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My first experience here; but so far, so excellent! My battery died and I had to call AAA for a jump. They told me my battery was bad and wanted to charge me 140$ for a replacement. I opted to drive straight to Budget Battery. Glad I did, it was $90 for a brand new battery, installed, with a 5 year warranty. Much better. Super fast service. Great experience all around. Will always use for car battery needs in the future! Highly recommend.

If you are looking for replacement batteries for your boat, you really need to talk to Doug at Budget Batteries at Central and Union in Tacoma. Really. Doug knows boat battery systems like no one I have ever encountered. Great prices and INCREDIBLE service. He came to my boat and load tested all of the batteries before I closed on it. Gave me a rough quote on replacement batteries and when it was time to replace them, Doug delivered them to the boat, disconnected the old batteries, removed them, placed the new batteries and reconnected them. I cannot say enough about the service I received.

We just moved here from a few states away. We tried to start the car yesterday and it was dead, just thought it was from moving, no big deal right? Well, died again today, got it running, were out doing errands and saw this place. Decided to pop in, and walah!! 10 minutes later we had a fair price, great quality, amazing customer service and a new battery!

Can’t say enough about the men who work there!! Never had an easier/better experience with anything car related!! Highly recommend and encourage you to visit them. Local, honest, affordable and kind.

Terrific experience! Honest, fair and fast! Highly satisfied. Doug was very informative 🙂 Would definitely return/recommend. Fair price on battery, free installation, 5yr warranty. You’ll love this place!

Had battery issues. Staff was extremely honest and saved me a couple buck. Definitely would go back.

Tested my failing car battery and replaced it with a new one with a five-year warranty (two-year replacement) in about half an hour. They have a garage and tools, and will work in the rain.

Doug and his crew are awesome. Just bought a replacement battery for my wife’s 626. No muss, no fuss. Highly recommended. Thanks Doug, you guys rock.

My husband & I have been in other Budget Battery locations before & never had the great customer service we’ve gotten here in the Tacoma location on Center St. Doug the owner/manager is the best & so are the folks who work for him. We’ve only been in a couple of times & he treats us like family. He stands behind all of his batteries, they check em out before they go out etc. Ask this man anything about batteries be it solar or vehicle & he knows his stuff!
We went in this last time for 4 solar batteries (very expensive). We barely had enough $ for used ones & are both disabled, off grid & our system had been totally wiped out (4/20 left). We had nothing left for electricity. Doug took mercy on us & sold us practically new ones, he didn’t have to, he’s in the business to make money after all. It was going to take every dime we had! He gave us change back, gave me a hug & when I said “God bless you” he said “I am blessed every day”. We had electricity all night for the first time in over a month.
So when, not if, you go into Budget Batteries on Central Street in Tacoma tell Doug Cyndy & Karl say hi!

Incredible warranty! Easy and convenient customer service. I accidentally left a car charger on in my car, overnight… for two nights. I had to call roadside assistance from USAA.
Anyway, I drive straight over to Budget Batteries and they gave me a loaner battery to use while they charged mine. Zero wait time, massively convenient.
So glad I go my battery here!

I visited this place because of the great reviews. My car’s battery was filled with battery acid. I cleaned it with baking soda and bought a battery booster. After my bf successfully jump started the car; I rushed to budget batteries. I got there exactly at 5:50. The store closes at 6:00 pm. They immediately ran a couple of battery test. They told me the upfront cost for a new battery and to have my car check after getting a new battery. They cleaned my terminals and sprayed a protective coat. I was thinking of changing the battery myself but after watching them do it, I was glad that I let the professionals handle it. By 6:00 pm, everything was paid for and I was ready to head home. They gave me excellent customer service. Above and beyond my expectations. I would definitely come back and recommend this place.

BAD product BAD WARANTEE AND WORSE CUSTOMER SERVICE.. I had great service until I had one of their batteries go bad. After I jumped the car I went to the local store and they were out of my battery. I arranged to get installed at the union ave shop. My battery was just over 6 mos old. The manager said if he wanted he could charge a prorated fee. Stupid me! I thought a warantee was good for the period. He agreed to give me a reconditioned battery and then attempted to shame me because I didnt like their crappy warantee. He continued to shame me and threatened to charge the fees. At one point I suggested he call the police. Avoid their product and the D–‘ that is the manager.

My battery gave me a little trouble starting up last night. Then was fine when I started after a grocery trip. This morning it was completely dead, after a jumpstart I headed over here & was given immediate service. They tested my old battery even though I said I needed one, so that reassurance was nice. You can choose a new battery I think they quoted me at $90 – but I chose a reconditioned one that came to $54.70 total. He said it comes with a one year warranty but should last 5 easily.

Went here yesterday to get a battery they were nice even when I had to bring the battery back because it had died at no fault on their part but they were very nice with giving me a replacement.

These guys are so nice and very attentive, I mean I was about 3 seconds out of the car before asked what was wrong. They were so helpful and so fast! We were in and out in less than 15 minutes and they were just the best help we could have gotten that evening. I will be back if I ever need another battery. Thanks guys!!!

Came here to get my battery replaced after mine died. The guys here were so nice and so helpful. They tested and replaced my battery within 5 minutes. They sell new and refurbished batteries. I got a new battery, costed about $93. They told me to keep my receipt which would be good for a 5 year warranty. I’ll definitely come back!

I just bought a new battery two days ago, today my car will not start. When I tried to get a jump start it still would not hold a charge long enough to idle. When I called the company to ask for help they told me just to bring in the battery and they might replace it or charge it. When I explained to them that this was my only means of transportation they told me I was on my own and then said goodbye and hung up. Not helpful… Until i had the vehicle towed and then they were all about customer service…

Never going through them again, they don’t use a computer system in 2016 they take advantage of that. If you don’t provide proof of receipt they will not honor their warranty. Totally ridiculous and unprofessional!

Unfortunately I ended up having to take my car back two additional times only to be told my starter is the issue. I wish I had been told this before paying for a brand new battery I didn’t need. After the run around and inconvenience this caused me I do not recommend this business.

Used to be my favorite place to get used batteries. I’ve been a customer over 10 years. Now their prices has gone up ridiculously. Paying almost $60 bucks for a used battery with a 1 year warranty vs getting a 5 year warranty battery for $75! They used to sell their batteries for $30+ tax for used. This is my last time purchasing from this place. If I wasn’t low on time I would rather go buy a new battery. They might as well take off the sign $5. For scrap batteries when they still charge you a core price for purchasing their used batteries.

Love these guys! I’ve gone to these guys on Center st 3 different times and been completely satisfied every time. Fast efficient and cheaper than everyone else. But, quality parts and service. Will use them every time. ..Thanks guys! You are. WONDERFUL…

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