Catching Trout…THE HARD WAY!

I would high five you right now, but I don’t want you to drop the fish. (Mark laughs) – Don’t drop the fish. – What ever you do, don’t lose the fish Coyote. (fish splashes and swims away) – Oh no, there he goes! (Mark laughs) (film reel rolls) ♪ Fire ♪ ♪ A fire on the mountain ♪ ♪ Woo ♪ (folk fiddle music) What’s going on Coyote Pack? And welcome back to Base Camp. The show where we don’t do any camping at all. – But we have fires! But no mountains today.

No well there’s fires back there, but. How do you guys feel about that new opening animation? I personally love the music, I think it’s hilarious. – I mean, I think it’s funny. I don’t know if it’s set in stone. I’m curious to kind of hear what everyone thinks about it. – Well Coyote Pack give us your feedback in the comment section below, but I have a feeling that this one is here to stay. (Mark laughs) – Well we’re definitely having fun with it right? – Absolutely and that’s what this series is all about, having fun.

  • And today’s even more fun than the last episode because Mario’s back. – Hey it’s me! – What’s going on? Welcome to the show Mario, how do you feel? – I feel honored. – Honored, privileged? – Yes, yes. – Part of the Base Camp program? – Mhm, thank you guys. – Okay, welcome. Welcome, we’re glad to have you. – Well you have been on location with us for pretty much every episode other than Diving For Snapping Turtles. – Yeah. – So the episode we’re visiting today is an oldie but a goodie. One of my favorites, Rainbow Trout Rescue Mission. – Ooh. – So we’re gonna take you guys back to Montana. – Mmm. It is a special place. – Yeah. – With freezing cold rivers as I remember. – It’s just so cold. Why is every episode that we do with fish always freezing cold? – ‘Cause it’s in the water.

  • ‘Cause we’re in the water and it takes you forever to catch the fish. – Well this, (Mark laughs) that’s well, yeah that’s pretty fair. Actually I caught the salmon pretty quickly, but the rainbow trout was quite the challenge to catch. And what’s crazy is that Montana was bright and sunny and warm out, yet you get into that freezing mountain water and you think oh my gosh I’m gonna get this fish in one take. Didn’t work out like that guys. – Oh no, no, no, no, no. – So if you’re ready, and you guys are ready. Let’s return to Montana and head out on one epic Rainbow Trout Rescue Mission. Are you ready? – Alright. Let’s queue the video, here we go. – Play the footage. – I’m Coyote Peterson– – Ooh, look at that sunglasses remove. – You’re really proud of that aren’t you? – I am. It’s a good thing I didn’t poke my eye out with that. Man, remember getting those shots? – Man your beard game, kind of weak there.

Yeah let’s pause that for a second. – Should we go back to that? – A lot of you have written in the comment section so– – That’s a good still. – That’s a good freeze frame right there. I don’t know what that face is that I’m making. That is like. One day shaving coyote and we’ve seen a lot of comments in the comment section. “Coyote your beard game is on point.” I’ve been growing this beard now for about two and a half months. Really since right when we left for Australia. – I think that’s the Coyote that can see your beard right now and he’s like what’s that thing on your face? – He’s like what is the fur beard? – He’d be proud of you.

He’d be proud of you. – It is getting shaved off before South Africa. – Yeah, that’d be gone. – But the fur beard has been in major command as of recent. Alright. I should of had this beard in Montana. It would have been fitting with the mountains. – Yeah. – Alright. – Who knew. – Eh well, here we go. – Keep going. – Keep going. – Here we go. – This is gonna get interesting. – Again another one of those quick intros. And that shot right there, pause that for a second. That arbitrary jump into the water and splash down.

Remember when we did that? – Yeah. – We’re like well this would have scared fish away. – Totally unnecessary. – Totally unnecessary and freezing cold. I think we did that like four or five times, didn’t we? – Yeah we did. – Yeah I think we’re still trying to figure out the flow of how to make these videos better. – Well again, just like the snapping turtle episode, we would shoot these B-roll high intensity action shots to be like, it’s got to be fast paced and action.

  • Right. – And then I fell off that cliff in Arizona and we were like no more of these arbitrary B-roll shots. Let’s just use a drone. (Mark laughs) Which has worked out splendidly for me. Alright, into the animation. – Alright, here we go. Can we watch the video for a little bit? – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – Alright. (laughs) So that was the old logo. – So you excited, you excited? – Snaking between epic mountains that give Montana– – That was a good shot, man look at the zoom range on that XA20. – Gorgeous landscape. – Oh, love that shot. – The crew and I are headed deep into the wilderness– – Belt, Montana.

