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This is a liquid solution that when added has an 80% chance revive renew and refurbish you golf cart batteries. Simple and easy just like your already do…..just add this liquid 1 8oz bottle too each battery and it will clean and refurbish your batteries in 10 quick days. It will de-sulfate your batteries and bring them back to life. Product is a custom formula with new 8 oz bottles pre-mixed so its as easy as adding 1 bottle to each battery This listing is for enough liquid for 6-ixz batterys. SALE includes enough 6 Bottles 1 for each of the 6 batteries in your golf cart and directions for use !! Each bottle contains 8 ounces of pre mixed liquid. ! bottle for 1 battery…its simple just remove the caps on the battery and pour in an equal amount in each battery opening so all cells receive a few ounces. You then wait about 10 days for the solution to clean the sulfide off of the plates and in the end you will see better preformance, more power, longer un time shorter charge time. I am one of the LARGEST USED GOLF CART DEALERS ON THE EAST COAST. FROM MARCH until OCTOBER YOU WILL SEE MY GOLF CARTS LISTED ON EBAY. TAKE it from me we see hundreds of poor and under preforming batteries each season. WE both use this on the bad/poor preforming used Carts and we give it to the Buyers of our Carts for future use. IT IS SIMPLE IT WORKS!!! IF you are concerned about replacing 6 golf cart batteries or 1 Boat Battery take it from us we have been in the same situation time and time again. WE have had a +80% success rate on our golf cart Batteries over the past 4 years ! The amount of money this has saved us and our customers is amazing! LOOK at the feedback below we have received!!!! Works on any lead acid battery golf cart RV solar or atv and Auto. It works 80-90% of the time. STOP….it will not work all the time be aware of that!!! This is an awsome alternative to spending $700 on all new batteries and with some good luck you will see improvement in preformance

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