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12 Ways to Get More Pinterest Followers

Share Share 6K Why More Pinterest Followers? #1: Add the Pinterest Follow Button #2: Add the Profile Widget #3: Share a Lot #4: Comment on Popular Pins #5: Mention Others #6: Connect Your Social Networks #7: Find Friends From Other Social Networks #8: Promote Your Individual Boards #9: Contribute to Others’ Boards #10: Follow Others

Pinterest Now 2nd Largest Driver of Traffic – and What This Means For Your Business

It has happened.  According to Shareaholic’s latest report , Pinterest now tops Twitter to be the 2nd largest driver of traffic from social media sites (next only to Facebook). As Mashable so clearly put it:  “When it comes to referral traffic from social networks, there’s Facebook and Pinterest – and then there’s everyone else”. What

Tips to Get You Started

Advertising 101 – Tips to Get You Started Telling Your Business’ Story Share Flip Pin Email Advertising really just boils down to telling a story in order to convey a message about your business, products, or services. Advertising “stories” can be told with words, sounds, videos, or even simply using images. Advertising Should Be Focused,

9 Facebook Advertising Tips to Skyrocket Your Campaigns

9 Facebook Advertising Tips to Skyrocket Your Campaigns Facebook Advertising Tips straight from two of Mobidea Crew’s most important members? Two geniuses who know more about Facebook Ads than it’s even possible? Write accurate and interesting titles Use call-to-action buttons, such as “Buy Now”, “Learn More”, “Download”, etc. Achieve the goals your campaign is aiming

Tips for effective advertising

What you say and how you say it in words, sounds or pictures can be vital to your advertising success. Aim for your advertising to: be noticed be understood stimulate action (such as an enquiry or visit to your store) achieve an outcome (such as a sale). The following tips will help you to meet

Online advertising tips for musicians

WHO YOU’RE TRYING TO REACH aka a “Target Demographic” There are a few ways to find out who your target demographic is, which is a another term that simply means “your fans.” We’ve found it helps indie musicians to identify their “Perfect Fan” as a visual way to help bring their digital audience to life.

Pintra Spark Review

Real Pintra Spark Review Inside Pintra we show you a way to get Free traffic by posting content that is relevant to your niche and help you generate leads and sales, using our software and over the shoulder’s training, in 3 easy steps. How will it help you or your subscribers? Pintra will automate someone’s business online by