109 Content Marketing Blogs to Watch in 2018 (Broken Down By Category)

109 Content Marketing Blogs to Watch in 2018 (Broken Down By Category)

January 4, 2018 | Robbie Richards

Over 2.5 million blog posts are published every single day.


70% of B2B marketers

created more content in 2017 compared to 2016. And, the


looks set to continue.

With so much noise online these days, finding sources of consistent high quality content can seem like searching for a needle in hay stack.

To help make it less overwhelming, our team scoured the web to identify the top content marketing blogs (by category) you should be reading in 2018.

We looked at three main factors when choosing which blogs to add to the list, including:

  1. Quality

    (How good is the subject matter?)

  2. Frequency

    (Do they consistently publish great content?)

  3. Engagement

    (Do people share and comment?)

The blogs on this list cover a wide range of topics. From actionable content marketing and

demand generation techniques

to the latest

marketing technology

and industry insights, this list of top content marketing blogs has something for everyone.

Since this is one of the most comprehensive lists you’ll find anywhere online, so we’ve broken the list into topical categories for easy navigation:

There are literally thousands of great content marketing blogs online, and while this list


extensive, inevitably some great resources will be missed. If there are any blogs you’d like to see added to any of the categories below, please let us know in the comments after the post.

Top Marketing Blogs to Watch in 2018 (and Beyond)



With tons of ideas on the best ways to use social media to boost your success, this blog will not disappoint. Learn all of the basic about social media, strategies, and marketing on your accounts.

Recommended reading:

5 Simple Ways to Use Storytelling in Your Marketing


Content Marketing Institute

Anything and everything to do with content marketing. CMI has a team of writers to bring you one of the most diverse perspectives/ideas on the web. With their international writing team, you are sure to find content marketing advice, like how to create awesome visual designs or how to build your audience that suits your needs to a tee.

Recommended reading:

Content Marketing Trends to Watch for 2018



Contently has been named one of the top 100 fastest growing private companies by Inc. Magazine and have also received the ASJA Award for investigative reporting.

If you need more convincing, their blog has loads of information about marketing, how to use Facebook, the best ways to engage through email, and more.

Recommended reading:

5 Things Marketers Need to Know About Gen Z



Want to get more Instagram followers? Do you need help with planning on when to post on social media? Do you need to make a marketing plan? Well, thankfully CoSchedule is there to help you out. Check out their easy to read and informative blog!

Recommended reading:

40 Content Marketing Tips to Make You a Better Marketer Now


Digital Marketer

This is a content marketing blog that is filled to the brim with information about increasing conversion rates, boosting social media engagement, and driving more traffic to your business. You will learn about common marketing mistakes, the best tips and tricks for successful marketing, read about other successful businesses, and so much more.

Recommended reading:

The Ultimate Guide To eCommerce Email Marketing (Online Retailers, This One’s For You…)


Duct Tape Marketing

This content marketing blog isn’t just for reading a wall of text in a blog post. An awesome feature of Duct Tape Marketing is their podcasts. Sometimes we want a break from reading and learning through podcasts is a great alternative. Head on over to listen to how to scale your business, how to live-stream on social media, or tips to make your business stand out from the crowd.

Recommended reading:

How to Build a Steady Stream of Leads for Less Than $100/mo


Enchanting Marketing

If you are looking to grow your business by using online marketing, then you’ll want to check out this blog. You will learn to write amazing emails, blogs, articles, and other copy in a trustworthy manner. This is a great resource if you’re looking to learn to write authentically and from the heart.

Recommended reading:

47 Headline Examples: Steal These Nifty Formulas From Popular Blogs


Feldman Creative

Berry Feldman, the owner of Feldman Creative, is just that, amazingly creative. He’s dabbled in writing children’s book and screenplays. His experiences make his blog on content marketing unique, fun, and informative. Check out his blog to learn all about marketing from a fresh perspective.

Recommended reading:

21 Video Marketing Ideas for Small Business Budgets


Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Guide

Heidi Cohen marketing blog is dedicated to making her blog all about her readers and customers. She has blog posts about how to become a sensational blogger, interviews with marketing experts who share their most valuable advice, and so much more. If you are looking for a huge variety of content marketing information, stop by Heidi’s blog.

Recommended reading:

5 Core Content Types Every Marketer Needs To Succeed



Marketing and Sales make up the 2 main sections of HubSpot Blog’s blog (that’s a mouthful). There blog motto, “Your Daily Dose of Inbound,” is spot on considering their endless unique posts about holiday marketing, best Chrome SEO add-ons, inbound sales, and so much more. This is the perfect blog for those looking to become well versed in anything Inbound.

