A logical method of stop placement

Trading is a game of probability. This means every


will be wrong sometimes. When a trade does go wrong, there are only two options: to accept the loss and


your position, or go down with the ship.

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This is why using

stop orders

is so important. Many traders take profits quickly, but hold on to losing trades – it’s simply human nature. We take profits because it feels good and we try to hide from the discomfort of defeat. A properly placed stop order takes care of this problem by acting as insurance against losing too much. In order to work properly, a stop must answer one question: At what price is your opinion wrong?

Hard Stop

ATR % Stop Method


Figure 1

Source: FXTrek Intellichart

Multiple Day High/Low


Figure 2

Source: FXTrek Intellichart


Figure 3

Source: FXTrek Intellichart

Closes Above/Below Price Levels


Figure 4

Source: FXTrek Intellichart

Indicator Stop


Figure 5

Source: FXTrek Intellichart

The Bottom Line


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