  • I miss Montana. – Oh, this is when we were sponsored by General Motors. – That’s right. – And there’s those cows. (Recorded Coyote mimics cow moo) – Is that a Chevy Traverse? – Chevy Traverse. – Wait, wait, pause that for a second. I forgot that it was, I think it was, behind the adventure episode, where we showed me making the cow noises. That was me making that cow noise. – Yeah that’s not an actual cow. – That’s not an actual cow, but I never realized– – Let’s hear that back.

  • Moo! (Mark laughs) – Moo! And that cow’s looking at me with that grass hanging out of it’s mouth. Number 620, he’s like dude. – He’s not impressed. – You are not an Angus. – Yeah. – Yeah he’s not impressed. – Well I tried to talk to him. – Belt Creek is the perfect environment to encounter the rainbow trout– – And that’s a white fish. (group laughs) – That’s right. Some of those are not trout. – Yep. – Today I won’t be fly fishing. My mission is to use a slightly– – Man we’re on all those river rocks, like ankle breakers.

Align:start – Aw man. – Do you remember walking along the river? – Yeah. – Just going through this environment was crazy difficult. – Now what’s funny you know, I see you building this makeshift net. What was the saying that you said, no nets, no traps, no problem. – No problem. – That used to be like part of the concept of the show. – Right, I could do all this, catching these things by hands. But actually where this inspiration came from was an episode of Man Vs Wild with Bear Grylls.

Where I saw Bear take his shirt and build a net. And you know, in several of these episodes we’ve had the opportunity to MacGyver things with the environment. We were like, okay this would be cool if we can come across a fish in a small pocket of water. Maybe I can use that same tactic. And I watched the episode of Man Vs Wild and it seemed like Bear did it in a couple of minutes. I’m telling you guys, it is so much harder than it looks. Yeah we’re gonna see here in a second. – Yeah. – Yeah. – Just how hard it was, but I just think it’s funny how you know back when we were making videos uh with the MacGyver element, now we just, now we just use nets. – Yeah. Now like in Alaska, I think in Alaska originally we were like, you think we can do this again with a shirt net? – Yeah. – And immediately in the pre production meeting you’re like, “No, we’re going to use a legitimate net.” – Well I think everybody, including Alaska Fishing Game was pretty convinced that it wasn’t possible period.

  • It wasn’t possible period, right. – So we wanted to give you every advantage we could. – Yeah. – In this case, we also had special permission to be doing this from Montana Fishing Game. And that’s important because this is not a way that you can actually legally catch a fish without a permit so. Which is crazy that in my mind, that you can have a fish hook go into a fish’s mouth, but you’re not allowed to catch it with a net? But hey, the rules are the rules right? Ugh, these B-rolls shots. I remember how cold this was. – Wow, and they’re definitely trapped down in that water. – I did really see trout down there. – Oh yeah. – The water was like, 10 feet deep. – The good news is that I’m seeing lots of fish, bad news is they’re in deep water.

  • Oh there you go, I’ll tell you right there. It was so cold on that shot. – How cold do you think the water really was? It was just above freezing. – I remember, I didn’t have extra boots. – Mhm. – So I had to take off my shoes and wade across. – Barefoot? – Barefoot. – Oh yeah. – Aw, it was so cold. – It may have gotten ripped off the main course of the river. Out any of the pockets of what I’ve seen today this is probably the best spot for us to find a fish. – Okay pause it for a second, because I think what people don’t realize is how long we were actually out there hiking up this river before we got to like these smaller pockets. And I remember having, you know, you were there and actually Chance was on that shoot as well. – Mhm. – Having to move the camera gear, over all those ankle breaking rocks and how much time it took for us to actually move from spot to spot.

Align:start – Yeah. – That was one of the most difficult things about Montana was moving around. – Often we actually have to set up a little base camp. – Mhm. – On location. And that means moving gear constantly depending on what we’re shooting. – Yeah. – Yeah. – Yeah and you know uh, when you think about back in these days, like we didn’t really have a lot of experience doing this kind of thing with catching fish. Like we didn’t really know what we were doing at all. – Right, right. – Going out there. We were just looking for fish and we were like, hopefully we’ll have a situation where we might be able to catch one. – Yeah. – Yeah. – We didn’t actually plan this out too well. (Mark laughs) – It was all hypothetical. I think I remember like in that shot when I was standing on top of that cliff looking down like, “There’s fish down there.” I’m like, water’s like 10 feet deep.

