8 Best Paid Survey Sites for India (Free to Join)

How are the opportunities for paid surveys in India?

Let me reveal right away that India is not the country with the most opportunities, when it comes to survey sites. But that does not mean that there are not good opportunities, because there definitely are some great and high paying survey sites to join in India.

There are A LOT of sites you can join, but that you can join a site, does not necessarily mean that it has good options for India or good options in general. Some sites might be great in one country, but do just not have many offers for other countries. That is just how it is, and no matter where in the world you live, you have to find the best sites specifically for your country.

When you find the legit sites that have a good amount of opportunities, it can be a very nice way to make some extra cash. Just be aware that no matter where in the world you live, paid surveys is not a way to become rich. If any survey site is promising you this, it is most likely a

scam site

you should stay away from.

But when joining the good sites, it can make you some really nice extra money, and it is something anybody can participate. Later I will show you the best legit sites for India.

What ways can you make money on survey sites?

Obviously, you can make money by taking surveys and sharing your opinion on survey sites, but there are also often several other ways you can make money, which some people unfortunately sometimes overlook and potentially miss out on some great opportunities.

The survey sites that have other options as well are often called GPT (get paid to) sites, as you can get paid for a number of things.

For India, this is very interesting as there might be some sites that do not have a lot of surveys for you, but where the other options are good. So it is a good idea to not only go for the surveys but also some of the other options. It can for example be to watch videos, click ads, take online offers, download apps, play games, etc.

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For India, I also in particular want to mention one option that some sites offer, which is

Figure Eight tasks

(previously know as CrowdFlower). These are small online tasks that anybody can do. In the beginning they do not pay much, but as you build trust, you get access to more and better paying tasks, and this can be an excellent way to earn on the sites that offer it. So if you are a bit patient with these tasks in the beginning, they can really be worth it.

To increase your chances of earning, it is a

good idea to join several sites

. Around 4 sites is a good amount, if you are not used to do paid surveys. Once you get familiar with those platforms, you can join more, but if you join them all from the start, it can be overwhelming and difficult to give each platform the time it needs for you to take full advantage of them.

8 Best survey sites in India

The list below is not a complete list of all the survey sites that are available in India. But as mentioned above, not all sites that are available will actually have good opportunities. The below are sites are some of best sites that also have good opportunities for India.

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