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Archangels Mysteries of Guardian Angels

Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel is the DIVINE MESSENGER of God, who brings us inspiration in order to assist us with transition and change. Gabriel inspires us to receive divine unction directly from the Source. For Gabriel’s messages align us with who we truly are, blessed in the soul’s arousal of our spiritual path. Therefore, receiving this Angel’s inspiration means we fully discover that love and compassion, are the only way forward to freedom – an initiation that is announced in the breath of heaven.

To draw Gabriel and the divine message of this Oracle deeper into your life, to feel the mighty force of this Angel’s love flowing through your body bringing you balance, inspiration, blessing and grace, to hear the whispering of this Angel’s wisdom asking profound questions of your soul acknowledging that part of you which moves as a messenger – open your Throat Chakra, express your heart felt realities, recognize the closely aligned Mercury communication energy that moves through you, stimulated by Gabriel.

Speak to the scribe secreted in the Godliness of your soul, and converse with a voice of love. Open your heart to the bounty of its wisdom, and when answers arise, the lapis lazuli elixir of Gabriel will be bring the exquisite elixir of expression through all your creative endeavors.

Therefore, ask yourself:

  1. Do I have a clear vision of the inspiration of love and joy in my life?
  2. Am I able to be a Messenger and express the conviction of my soul’s creativity?
  3. Is my conduct with other folk full of graciously inspired kindness?
  4. Am I open to the notion of ‘surrendering’ so as to receive Divine messages?
  5. Am I open to communicate every aspect of my soul through the great I AM PRESENCE?

Archangel Hanael

Archangel Hanael invokes us to champion our willpower with the shield of humility, and to live sustainable love through strength, integrity, courage and purpose. As the SACRED WARRIOR, Hanael evokes our spiritual muscles to be in peak condition, fostering a sense of direction that emits peace through each breath, hope in each movement, and integrity in each step. For make no mistake, we are receiving cosmic encouragement from the Angelic kingdom at this time of great soul-striding, to harmonize our cardinal virtues, so that we may meet the ascending vibrations of the Galactic Heart, and to ultimately move into the fifth dimension.

Hanael’s cosmic force is suffused with Mars energy and therefore strengthens the Base Chakra to flow with greater ease identifying who we are – for the main thing, is always to keep the main thing the main thing – and so we create joyous, love filled lives, full of creativity that allows us to know we are from the Source, and that any other feeling is simply an illusion!

To fully embody Hanael’s amazing force, to feel the force of this Archangel’s splendor as yours, to draw this Archangel’s ruby force deeper into your being are you living these values:

  1. In which life situations do I not feel sure and steadfast?
  2. What actions in others cause me to feel most vulnerable?
  3. When do I feel insecure, and why does this state occur?
  4. What aspects do I need to relinquish when feeling fear?
  5. How can I become the Captain of my soul living with full integrity?

Archangel Jophiel

Archangel Jophiel is the cosmic force brought forth to aid us with the nature of our spiritual liberation. Jophiel lovingly frees us to comprehend the greatest teaching of the HOLY LIBERATOR, and like the great Buddha in the icon above, to detachment through stillness. For this profound quality always releases us from conflicting feelings and erroneous thoughts, thereby we stir forgiveness, liberation, meditation and ultimate joy within our lives.

The furthest planet from the Sun is Saturn, and this noble entity gave forth the celestial fire that drew Jophiel’s citrine essence into creation. Therefore, with such ability for ‘remote viewing’, this great Archangel allows us to perceive exactly where our limitations lie, how we may release ourselves from their hold, and so provides us with the perspective to review the emotion of the Third Chakra, feeling as it does the gains and seeming losses of life.

Jophiel brings vitality, stimulation, and the power to liberate oneself from the prison of negativity, the slough of despond, or from the cage of miscreation. Therefore, in order to draw Jophiel’s energy closer to you, to feel the force of this Archangel’s citrine light in the flesh of your being, ask yourself:

  1. In which situations of my life do I not feel liberated?
  2. What do I need to do, to regenerate my being?
  3. Where in my body do I feel detachment from negative impulse?
  4. Which aspect of my emotional life needs optimum healing through love and joy?
  5. How can I bring a great sense of liberation to those I love?

Archangel Metatron

Archangel Metatron brings us the iridescent force of the SUPERNAL TEACHER concerning the things that were, things that are, and things that have not yet come to pass. Thus Metatron speaks from the core of this Oracle with Divine intelligence, miraculous power, refined wisdom and great mercy, startling us to act upon that which concerns our soul, that which helps us to recognize our wholeness.

Metatron possesses the key to the Akashic records, as seen in the icon, and so aids the revelations that occur at this time of the great shift. Being thus, Metatron will allow you to see the wisdom in any conundrum, will solve any puzzle, will provide light in the darkest of caves, and so stimulates you to reveal information about your soul’s code, and the relevant incarnations you have lived. In turn, these teachings will allow you to hear this great spiritual teacher secreted in the godliness of your soul, who wishes you to bring forth the extra-sensory abilities that you possess. Metatron governs the Twelth Chakra Stellar Gateway, and issues energy from the planet Sirius.

