99 Ways To Make Money From Your Photos: The Editors of Photopreneur

The assumption that this book is to teach you how to do it, is totally incorrect. It’s an ideas book with a simple explanation and sufficient information on each idea or way to point you in the right direction.

And, if you’re thinking that any old person can benefit from it then you are wrong. You need a commitment to your hobby or trade and the ability to produce quality images that will sell.

This book gives you a host of ideas that will assist you to sell these quality images. Ways to make quick money selling average amateur photos it is not! Go to the charlatan ebooks sites for books on quick cash from your camera (by the way which doesn’t work).

If you are serious about your photography, full-time, part-time or as just a hobby then this book is definitely for you. It does not provide you with comprehensive information. For example, making money from stock or micro-stock requires a whole book on its own.

What it does do is give you sufficient information about each idea for you to ascertain if it’s for you. If it catches your fancy then find out more about that particular idea through more research or books. You are never going to make money from any idea by just reading 2.5 pages in an idea book.

What this book does is inspire you with fresh ideas that are very possible to the average photographer who wants to seriously focus on making money. There are a host of ways that I have been totally unaware of any others that the book gives the information I was looking for to understand the idea or concept.

The format of the book is well laid out, clear and easy to read. I was very excited to receive my copy and it did not let me down.

If you are looking are for a literary masterpiece as some of the other reviewers are, then it’s not that. I couldn’t care whether the spelling or grammar is correct. It’s the information provided that is great.

As a serious photographer, I would highly recommend this book for anyone who can shoot great images.

You will find a way or ways to sell your photos. If you can’t make money from your photos after reading this book then your photos are probably not up to scratch.

Before you buy take a look inside the book at one or two of the examples provided. It was enough for me to make an immediate purchase.

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