5 ways to get traffic on a tight budget

You have a great idea for an online business and you have started with a website? Hoping for more views but people are not coming around yet? Marketing could be an expensive venture, so here are 5 tips how to get more people traffic even If you have a small budget.
1. Social Media Marketing
One of the most obvious ways to attract people. You can advertise in numerous social media platforms and the cost could be very low. Inserting links to your website, will get more traffic. But do not mistake the number of likes with a sale – people love clicking the like button (mostly if they like what they see) but you need them to purchase.
2. Digital Marketing
You can use the most common ones as Google Ads and Facebook Ads with a few dollars per day. You can put your ad for 30 seconds in any Youtube video (related to the audience) for literally pennies per view. By proper tracking, you can check which one is creating more traffic for your website and you can manage the investments properly.
3. Search Engine Optimization – SEO. 
A proper SEO strategy will get your online business in front of the competition when it comes down to a search in the most famous search engines. Ask yourself – how often per day are you in Google or Yahoo looking for something and you always click the first few links.
4. Free content 
Yes, it sounds weird but you can give your own free content to other website and redirect them to your website with a link. Make sure you create a quality content (you can write articles, provide videos, products) and share them for free on someone else’s website. This way, if the customer is satisfied with what he got from you as value, he or she will be looking for you.
5. Affiliate Marketing – or referral marketing. 
You can get somebody to post your products on their website. When someone makes a purchase from your partner’s website, you pay them a commission and now you will be “affiliates”. Make sure to have established proper commissions and have software to track how much traffic you get from that website. This is a great, low-risk way to advertise with no initial investment. It means that other people are doing the marketing for you. The payment comes after they have made a sale for you.


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