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Let us be. No matter how careful you are taking care of your car battery, they do not and will not last forever. There will come a time when the car of your battery goes dead. What do you do when this happens? Most people would immediately seek a replacement, but this is not necessarily the best or most practical solution. After all, car batteries do not come to good markets.

Why you do not try to see what caused your car battery go dead in the first place? Batteries normally acquired an accumulation of sulfur on their plates of lead. Over the years, this accumulation of sulfur can become crystallized, such that the battery is no longer hold a charge. Therefore, the car of your battery goes dead. If this is the case, then you have to buy new batteries. It is much more practical to recondition the battery that you already have.

Reconditioning can effectively remove the accumulation of sulfur and get your battery working in excellent condition, once more. And this is something you can easily do yourself. Here is a simple guide for DIY car battery reconditioining.

Single Steps

First, take a quart of distilled water and heat to 150 degrees. As soon as the water reaches the target temperature, mix about ten spoons of Epsom salts in it and then stir the mixture constantly until Epsom salts are completely dissolved.

If your battery car removable caps, remove them to expose the battery cells. If you have a sealed battery, find soft depressions along the top and then bore holes in them to obtain the cells of the battery. Using a flashlight, check the battery cells to see if they have any fluid left in them. If they contain some fluid you must flip the battery to drain completely the it fluid.

Filling Cells with Salt Water Mixture Once the battery cells are completely emptied, insert a funnel plastic in a cell of the battery and then the fill carefully with water and salt mixture. Repeat the process for each of the cells of the battery, in ensuring that the complete only up to the filling line, which is about half an inch below rim of the cell of the battery.

Be very attention to not step upgrade none of the cells. Once you fill all the cells with the mixture of salt and water, you can replace the caps. If you were to drilling of holes in a sealed battery, you can wall holes with rubber plugs which can be purchased from any hardware or auto parts store.

Make sure that the battery cells are properly sealed and then shake the battery to ensure that the distilled water and Epsom salts inside are well mixed. Delete once more, ceilings or plugs from the cells of the battery and then attach a battery on the NET load loader. Reconditioning of effective DIY car battery requires that the battery is charged for at least 24 hours before using it again.

Reconditioning batteries can save you thousands of dollars. I have actually put batteries as a side business (and it is very profitable).

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