Recommended reading:

13 Things to Start, Stop & Keep Doing With Your Email Marketing in 2018


Inbound Marketing Agents

Inbound and content marketing are the focuses of this blog. They teach you about the most effective marketing tools, share their must-reads, and much more. They focus on simplified information for those of us who like simple, yet effective.

Recommended reading:

23 Ways to Make Email Marketing Work for You


Influence & Co

This blog is all about help people create content that is engaging and unique. They often like to focus on posts discussing common mistakes in content creation so you can bypass making mistakes and get ahead of the crowd. The creators, Kelsey Meyer’s and John Hall, focus on authenticity and value, which is clearly highlighted in informative and personable blog posts by their writers.

Recommended reading:

How to Anchor Your B2B Lead Generation Strategy With Proactive Social Outreach



Seeking to learn more about influencer marketing? Mention is the perfect blog to follow. Learn all about the proper ways to use an influencer to help your brand’s awareness and success. They have topics about how to use influencer research in the best ways possible and what some of the best tools are for influencer marketing.

Recommended reading:

4 Reasons to Increase Brand Awareness with Customer Stories



Shameless self plug! As you’ll see in the recommended reading section below, experts predict

interactive content

to be one of the top B2B marketing trends of 2018. This blog aims to be



resource for modern best practics, career tips from real-life experts, content and strategy inspiration, and just flat out interesting stories from a marketing


point of view.

Recommended reading:

75 Interactive Infographic Examples to Inspire 2017



Online Marketing Blog

This blog combines heaps of fun videos, infographics, posts, and interviews to present you with fresh advice on content marketing. You’ll love their quirky videos on Instagram stories that also have fantastic professional advice and information. This is a great blog for millennials who are looking to learn about different types of marketing in a fun way.

Recommended reading:

50 Social Media Marketing Influencers


Type A Communications

Carla Johnson is an expert at turning brand stories into amazing customer experiences. She’s an author, speaker, and world-renowned content and brand strategist. She has great information, ideas, and tips on how to craft powerful messaging that resonates with your ideal audience at ever stage of the customer journey.

Recommended reading:

Wickedly Effective Storytelling: Exercise of the 5 Whys


Vertical Measures

This blog is going to be like your second home. If you are a business owner or marketer, information about social media, SEO, PPC, and loads more are all available at your fingertips. Vertical Measures is dedicated to creating sustainable growth for any size business and their blog will help you do just that.

Recommended reading:

10 Ways to Create an Efficient Content Marketing Operation


Marketing Insider Group

A go-to resource for any B2B marketer. Michael Brenner and his team hold nothing back, revealing actionable strategies you can use to drive more traffic across the B2B buyer journey, convert readers into leads and close more business.

Recommended reading:

MQL to SQL: Th

e Qualification Process



The Marketo blog provides a wealth of information spanning topics such as marketing automation, social media, lead nurturing, content marketing and much more.

Recommended reading:

10 Ways to Engage Your Audience with Interactive Content



Automation, automation, automation. This blog has it all. Great resources for B2B marketers looking to scale their online business with technology and proven strategies.

Recommended reading:

4 Easy Steps to Creating Content for an Account-Based Marketing Strategy



Marketing, sales, customer service, IT, and more. The Saleforce blog has loads of top-tier information designed to accelerate the growth of your business.

Recommended reading:

32 Benefits of Running Your Own Social Media Group


Savo Group

You will find information about agile selling, leadership, sales, content marketing, and so much more. This is the perfect resource blog for your B2B needs. Their valuable topics, paired with an engaging style of writing, are informative and fun.

Recommended reading:

5 Things Your Sales Enablement Strategy Needs to Succeed


Tomorrow People

This blog discusses all of the latest social media news so you can get exceptional results from your social media platforms. If you’re looking for super actionable content, this place should be on your roadmap!

Recommended reading:

How to Develop Buyer Persona’s for B2B Sales


Velocity Partners

Focusing on B2B content marketing, this blog always has fresh useful content to sink your teeth into.

Recommended reading:

Bridging Marketing Automation’s Progress Trap


Casey Demchak

Casey Demchak is a professional copywriting who shares his tips of the trade. His insights will help you write better, engage readers, and sell more.

Recommended reading:

How to Write Great Headlines in a Minute!



The brainchild of Coppyblogger, Brian Clark, started the company as a small blog, and then it grew into a hugely successful business. The blog is filled with awesome information related to a range of content marketing topics.

