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Pinterest Unveils New Video Ad Format

In the hopes of scoring a larger slice of the ad pie, Pinterest is rolling out a new video ad format. The “Promoted Video at max width” unit spans across the app’s two-column feed and streams ad content right where users are browsing. Click here to continue reading pinterest, Pinterest advertising, pinterest traffic, traffic with pinterest, generate

Pinterest Unveils Promoted Video Tool

Advancing its advertising efforts, Pinterest said that it plans to offer a promoted video tool, which allows marketers to gain more real estate than the platform’s typical grid-style layout, TechCrunch reported. By taking up the entire screen, Pinterest is able to help better capture the attention of users. In addition, Pinterest offers advertisers a unique


If you work with other people in a business or even on a specific project, team meetings should be part of your weekly or monthly routine. Aside from keeping everyone on task and informed of how the project or business is progressing, they are an excellent way for everyone involved to feel included. This is


Having a website loaded with glowing reviews and endorsements is something every business owner dreams of. This positive feedback from happily satisfied clients and customers is an excellent way to connect with newcomers to your site. But, how do you get reviews for your business that adhere to the Federal Trade Commission’s rules and regulations?

How to Increase Pinterest Traffic by 2,000%

Could you use an extra 1,937% increase in traffic from Pinterest? Yeah, you read that right. Almost two-thousand percent increase in Pinterest traffic. How the heck did I do that? My Pinterest Story Knowing and Optimizing for Pinterest Culture Getting Content Shared More, Better So Now to Create the Images How Can You Boost Your Own