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Article Marketing Promotion For the Online Business

Article marketing is uniquely suited to promoting an online business.

Traditional article marketing involves writing short articles and posting them to online article directories with a small resource box pointing back to your website at the end. So, if someone is already online looking for products or services like yours, chances are they will to find your article and therefore, find your business.

Now here’s the trick to making this work.

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First, make sure you

optimize your article and its title for keyword phrases your target market is actually entering into search engines

to find products and services like yours. You do this by conducting proper keyword research.

Basically, you go to a keyword research tool and enter keywords that you think are relevant. The tool will generate a list of related keywords and phrases that are being entered into search engines within the past few days.

Read through this list to see if you’re right and to further fine tune your list of  keyword phrases. This sort of research often can suggest a good title and from the title, you can write a content driven article.

You want your article to provide good, useful information because that will lead your reader to the resource box.

Your resource box is what will drive the reader to your chosen landing page. Write your research box so that it does these two things:

1. Transition your readers seamlessly from the article to your opt-in offer.

2. Provides the reader with a compelling reason to click on your link.

These things are crucial.

If you don’t transition the reader to your offer, they will know it is separate content and may skip reading your resource box altogether. And, if you don’t give the reader a compelling reason to click on your link, they won’t.

So, in summary, when you use article marketing to promote an online business, you write content-driven articles that are related to what you have to offer. You end these articles with a resource box that almost reads like the last paragraph of your article and makes them an offer they can’t resist.

How are you using article marketing for your online business?

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