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Why choose Dave’s to refurfbish or replace your hybrid battery?


Without the proper technology it is difficult to know what the end product of a hybrid battery repair has achieved. Dave’s Performance Hybrids is the only hybrid battery reconditioning business in the Pacific Northwest that has

NuVant Systems Electrochemical Technology with proprietary software

allowing us to see every aspect of your hybrid battery before and after reconditioning. With this technology, we can prove with confidence the battery we are installing is the best value for the dollar with the best warranty.


In addition to taking a transparent approach with our customers we take the time to share options and help you understand the process of battery repair by looking, seeing, and touching what’s under the hood with you. You can even watch us do it from the comfort of our freshly remodeled customer lounge. See our documentation section below to learn how we confidently stand by everything we do.


The hybrid battery reconditioning process at Dave’s Performance Hybrids is meticulous. With our state of the art NuVant Systems software, we monitor the reconditioning process from start to finish to measure the battery modules acceptance of the discharge-charge procedure to determine the quality of the hybrid battery. There’s no guess work, and we document everything we do. At the time of purchase, each hybrid battery pack receives an A, B, or C grade certifying the quality of the product being installed. Each certification is accompanied by the hybrid battery warranty that best fits your needs and budget, all while maintaining our long range objectives of providing quality service while being environmentally conscientious.


Dave’s Performance Hybrids actively maintains a living inventory of battery modules sorted by grade and capacity. We carry all major hybrid battery styles in stock on the shelf ready for install with documented values so you can rest assured what’s going into your vehicle is better than what comes out. If a particular style of hybrid battery is out of stock, we have the resources to build a battery using your existing hybrid battery chassis, while you watch from the comfort of our customer lounge.


Service, driven by quality professionalism, and tempered by time and experience. Dave was at ground zero of Toyota Motor Sales USA, Incorporated’s headquarters in Los Angeles California for the debut of the 2004 2nd Generation Prius and trained at the corporate level for four years. Over $200,000 has been invested in his operations training with Toyota where he attended The University of Toyota. Prior to that, Dave received his Bachelors of Administration in Business Administration from Colorado State University in Pueblo. The rest, Dave learned on the job as a service advisor at the dealer level for the last decade and has maintained relationships with his customers and friends throughout. At the dealer level ,Dave was there when the first hybrid battery failures started to present themselves, and was there to identify common failures while working directly with technicians, learning about the technology, the computers, and how they work together.

You can rest assured that at Dave’s Performance Hybrids you will be greeted by experts you can trust with your best interests in mind.

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