To truly feel the experience of Metatron’s teaching ask yourself:

  1. Am I clear about the profound meaning of my life?
  2. Am I sustained by the conviction that each moment of life is miraculous?
  3. Does my love flow in the world bringing me joy?
  4. Do I honor and celebrate the wisdom of my soul’s intelligence?
  5. Am I open to receive divine messages?

Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael is the embodiment of the Art of Alchemy, and like the Egyptian God Thoth, the Scribe of the Gods, skillfully enchants cosmic forces through us into direct rays of action. For Michael is the COSMIC LEADER of the Angels of Atlantis, lasering our lives in order to cleanse all negativity. Michael is aligned with the planet Jupiter’s energy, which moves us to expand our horizons through transmutation, patience, the I am Presence, bringing us to enchantment. In this, Michael uses the love of the heart as a unique dialing force to make sure integrity takes full lodging in our consciousness.

As night follows day, as spring follows winter, as all conditions exist in duality, the force of Alchemy may transmute all negativity. Thus, Michael comes to lead us in the expiation and atonement of all karma, all sense of self-doubt, and all feelings of self-inflicted negative emotion. And so we are resurrected to our divine inheritance, living lives of love and joy-filled bliss, opening our Crown Chakra to the infinite splendor of abundance – in Michael’s case with the helping power of the planet Jupiter.

In order to embody Angel Michael’s values, ask yourself:

  1. Am I open to the greatness of my potential power?
  2. Am I sustained by the notion of life’s enchantments?
  3. Do I honor the power of choice?
  4. Am I fearful or joyous about being the master/mistress of your destiny?
  5. Am I the Leader of the core elements of my life?

Archangel Raphael

Archangel Raphael, like the calm of the woodland spring, exists as an exquisite HOLY HEALER bringing our beings to commune with Mother Earth. This richens our journey through the knowledge of interconnectivity, empathy and oneness, bringing all aspects of our lives back into harmony as we embark on our soul’s odyssey.

Raphael draws healing and cleansing to us wherever we may be, and so this Archangel’s key is to foster the joyous evolution of planetary existence – stimulating the life of our being, the planet, and the Cosmos. Thence allowing God’s plan to be brought forth.

Calling on Raphael in all situations when healing is required, brings an open-ness to our Heart Chakra and the strength of the planet Orion to move through us.

The following questions will draw the nature of RAPHAEL’S energy deep within you:

  1. Am I able to feel peace and tranquility moving through my life?
  2. Does my heart’s intelligence always guide my nature?
  3. Is my life washed clean with the beauty of my love?
  4. Am I open to being in deep communion with nature?
  5. Do I cleanse my body, mind and soul regularly?

Archangel Raziel

Archangel Raziel is the keeper of the DIVINE MYSTERIES and so this guardian Angel of Illumination is the keeper of the supreme knowledge of the soul, just as the Great Pyramid and Sphinx hold the secrets of bygone civilizations. Therefore, drawing Raziel into your daily devotions will allow you to experience life drawn from a deeply profound connection with the sacredness of the Cosmos. Once you allow this magic into your life the veil of illusion parts, and you will see life truly as it is, full of a love that stretches for infinity.

Being with Raziel’s countenance means we experience life, fused with the knowledge of the afterlife, and as intuition melds with conscience, faith awakens us to visionary faith in the power of the Universe. Raziel governs our dreams and the vestigial Third Eye Chakra and emits powerful force from the planet Neptune.

Ask yourself the following questions, and the nature of RAZIEL’S energy will move fully through your life. When you petition Raziel, the force of this resplendent Angel will help you to transform your life:

  1. Am I open to believe in the magic and mystery of creation?
  2. Am I able to sense the depth of my in-tuition?
  3. Does my soul or higher self guide my daily living?
  4. Can I use my intuition to penetrate and understand human nature and life’s mysteries?
  5. How often do I bring an awareness of infinity into my day?

Archangel Sandalphon

Archangel Sandalphon’s unique force is as the SACRED GUARDIAN of the Planet, and of our earthly presence. Sandalphon is destined to draw the creative energy of Planet Earth into the evolutionary ascension of the Galactic Force, and through all living beings with love, intention as seen in the icon of Avebury Henge.

Sandalphon awakens the ying/yang force lying within us, to the evolution of our purpose. For as the Galactic Heart pulsates, so does the Universal Heart, so does the Individual Heart, and so does Sandalphon’s Heart – inspiring us to live in co-creation with the cycles of nature, and to recognize our connection with the Earth Star Chakra. The planet Arcturus brings this blessed Archangel into existence from the Source.

To draw the power of Sandalphon deep into the earth of your body and the fire of your soul ask yourself these questions:

  1. Am I able to feel the rhythms and pulse of Mother Nature?
  2. Does my soul read the reason for my body’s presence on this Planet?
  3. Am I in full honoring of the beauty of the Earth’s environment?
  4. Am I open to the Earth-Elementals and Guardians of Nature?
  5. What can I richen the planet with, seeing the Earth as a planetary organism, and living the course of my life upon it?

