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Best Free Autoresponders/Email Marketing Tools [Lifetime Free]

Best Free Autoresponders/Email Marketing Tools

Best Free Autoresponders/Email Marketing Tools

By Anand Lagad

December 8, 2017

If you are looking for Best Free Autoresponders then please read the below information.

Here, you will get the list of Best Free Autoresponders which will allow you to “

send more than 40,000 emails/month for FREE

” for you!

What is autoresponder in Email Marketing?

In simple words,

the autoresponder email marketing is the email automation system!

Means you can automate the emails that you wish to send to your clients, customers, and subscribers.

If you are Email Marketing Service Provider, Affiliate Marketer or running any e-business then autoresponders are must for you.

Why do we need autoresponders?

As you know email marketing is playing the vital role in online marketing and autoresponders are making it automated. It means that email marketing is getting more efficient by automating the process of email communication with the clients or subscribers.

You can send welcome mail if anybody has subscribed to your website or blog.

After some time or some days, you can send any greetings or useful ebooks which contains useful information regarding your products or services, e-newsletters, e-courses, rewards and etc.

Also, you can allow him to unsubscribe to your service if he is no more interested.

So it will create the sense of faith, communication and it will surely encourage the subscribers or clients to buy your products or services.

And the best thing is that you can automate all these emailing processes using Autoresponders!

Just set the process once and sit back to see the results!!

To make this system work for you at best level then you must spend some amount of money for this system.But still, there is the solution below to use it for free.

Many of the newbies are always looking for best free autoresponders for them as they are new to the Email Marketing and they just wanted to give a try for free before going to purchase.

I wanted to tell the newbies that you will never get the best autoresponder for free!

If you get any Free Autoresponder then please be aware of spamming and such autoresponders can use your subscriber’s list for spamming.

But, there are


which allows us to make use of them for free for some period of time and at some limit.

I have listed out such autoresponders that can help you to send 1100 Emails/Day for FREE!

Means 40,000 Emails/month for FREE!!


  1. Mailrelay Autoresponder:

    Mailrelay Autoresponder is #17 in

    Worldwide Autoresponder

    s and it works as best free autoresponder as below,

    – send up to 75,000 Emails/Month.

    – store up to 15,000 Subscribers.

    to get this free package, you will need to follow Mailrelay Autoresponder on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus else you will get only 15,000 Emails/month for FREE.

    Please beware of spamming while using this free package.You can make limited use of this package to deal with spam.

  2. MailChimp Autoresponder:

    MailChimp Autoresponder is #1 in worldwide popularity and it works as free best autoresponder as below,

    – send up to 12000 Emails/Month.

    – store up to 2000 Subscribers.

  3. Sendinblue Autoresponder:

    Sendinblue Autoresponder is #15 in worldwide popularity and it works as free autoresponder as below,

    – send up to 9000 Emails/Month (300/Day).

    – store unlimited Subscribers.

  4. SendGrid Autoresponder:

    SendGrid Autoresponder is #6 in worldwide popularity and it works as free best autoresponder as below,

    – send up to 3000 Emails/Month (100/Day).

    – store 1000 Subscribers.

  5. Mad Mimi Autoresponder:

    Mad Mimi Autoresponder is #8 in worldwide popularity and it works as free autoresponder as below,

    – send unlimited Emails/Month.

    – store 100 Subscribers.

  6. VerticalResponse Autoresponder:

    VerticalResponse Autoresponder is #14 in worldwide popularity and it works as free autoresponder as below,

    – send up to 4000 Emails/Month (100/Day).

    – store 300 Subscribers.

    If you are Non-profit organization then this Autoresponder allows 10,000 Emails/Month.

In short, you can send 40,000+ Emails/Month and can store 15000+ Subscribers!!

Now, It’s up to you to utilize these BEST FREE AUTORESPONDERS!

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