8 Paid Ad Posting Jobs that Really Pay

There are many different types of ad posting offers online. Many of them unfortunately end up being  scams because it’s a highly sought after business and easy to take advantage of people for this very reason. However, there are actually some out there who REALLY do pay EVEN the one’s that charge a fee.

Although a lot of blogs will tell you never pay for a job, remember these are not jobs. They are affiliate programs and business opportunities. Most bloggers tell you this only because they are going off of mostly gossip and hype. Not to say they haven’t researched any of the sites they talk about, but they can’t possibly research them all and most reviewers won’t waste money on something they already are convinced is a scam.  Me on the other hand happen to have started out trying small home based businesses like ad posting and things of that nature and I forked out a lot of my own money. This is how I know that they are not all scams and I will tell you which one’s really pay and the one’s that I know do not.

Now before I begin my review I just want to share with you this. I, like most people, don’t care for paying a fee for anything. Most people do not understand why you have to pay money to earn money and feel it defeats the purpose. I would agree if I had not worked on both ends of the spectrum. I look at it like this, working from home and being able to be with your children and your family and earn money in the comfort of your own domain is


This is truly a blessing and not a right. People quickly forget that everyday jobs like

fast food, office, restaurants, real estate, hair dressing

whatever it may be, costs money in one way or another. You pay money when you buy your uniform. You pay money when you buy your shoes. You pay money when you buy your weekly gas. You pay money when you buy your lunch.

You pay money period!

My gas bill per year was about $600 alone when I drove to work each week. My daughter’s first few jobs usually cost me around $60 for their uniforms, shoes and that does not include gas and lunch money.  If you wanted to learn real estate, your books would cost you about $150. If you wanted to learn hairdressing, you would pay maybe 3 grand or more for schooling alone.

The fact is, anything that offers any worthwhile income usually comes with some sort of fee. either it will come from the front end or on the backend.  But, people just don’t like the thought of any upfront fee. With that being said, let’s move on….

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Before I go on,


is said to be free and seems to be okay as far as the majority of reviews go, but I am still on the fence with this one for some reason. The ones I trust are below. I will investigate more on this one and get back to you. Ok, let’s move on…

  1. Carvertise.com

    Now, there have been a lot of controversy over getting paid to put ads on your car, but there are a few that do pay and YES, they are free to join.

Carvertise is one company I recommend that are currently looking for drivers in the Mid-Atlantic area. Carvertise claims their drivers earn $100 per month. They’ve also stated drivers that work for them have earned all the way up to $2000 (Over a 2 year period). This was residual income that was earned from just their regular everyday driving schedule. Carvertsie has quoted this We “just ask for patience, as there is sometimes a three-month lag until a qualified driver is selected.”


Carvertise has no upfront fees for their drivers so you have nothing to lose.

I have included additional companies that will pay you to put ads on your car and do not charge any fees.




Pay Me for Driving



Here are their requirements:


You must have car insurance


They want to know your car driving habits

If you are a driver for

uber, a taxi service,delivery service, a pizza boy,

etc.. You could really

benefit from this type of job.

Free Ad Posting Job For Affiliates

Affiliate marketing for many years were advertised as simply ad posting jobs. Reason being is because you could make money as an affiliate just by posting free ads. However, many competing businesses that were actually selling affiliate marketing training programs were getting angry because of the competition. So they started labeling these programs as a scam and as hype and eventually got them thrown off google. Many bloggers got in on the program bashing and POOF they were gone! All but a few that survived and are still around. I’ll be the first one to say I made great money from those programs. It’s the first program I ever really made money with.


Make-N-Dollars Free Affiliate Program

If you post ads on the web for make-n-dollars.com they will pay you 50% of any sales you generate through your posts.

Payment types:




Check by mail


Western Union


Bank Transfer

Countries accepted


Training included?


Places to post included?




It’s free to join

You get 50% of their sales

It’s easy to do

They pay out in way most companies will not

They don’t have a lot of competition for affiliates( This means more money)

Their program sells very well

They will write your ads for you


There’s no training provided

There’s no classified lists provided

There’s no support provided for the free option


Make-N-Dollars Paid Training Program For Ad Posting

On the flip side, Make-N-Dollars.com is in itself a training program for affiliate marketing. However, the program is $49.99 (One time only).

What you get if you paid the fee


You get access to over 10,000 other companies you can post ads for.