Archangel Shamael

Archangel Shamael is the ultimate DIVINE GUIDE who watched over Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemene, and is appointed to equally look out for you in moments of great challenge. The vast love of this great Angel creates a ray of hope that always overshadows the burden of the mortal flesh, and transforming us to create the beauty that is always wanting to emerge.

Most miracles are accompanied by Shamael’s presence, and so any project visited by this Archangel will be filled with serenity and ease. For Shamael is the governor of the Soul Star Chakra and emerges from the might of the Andromedan constellation

Ponder on Shamael and ask yourself:

  1. Am I open to the wisdom of uncertainty and the possibility of change?
  2. Do I believe in the liberation of new beginnings, or am I held by fear of change?
  3. Does my heart as the seat of the soul, feel alight with life?
  4. Am I allowing serenity within to meet each of my days?
  5. Do I seek the truthful countenance of others?

Archangel Uriel

Archangel Uriel represents the union of Heaven and Earth, made manifest through the great OM, and the beauty of the human heart, for within the individual heart is a space for a potential marriage between the physical flesh and the Godly Spirit. For the sonar of the heart is where the super coherence between Heaven and Earth, between Human and Divine takes place, in order for us to be conduits for the abundance of the Cosmos.

Unerringly, Uriel as the ETERNAL COMPANION is a compass for the pure manifestation of unconditional love through friendship, trust and freedom. It is through this love that Uriel becomes the Angel of Destiny, and as such knows the secrets of your incarnation through the folds of time-past and time-future. In time-present, Uriel governs the Eighth Chakra of the Universal Heart, and with a Pleiadian force achieves companionship by shining a light on your path, particularly when you feel yourself stumbling along in the dark.

The questions below will help to begin magnetizing Uriel’s existence in your life experience, and ultimately into your soul

  1. Is my heart completely open to Love?
  2. Is my life a pathway open to companionship?
  3. Have I developed the power of discernment for companionship?
  4. What do I see in my community that is an example of love, and can I assist this?
  5. Do I engage in daily acts of compassion?

Archangel Zadkiel

Archangel Zadkiel as the DIVINE COMFORTER bestows beneficent wisdom upon us, allowing clear vision to take place over the obstacles that perpetuate the self-limiting beliefs we may hold – the impediments that stop us from enjoying spiritual abundance. Zadkiel not only shows us what needs to be brought forth into the light to be healed, but also clarifies how to intuitively heal it, which brings gratitude and security. So this exquisite Archangel, who governs the Tenth Chakra, and who arises from Uranus, teaches us to trust in God’s utter benevolence and guidance – to yield and let God comfort us.

Gaze on the serene countenance within the icon that heads this page – the image was chosen by the Angels of Atlantis to help you feel the implicit love and comfort of Zadkiel opening the Tenth Chakra of the Galactic Heart. Through the love of the Divine Mother, we may feel our consciousness drenched with compassion. Then ask yourself how you may wish to draw Zadkiel’s force deeper into your own heart, for when you petition Zadkiel, the force of this wonderful Comforter will automatically call you to the purpose of your love, and in so doing your life will be immediately transformed:

  1. Is my heart open to the possibility of profound Cosmic Love?
  2. Is my life a conduit for love, to alleviate the suffering of others?
  3. What part of me needs to be free before I can accept Divine Love?
  4. Do I live in constant gratitude for the bounty and abundance of Planet Earth?
  5. If my life were dedicated to the path of Zadkiel’s love, what would I do?

Archangel Zaphkiel

Archangel Zaphkiel inspires us to great acts of sacred loving and thus governs the Second Chakra, which contributes to the depth of our relationship behaviors, and encourages us to feats of personal compassion and divine romance.

Zaphkiel arises from Venus, the Planet of Love, as seen in the icon, and always appears when we call, reminding us of the love that arises from deep within the Source, that in moments of life can be easily forgotten. This Angel moves us to find true compassion and ecstasy through the romance of life – those ideals of love that replenish our force – allowing us to surrender to passion, and pulsate with bliss and devotion for the Divine.

If we open our hearts and fully yield to these moments of divine passion, we may be amazed by what flows through us – for within these moments lies a sacred pact, rich with the potential for beauty, tenderness, creativity and grace. All we need do, is to yield to the pulse of the love-freedom, rather than holding back from the dance of life, in the fear that we will loose the object of our desire – fear of losing our rapport with God, what could be more strange?

When you petition Zaphkiel, the force of this wonderful Sacred Lover Archangel will automatically call you to the purpose of your life’s quest, and in so doing you will feel immediately transformed, moved by the force that lives at the centre of the Universe,

Therefore ask yourself:

  1. Are my mind and body open to reveal my soul’s passion?
  2. Can I easily surrender to the heart’s pulse, or do I hold back from this, by prescribing the outcome of the action?
  3. What play or pleasure do I engage in regularly to reveal the creativity of my love?
  4. Do I live in constant awareness of the deep love, compassion and ecstasy that soars through the Cosmos?
  5. Do I live and work to feel my sensual and sensory nature expanding?

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