Auto, Small Electronic and Computer Batteries for Less in Rockwood

No one wants to pay more than they need to for auto batteries, marine batteries or even new camera batteries, so it’s helpful to know that we stock an exceptionally large selection of new and reconditioned battery items, all available for less than you would normally expect to pay. Whether you’re looking for one battery or dozens, we have the products and customer service to meet your needs exceptionally well.

Pay Us a Visit for Your Golf Cart Batteries and More

We use a customized inventory to track our extensive stock, ensuring that when you come in and request a product, we can quickly locate it for you. We aim to eliminate frustrating waits at all stages of the customer experience; our diverse range and high volumes of stock mean that time wasting “ordering in” is virtually unheard of.

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We Fit Car Batteries for Free

When you realize that it’s time your car had a new battery, disposing of the old one can be a major challenge. Rather than spend hours struggling to swap the battery units over then trying to devise a suitable method for disposal of the old one, why not let us do the job for you? Not only will we fit your car battery for no additional cost, we will also ensure that your old battery is recycled, not dumped. We even pay you for your old battery!

Reliable Battery Company Serving Rockwood

We are a well-established provider that’s been offering everything from motorcycle batteries to cell phone batteries to our customers in Rockwood for some years now. Our company is dedicated to serving local people, offering friendly, helpful customer service and top quality, branded batteries at affordable prices. No matter how many batteries you want or what type of device needs fresh batteries, we have the skills and experience to meet your needs. To place an order or find out more, call us now at

(313) 451-8471


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