You get access to tons of step-by-step training tutorials

You get access to Over 2000 free classified ads in a list

You get access to hundreds of free tools and software

You get access to a huge list of Free survey sites, Mystery Shopping, Data Entry and more…

You get over 50 ebooks on making money

You get over $300 worth of Video training on affiliate marketing

The back office is fully loaded with training.


You pay the fee

You have to make a sale to get paid


The Make-N-Dollars program is well worth $50 for the training and all the extras you get. There’s so many things in their back office it’s too much to list. But it;s really meant for someone who wants to either start a business online or earn a minimum of $500+ a month. You’ll never make that from surveys and reward programs. At least not per month unless you do it full time everyday and have the right programs.

Paid Ad Posting Jobs

(Pays per ad posted)

Okay, this is a totally different type of ad posting program altogether. Instead of getting paid for any sales your ad generates, this time you actually get paid just for posting the ads. You even get paid whether the ad is clicked on, sold, viewed anything. All you have to do is post the ad and you earn money. This is honestly one of the highest possible earning programs around. Now a Few years ago I would have said stay away from this, it’s a total scam! Because most of them out there really were well known scams. In the mid 2000’s there was a company called Kenoutsource and Rackspace outsourcing and he owned the majority of these Indian based ad posting job sites. Even to this day he is online and if you run ANY search on him you will see page after page of complaints. I have written some reviews on this guy to make sure NO ONE ever get’s taken by this scammer again. There are plenty of other scammers that sell these programs aside from just him.

Ad posting Program That Really Pays


Form Filling Jobs

Form filling jobs is a fairly new site, but the owner has many other online businesses that started about 11 years ago and all have kept a good rep online. I happen to like this site because it’s more simple to navigate through.

You get paid to complete ad posting assignments. Each assignment is worth between

$21.50 to $46.50.

The payment for membership is a bit steep but it starts at $50. It’s a one time fee for a 1 year slot. In that year you can make realistically

$300+ per month.

There is a monthly earning minimum they set so that people aren’t just posting ads day and night and wanting to earn $5000 a month. This is a small business so you’re not going to get rich and you’re not going to make thousands but you will make money for your work.

Form Filling jobs is a unique program and a real earning opportunity. If you want to know more I suggest you go over their


page and terms of use. They also provide payment proofs, a demo page, a sample form and plenty of information to their consumers.

Last but not least, another great ad posting opportunity is Joining an Ad Posting Franchise


Typing At Home Franchise

Typing At Home is yet another ad posting program, however, they also offer a chance to become a franchise member for them as does Form Filling Jobs does. So this opportunity is slightly different. Typing At Home offers a chance for members to become what is called a franchisee of their company. This is in simple terms – an affiliate and is commission-based. This one is a bit costly ($250) to join, however, this is probably the easiest of all easy ways to earn money as an affiliate. As a franchisee of this type of high profit company, you earn

50% of all earnings

on any package that costs from $50 all the way up to $250. Plus you earn commissions on any franchise member you sign up (10%).

Things included with this Franchise Option


You get your own pre-built custom webpage)


You get 50% of all earnings on anything purchased from your own webpage (All memberships)


You get a $100 Work package (included free)


You get a free training program included (Worth $50)


You get to collect some of the payments yourself and pay the company their half of earnings

such as western union payments.

The difference between a standard affiliate program and a franchise affiliate program is that these programs take very little work for you to profit compared to standard companies. Most franchise programs charge up to $600 to become a member, so this is actually very cheap.

Having a franchise in this particular business is like someone giving you a shortcut with a VIP front seat ticket in a 2 day line to a highly anticipated concert.

Kelly’s Final Verdict

Although many would bet against these ad posting gigs, like I said. I have earned a lot of money with these programs, so I am one that has seen the good side of these wacky offers. Look, the only way you’re gonna come across gold is you got get down and dirty and really search the tunnels if you get what I mean. Sometimes the last thing in the world you ever thought would pan out is the one that ends up working out the best. That’s life my friends. But at the end of the day you have to make the decision that’s comfortable for you.

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A quick note about the reviews on this site: I am an affiliate for every product I review. The vendors of these products give me them without charge in order for me to test them. However all my reviews are done as honestly as possible and I make no promises to the vendor prior to writing my review. Should you click a link on this site that takes you to a paid product this link will be an affiliate link and I will be paid a percentage of the sales price should you decide to purchase that product.
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