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Bring Dead Lead Acid Battery to Live Again


**************PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT**************

You’re English is just fine, thanks mate.

I might try this out when I have a bad battery but lately the last couple of years I haven’t had any problems and I use second-hand batteries and second-hand batteries are so cheap now that it isn’t worth trying unless you’re pretty broke desperate and already have the tools you need.

Playing with acids is also pretty dangerous for your health and can cause severe respiratory problems and nasty deep burns so try to do this outside where there is open air. Have a garden hose next to you on standby or a full bucket of water just in case you get it on your face or eyes so you can flush it away.

Try not to inhale acid fumes because you could end up paying for it later. But like I said if you have no other option and you have the tools then go for it. P.S. paper respiratory masks will not help because they build up to harmful toxins because they are really only for dust and mild organic fumes if that.

Use a real carbon filter mask and fully closed eye goggles when handling acids and wear full cover clothing and apron ($5 cheap disposable apron) and fully closed shoes in case of spills and skin contact.

If you have any battery acid contact your protective clothing just simply remove your clothing and place in the trash “do not bring it inside” or leave it near kids or pets and shower immediately and do not rub your face and eyes until you have thoroughly wash your hands.

This ideas of fixing batteries are really great but also remember safety. Sometimes it’s not worth the trouble over a second hand reconditioned battery replacement for $50 and sometimes less if it’s just a good second-hand battery.

Personally I rather not inhale battery acid fumes or get it on my skin or eyes but when you’re desperate maybe look up some safe operating procedures before you become ill or injured!

Nothings simple but safety is paramount but unfortunately, third world countries tend not to waste any time or money on safety because it doesn’t make them money. In a modernized country, you have no excuse to do the right thing by you and others.

I hope this has been helpful and remember to implement a plan and safety procedure before attempting to handle hazardous substances or using dangerous tools and machinery. You’ll be glad you did

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