I was like, ugh. But we knew in theory that exactly what we ended up stumbling upon would exist. Eventually, small pockets of marooned water where there maybe fish that were trapped. – Right. – So that’s kind of the part we’re getting to. – Yep, alright here we go. – Check out this corner here. – You looked so enthused in that shot. I know how cold we were already at this point. – Yeah. – Right back in that corner. – Oh, I remember seeing this fish. That was that moment, we were shooting these B-roll shots and then I was like, I could see the tail fin going. – Right. – I’m like, there’s a fish! We actually did not even imagine that shooting, describing this pocket of water, that there would actually be a fish in it.

  • Right and you know we had seen other fish. – Right. – At this point in time. But they weren’t catchable at all. – No, not even close. – Not even, not even close. And I think at this point Mario, we were just like, at what point do we just call this? – Yeah. – Yeah. – Is this even gonna happen today? – This was an episode that almost was scrapped. – True. – Because we were out there for so long being like, this isn’t feasible.

  • Yeah. – How did Bear Grylls do this on Man Vs Wild? Must have just been right place, right time. – I was about to get a uh, fly rod. And uh, you know. – Right try to like actually go fishing. – Yeah. (Mario and Mark laugh) – Because we could see fish, but we couldn’t catch them. But this ended up then being that moment, where we found a pocket. – Yeah but it wasn’t the end of the story. – No. – That is a rainbow trout. – That trout is like, oh boy, I’ve been spotted. – These fish are incredibly timid. Alright, what I want to do is try to scoop him up– – This is bear territory too. – Yeah. – So there were bears. – That’s true yeah. Constantly we were kind of watching our backs. – And you know, I had to catch it right here remember that? Where it was in this back corner, and it got underneath the net.

I did not have the net– – Yeah we didn’t realize like what a good opportunity that was. – No. – At the time. – I thought I had it right there. And it went back up. See how little water exists there? – See yeah look, right there you almost caught it bare hand. – And that was like– – You probably should have caught it right there. – Yeah, after that. – Yeah. – Probably should have caught it right there. – It was so slippery though, I remember like, okay I abandoned the net at that point obviously. And I was like, oh the fish is kind of on the rocks and I tried to grab it.

And look it, look it. This is Mario’s Camera at this point. You can see you just kind of point the camera down. And you’re like, ugh. The fish just– – Let’s talk about, let’s talk about your net real quick. Can you call that a net? Can that be described by any human as a net? – I mean technically. Maybe not to catch a fish at that size. – It looks more like a giant fan. It’d be better for like cooling someone off. – It would have worked, it would have worked better as a fan. (Mark laughs) It’s fair to say that but, like I said, I’d seen it done before.

  • Right. – But, let’s keep playing the footage. You’ll see where it actually ended up working out, and then I’ll explain. – Seen it done in the movies. – In the movies? – ‘Cause that’s real life. – At this point I gave you maybe a 15 percent chance. – Okay. – Yeah. – Of catching the fish again. – Right. – Yeah. Mario, his confidence was just dropping like a rock at this point. – Yeah. Well so was yours Mark. – Yeah. – Look at you, you’re not even really filming at this point. – Yeah I’m just like, oh gosh. – Oh this is it, this is not happening. Alright, keep going, keep going. – Okay. – Lost him. (sighs) Almost though, almost. – And now look at the pocket of water. – Yeah, it’s a long stretch. And any crevice in there could go.

And we don’t know how far, or how deep those crevices can go. – I will give you credit though like, you were determined and that kept us going. Because I could have easily been convinced to just call it at this point. – Well and I think too at this point we knew we had a fish in a pocket of water that we could potentially catch. And you know, what we were also talking about at the same time was, you know, this is easy pickings for any animal to come in and eat this fish. So this is how it became a rainbow trout rescue mission. Is we need to get it back into the main course of the river, because this is quite a ways off of the main stretch. Like this would have been marooned in there for a significant– – So now Mark starts going in there. – Right. – ‘Cause definitely having two people in there to kind of spook the fish out. – Yeah, we were trying, we trying to just you know, get the fish to show itself.

  • Right. – So we could even get eyes on it. And see there it was. – And that’s what it would do. And there you kind of look at it like, oh this net’s not gonna work. – And then the cycle would repeat itself. (Recorded Coyote sighs) – Now we’re gonna make our seventh attempt. – And that wouldn’t be the last one either. – And that no, this is editing magic right here. – You could see Mark getting– – See that’s when it got up into this area and we’re like, oh we’ve got a chance. And then the fish is like nope, I’m going. At this point I couldn’t feel my fingers anymore. Look at this, Chance isn’t even really filming at that point. I think we got to the point where like this is not gonna happen.

