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The Artisan Touch

The word artisan gets bandied about a lot these days, but the Tuscan Kitchen & Market brand takes it very seriously. “We dry-age all of our own steaks; we cure our own salami; we’re rolling out all of our own pastas; we’re making all of our own bread; and we’re making all of our pastries

Tuscan Kitchen Opens Next Week in Seaport With Tableside Truffles and More Than 400 Wines

A haven for Italian dishes, imported wines, and baked breads arrives in Boston’s Seaport District next week. Restaurateur Joe Faro opens a new location of Tuscan Kitchen on Monday, November 20, in a new development complex in the ever-growing neighborhood. The expansive restaurant fills each of its 14,000 square feet with warm wood accents, plush

Design 101: Tuscan Style Decorating

Homes decorated in the Tuscan decorating style are inspired by the elements of nature. Crumbling stone walls, intricately wrought iron accessories, sun-washed hillsides, rustic stone farmhouses, marble flooring and sturdy hardwood furniture are just some of the wonderful elements of this decorating style. Because almost anyone can visualize himself in such a peaceful setting, it’s

Tuscan Interior Design Ideas

Home is where people want to be most comfortable, and quite possibly, where their personalities and interest are best reflected. Designing the interior of a home is a personal affair, a mirror of what makes the homeowner happy. It has always been so. In ancient Roman times, as families moved from the hustle of big

Tuscan Style Interior Design

Anyone who likes warm, earth tone colors and rustic, Old World Mediterranean style furnishings will love Tuscan style interior design. This decorating style is very similar to Southwestern style architecture and décor commonly seen in areas such as Southern California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and parts of Texas. Tuscan Influences Although the Tuscan countryside is

How Designer Penny Drue Baird Makes Tuscan and Modern ‘Get Along’

What happens when a couple of empty nesters set out to create their dream getaway, a sprawling seven-bedroom Tuscan-style waterfront home on Long Island, only to decide after the initial plans are finished that they aren’t so enamored of old-world Italianate interiors? No problem, responded their designer, Penny Drue Baird, whose reputation for exquisite architectural

How to Update your House From the Tuscan Brown Trend

I was recently in a Mediterranean style home that had been built and decorated completely inside the Tuscan Brown Trend. Dark (pink beige & butterscotch) Travertine floors throughout the main floor, yellow/gold granite countertops, dark wood stained cabinets throughout, yellow walls everywhere and 8 bathrooms outfitted in very expensive finishes, most with conflicting colours in floors and countertops. My

Tuscan Style Interior Design

Tuscan Style Interior Design Italy, in Florence and Tuscany in particular, was the founding nation of the Renaissance artistic cultural and social movement which swept across Europe at the time. Italian Renaissance/Tuscan interior design refers to the furnishing, decorations, and decorative arts in Italy during the Renaissance period (mid-14th century to late-16th century). Influences from

Vogue transforms Tuscan residence into contemporary oasis

Vogue Interiors’ Leslie Gebert, Allied Member, ASID transformed the ornate, outdated Tuscan interior of a home at Miromar Lakes into an oasis with a fresh, contemporary feeling. (Photo: Submitted) Vogue Interiors’ Leslie Gebert, Allied Member, ASID has completed the remodeling of a 4,148-square-foot beachfront residence in Miromar Lakes. Gebert transformed the ornate, outdated Tuscan interior of the four-bedroom