5 Ways To Connect With Your Guardian Angel

Angels appear in many of the key religious texts of the world, including the Bible and the Qur’an, and I believe this is a testament to their universal nature.

Everyone has a Guardian Angel
regardless of the religion they follow. Isn’t it wonderful to find something that we all have in common?

The word ‘Angel’ means messenger. Angels deliver messages from God, or “the divine” if that is your preferred term. There are many different kinds of Angels, but a Guardian Angel is one that is assigned solely to you and will be with you for your whole life.

Usually, when people start connecting with their Guardian Angel, they want some form of proof. Like most things that we cannot see with our own eyes, people ask questions like, “If they are real then why can’t I see them?” But once you start connecting with your Angels, you will begin to experience some tangible signs of their presence.

The most common sign of an Angel is to see feathers in unexpected places. When I first started seeing feathers, I just dismissed them as having fallen out of a pillow or assumed that a bird’s nest must be close by. There will always be a logical explanation that we can use to avoid facing the subtle angelic realm — trusting in this realm is often a key hurdle for many of us.

When I first started to notice feathers appearing shortly after I had felt upset, they began to feel like little Angelic reminders that everything was going to be OK.

When you connect with your Guardian Angel, don’t limit your sensory awareness to sight. In fact, close your eyes! By removing the distraction of your physical eyes, you can start to focus on your inner-self and your other senses become heightened. With your eyes closed, ask the Angels to give you a sign of their presence.


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