Align:start – I think I’m doing everything to like keep a smile on my face at this point. – Right. – Because it’s so cold. I’m getting so frustrated. I’m pretty much convinced at this point that this is totally– – It’s not gonna happen, yeah. – A waste of effort. – And this is where it happens.

  • You can see where the water’s getting more shallow there. You can do it Coyote, you can do it. No. – Oh. – That’s where it happened. – That’s a good one. – I dowsed the camera. – Yep. – And see how shallow the water was there? Okay, so pause it, pause it. Here’s how the net worked. Once the fish got into shallow water, where it was like breaching. I actually laid the shirt down on top of it, right? So that soft nature of the shirt and how wet it was and how heavy it was basically kept the fish in place. – Yeah. – And that’s how we were able to actually catch the fish. – That’ll do it. – I didn’t scoop it up. – At this point I’m like, just don’t lose the fish please. (group laughs) Whatever you do. – It’s not over yet. – Just, let’s get the scene.

  • Right, right. Well yeah, we’re still not out of the water– – Yeah. – So to speak at this point. – That was good, that was like a Grizzly Bear charge you know. – Yeah. – Like charge for the salmon. – Right. – Yeah. Which you know, man. That’s still a lucky catch. Even looking back on it now. It’s, good job. – Okay, hold on a second. – Okay, so I remember this point.

I’m like, I have the fish in my hand under the shirt. I’m like okay, we gotta show people that I’ve got the fish. There we go, be as gentle as possible. I mean it’s a fragile animal. – And they’re beautiful. – Absolutely beautiful. – Yeah. That was my first time seeing rainbow trout. – Their skin doesn’t feel scaly like– – No. – Like a normal fish. – They’re super slippery. – Yeah and very smooth. – Very delicate. Extremely delicate, so we had to be careful here. – And this is now the main stretch of the river. So we went across that embankment of rocks, get into the water here. Wanted to get the fish. And what’s important about this is, we had to keep that fish under water– – Right. – The whole time. – Yeah we had to keep the oxygen flowing through its gills. These fish are extremely temperamental to being out of water.

So you know, the last thing we wanted was to hurt the fish. – Right. – So, it was a rescue mission. I mean it actually rescued the trout. – Right. – So many of these beautiful trout swimming up river. – And here’s where I thought you know, like that angler moment, where you can kind of hold up the fish and show it. – Mhm. – And we’re coming upon the moment here that nobody thought was going to happen. – I thought it was gonna happen. – Yeah. (Mark laughs) it kind of was. – They’ll eat anything from crustaceans on the floor of the river– – Now there’s a B-roll shot. – Right. – That we actually filmed before the scene, before this presentation.

Thank goodness we did that, because as you’re about to see, we may of had zero B-roll shots. – Yeah, it almost still wasn’t an episode. – Yeah, yeah. – Based on what’s about to happen. – Keeping their balance. Water just flowing through the gills. – Ah, and it was still so cold at this point having to submerge my body down into that.

Align:start I remember shivering in between like everything that we were doing, and just trying to keep my focus. – But the adrenaline was going at this point. – Yeah. – It took us about three hours to catch this fish. But I did it with your help Mark. – That’s true. – And the makeshift net, and there you have it. One beautiful rainbow trout. – Beautiful fish. – And a good size trout too. – That’s a nice trout, that’s a very nice trout, healthy. – But I don’t want you to drop the fish. – No I don’t want to drop the fish either– (Mark laughs) – Don’t drop the fish. – What ever you do don’t lose the fish Coyote. – Aw! – Oh no, there it goes! The fish was so calm in my hands. – Mhm. – And I feel like it knew exactly what it was about to do. It had built up the strength, I had no chance in the world of holding onto the fish. – But that’s what fish do right? They’re gonna wait till they have the opportunity.

Align:start – Right. – Then boom. – It felt my grip loosen just slightly and like a lightning bolt it took off. – Yeah. Now– – I think that was fitting though. – Yeah, yeah. – To save the scene, this is what I think, and you guys would know this. But this is like what I’m most impressed about, is that you actually nailed the outro in one take. – One take. One take outro, here it is. – Right, let’s watch this. – The moment that he decided that’s it I’m heading back off into the wild. Wow, what an experience. Working all afternoon to save a rainbow trout out of a marooned pool. Have you guys ever had any up close fish experiences. Tell me about them in the comment section below. I’m Coyote Peterson. Be brave, stay wild, we’ll see you– – Ooh, my stay wilds were getting– – Yeah.

