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25 Reclaimed Wood Projects the ‘Barnwood Builders’ Crew Would Love

Photo By: Becky Lamb/Ulysses Press ©Reprinted from Crafting With Wooden Pallets. Copyright © 2015 by Becky Lamb. Photos by Becky Lamb. Published by Ulysses Press.

Reclaimed Walls

This restaurant in Austin, TX shows how a wall of reclaimed wood, harvested from early 1900s pine trees, can serve as a focal point to any space.


Kim Lewis

A Spirited Wall

House wine bottles and other drinking accoutrements, like corkscrews, in this wall organizer made of reclaimed wood.

Rustic Vanity

Paired with a metallic mosaic tile backsplash, this reclaimed wood bathroom vanity marries rustic with modern. With cutouts in the wooden vanity, there is also chic storage.


Slifer Design

A Sliding Style

An old, salvaged barn door on sliders adds a touch of rustic to any crisp, clean space.


Lemon Grass Interior Architecture

Stylish Dining

Choose an oversized, reclaimed wood dining table to balance out a contemporary-styled home. Benches, instead of chairs, add an extra bit of unexpected and helps to seat many.

Well-Lit Accessory

Reclaimed blocks of wood with holes carved in the center make a great candle holder. This easy DIY project is not only stylish and easy, but also super affordable.

Clever Coat Hanger

Upcycle weathered, wood boards to make a visually appealing hanging rack. Resembling an interesting version of an arrow, use it to hang anything from coats to keys.

Fancy, Yet Simple, Organization

Forget shoving your jewelry in a drawer somewhere. This easy-to-make wall hanger utilizes a plank of reclaimed wood and a few distinctive drawer pulls, giving you the perfect place to hang those sparkling necklaces and bracelets.

A Country Look

For a cabin appearance, use reclaimed wood for the wall, door and set of stairs leading to an upstairs loft. This style could be found in the city or in the country, but is a showstopper no matter where it’s located.

Shed Light in the Garden

Store all your garden tools, gloves and machinery in an adorable shed made of repurposed wood. Adding a cute window box with flowers makes it look like a quaint cottage instead of a storage shed.

Contrast and Character

In an ultra modern and contemporary setting, choose reclaimed wood coffee tables, like these made from old barn materials, to balance out the setting. The roughness of the tables adds texture to the sleek setting.

Reclaimed Wood Mantel

A floating wood mantel is the ideal place to show off succulents, artwork or other modern items.

A Spicy Recycling Project

Is many kitchens, spices are hidden behind a closed pantry door or in a drawer. Go bold and display your spices like artwork, using a slab of reclaimed wood and various metal holders.

Statement-Making Headboard

A rustic reclaimed wood headboard balances out an ultra-glam pink bedroom.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Find a basic, boring mirror at a big-box shop, thrift store or tag sale and frame it using reclaimed lumber. An easy and affordable DIY project makes this house staple truly shine.

Brilliant Bathroom

A bathroom backsplash of reclaimed wood gives the powder room personality. The more texture and color to the wood, the more interesting.

Fireplace Stand-Out

A tall and striking wood fireplace gives this room a touch of rustic. Choose a neutral wall paint to let the firepace truly stand out.

Look Up

Break the rules and use that reclaimed wood flooring as an interesting ceiling instead. In a primarily black and white room, salvaged flooring placed overhead creates an unforgettable look.

Custom-Made for Canines

Give man’s best friend a cozy, yet stylish, spot to slumber. Using a dismantled shipping pallet, easily salvaged in trash bins and as throw aways at home stores, all you need to add is a plump cushion and your pet will be pleased.

A Clever Cabinet

Reclaimed wood and some some simple chicken wire netting is all you need to make this interesting wall organizer. Use the piece to store bathroom items or collectibles, and custom make it, DIY-style, with drawers, doors or shelves.

Easy Side Table

Don’t let that tree stump go to waste. Resue it, covering it in a clear finish, as a natural log side table.

A Custom Desk

A sustainable wood desk adds rustic charm to an otherwise contemporary work space. To make it more interesting and unexpected, leave the desk edges rough and misshapen.


Amy Cuker

One-of-a-Kind Garden Project

Forget buying a garden cart to store your tools and watering can. Make your own using cut pallet boards – the more mismatched the better.


Lynn Coulter

Well Planted

House your plants and trees in interesting containers instead of basic store-bought ones. A simple DIY project, simply cover already existing planters in recycled wood, or make the entire thing from scratch using reclaied materials.

Great for Entertaining

If you want your kitchen to feel more like a hip bar area than a basic countertop, go for this style. A custom-made island, made of recycled wood, brings instant character, making it the perfect spot to entertain.

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