in Bitconnect and thus didn’t lose any money, but I was scammed before and know exactly how it feels. All materials in this article are collected legally from public sources for “fair use” to warn people

Cryptocurrency Cover Photo Crypto Chick

Cryptocurrency Cover Photo Crypto Chick Big red flags in Venezuela’s ‘petro’ cryptocurrency: Tell us what you think in the comments section Cryptocurrency Cover Photo Crypto Chick taxation officer at Northwood Family Office, talks about the tax implications for cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency Cover Photo Crypto Chick Video Berman’s Call. This article was trending today on apple news

Bitfinex: How to — Steemit

Bitfinex is the second exchange by BTC volume after Poloniex. You can find there EOS and IOTA. It offers an advanced interface with lots of tools for trading. Also it got a good reputation after returning from its funds the money stolen after the hacker attack. Getting started If you don’t have an account yet,

An interview with TRONSR – CryptoGirls

Hi there, Irina, can you please introduce yourself to the community and let us know more about you? Hello Tronics! I’m Irina Iftimie, a senior database programmer from Romania with 6+ years in developing financial software products for bank system in Romania. Besides daily work, I’m the co-founder of AP.3, a branding and development studio

LinkIdol/crypto-girl-collection: Crypto IDOL?!

LinkIDOL This repo is for LinkIDOL, and copyright is owned by Andoromeda Foundation. Check out our Demo: English | Chinese | Japanese For The Devs 开发必看 第一次开发请看 Wiki When you start your development, we encourage you to check out the Wiki about this repo About Open Source Project Announcement This project is a Vue.js

Crypto Prophecy Unbiased Review

Basic Digital Crypto Trading Product Overview Crypto Prophecy System is a shady cryptocurrency control panel allegedly launched by a girl who calls herself Suzy and operates in social networks using the name Cryptogirl . She claims to have first invested in Altcoins in June 2017, getting started with a crypto-coin named Neo whose average value