  • A little bit better there. – Oh man, I was so happy that you nailed the outro. – Yeah. – Because, and you know how many outros, I mean, let’s be honest this was early days. – Yeah. We flung. – Nothing was perfect, nothing was perfect. We had to do lots of takes. I mean, it wouldn’t be uncommon to do 10 takes on an outro. – Yeah. Oh remember the tarantula episode? – Yeah. – We won’t even get into that.

  • Oh boy. – Yeah, the outros can be difficult guys. Wrapping up what just happened and then releasing the animal back into the wild. But that was, you had to run with it– – Yeah. – On the fly. It worked out, and it ended up being a pretty good episode. – And I think, I think everybody was aware that we had to get it. – Yeah. – It was like, as soon as the fish escaped we were like– – Kind of held up right.

  • Go to the outro, like finish this. – Honestly, I was embarrassed in that moment. I was so angry with myself in that second when the fish escaped and I was just like, almost like a deer caught in headlights. And it was like, just say something that will close the episode or we don’t have it! – Yeah. – And I did it. – You did. – And then you can see my frustration as I walked off screen. – We’ve actually utilized this. – Oh that was just the end! – Yeah, there’s no, there was no call to actions yet. – Yeah, no call to actions. And now we do like sort of the outro with voiceover to give you these epic moments, but.

  • Youtube has changed. Well I mean, now there’s like end plates and some things like that. Like this was uh, this was early days. – One of those days. Wow. – That was fun. That was fun taking a trip back to the cold rivers of Montana. – And you know, I look in this episode. – Beautiful location. – I hadn’t watched that episode probably since it came out. And then we did the salmon episode after that. And I just look at how the dynamics change between the trout episode and the salmon episode.

What we did different. How we wrote and composed the story through voiceover ahead of time to sort of layout the adventure that we had. – Big universe. – Those were the good old days. – Yeah, yeah. But from that to the salmon episode is just a huge difference. – Right. – Right. – Yeah but it’s fun to look back on these early videos. And you know, we were able to do a lot with very little. – Mhm. – You know, lack of experience, uh camera gear was very basic. We had like one action camera and we had one small XA20. Which is you know, not exactly a professional video camera. – Right. – Still good camera but– – Mhm. – You know, we were still able to pull off some pretty great shots. – Yeah, you know– – Yeah go ahead. – Often times with animals and wildlife as we’ve seen, it’s all about serendipity.

  • Mhm. – Like we’re at the right moment, the right time. – Mhm. – Even if it takes a long time and the struggle, we often get the footage. – Right. – And the episode. – And I would definitely say that for one of our early episodes, while it was incredibly difficult to shoot, it certainly is a piece of work that I’m proud of, you know. And I think you guys are proud of it as well because we didn’t give up, and I think that’s the real message that comes out of this episode. Is that, that pure determination to make sure we got the episode. And at the end of the day I mean, I still feel like we saved that fish from that marooned pool. – Yeah. – Could a massive rainstorm have come in at some point and washed it out of there, yeah. But it was easy pickings for something like a bear. – Yeah, trout are pretty tough though. – Mhm. – I mean, they’re known to jump across rocks.

Align:start I mean, I don’t think– – Not that stretch of rocks. – Well I don’t think that fish was in peril. – Right. – But uh, I think we certainly helped it out for sure. – Yeah. – Yeah. – It was a beautiful fish. – Yeah. – Well, I think that kind of wraps up another episode of Base Camp. So, everybody out there in the Coyote Pack that’s watching, tell us what you think about that episode. Do you want us to maybe revisit the salmon episode? Would it be interesting to compare the two? We do have a couple more of these lined up that we have picked, but like I said in the first episode, tell us what episodes you guys want us to review.

And we’ll take a deeper look into what it took to make them. – Yeah, absolutely. – Outro time? – Let’s do the outro. – We’re getting better at this. So remember, I say my name, you say your name. You say your name. How about I’ll do the stay wild see you on the next adventure all as one thing. – Sure. – Let’s see if this works. – I don’t, I don’t think we practiced this with three people. – This is gonna be clunky.

I’m Coyote Peterson. – I’m Mark Vins. – I’m Mario Aldecoa. – Be brave. – Stay wild. – You said you were gonna do the whole thing. – I know, but I thought it just kind of rhymed together at that point. – You can’t change it I the middle. – Stay wild! – Stay wild guys. – We’ll see you on the next Base Camp adventure. Gah, it’ll get better, it’ll get better.

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