Recommended reading:

7 Ways for Thoughtful Writers to Wow Their Editors, Clients, and Bosses



Copywriting, growth marketing, and freelancing galore! Joanna Wiebe and Lance Jones are master copywriters who are sharing their knowledge with the world. You will learn everything you need to know, and more, about the valuable world of copywriting. Must read!

Recommended reading:

Cold Emails Helped Me Grow My Business 1400% (Including Templates)



Copypress is all about the power of storytelling. Their blog focuses on how creativity and properly telling a story can put you leaps and bounds ahead of the competition. Their blog helps everyone from startups to Fortune 500 companies create engaging content.

Recommended reading:

8 Pitfalls to Avoid with B2B Content Marketing



According to Neville Medhora, if you can write like you speak “you will sell like hell,” and that’s what Neville’s blog is committed to. He talks about time-tested strategies and formulas designed to help you sell with words.

Recommended reading:

Slogans of every company on the S&P 500 Index. Here’s what we found


Marketing Bullets

Gary Bencivenga’s motto is, “marketing tips that are short, fast, and powerful – just like bullets,” and that is exactly what you can expect from his blog and tips. If you’re after short and sweet, yet powerful information, look no further.

Recommended reading:

The Secret of How to Sell Anything



A powerful copywriting blog that pulls the best information about how to write successfully for you business or brand. You will learn how to spot amazing freelance writers and create captivating headlines that get more readers to visit your site.

Recommended reading:

107+ Blog Post Ideas for a Rocket Start



If you are a revenue-driven B2B marketer, this is a must-read blog for you. Their posts will teach you “how to make every marketing dollar profitable.”

Recommended reading:

The Great Big List of 23 Types of B2B Marketing Campaigns, by Funnel Stage


Demand Gen Report

Whether you want to learn more about demand generation trends or marketing automation, this blog has you covered. Explore their detailed posts on mobile and social trends, revenue performance management, and more.

Recommended reading:

What’s The Impact of the New Demand Unit Waterfall? Hear from 30 B2B Experts



Email marketing and automation are the two major topics on this blog. They have the best tips and tricks and customers success stories to show just how important email marketing is to the growth of your business.

Recommended reading:

A Detailed Guide to Using Interactive Content in Your Email Marketing Campaigns


Email Monday

This blog is managed by Jordie van Rijn, an independent email marketing consultant. On his blog, he writes about email optimization, trends, best practices, and strategy, just to name a few topics.

Recommended reading:

The Future of Email Marketing – 2018 Edition



This is a great blog for individuals just beginning their email marketing journey. Freshmail covers pretty much everything related to email marketing- tips, tactics, strategies and best practices.

Recommended reading:

The 7 Golden Rules of Email Marketing for Startups



This is our favorite email marketing blog on the list. It covers everything from welcome emails to lifecycle automation.

Recommended reading:

Email Analytics: Charting Newsletter Opens


Hubspot Email Marketing Blog

Looking to learn how to send better emails? You will become a master email crafter after reading through their tips and ideas.

Recommended reading:

13 Things to Start, Stop & Keep Doing With Your Email Marketing in 2018



Litmus is a tool you can use with your current email marketing software to test and track emails with detailed analytics.. Their blog focuses on email design and success metrics for your campaigns.

Recommended reading:

How to Write Great Email Copy featuring Ann Handley



Posts on the MyEmma blog cover an array of topics. You can learn about ways universities use email to recruit or what goes in an effective correction message. This is one of the best email marketing blogs for out-of-the-box inspiration.

Recommended reading:

6 Email Marketing Predictions For 2018



As an email marketing, and general marketing blog, PinPointe gives their readers examples of awesome email campaigns to learn from and provides great lessons on how use email to grow your business.

Recommended reading:

11 Data-Backed Email Marketing Insights to Grow Your Business


Return Path

A provider of email data and optimization, Return Path produces a blog with a wide variety of email topics. From best practices and innovations, to sender reputation and privacy, this blog offers a plethora of helpful articles and studies for all your email marketing questions.

Recommended reading:

50+ Ways to Grow Your Email List



Filled with how-to’s, step-by-step processes, and unique ideas, this blog will make your email marketing goals feel easy and attainable.

Recommended reading:

How to Get 1,800 Email Signups from One Guest Post


Vertical Response

As a full-service email marketing blog, you will get loads of advice to deliver your email marketing skills.

Recommended reading:

2018 Email Marketing Trend Report



As an account-based marketing blog, you will learn what this type of marketing is, how to implement it, and use it to grow your business.

Recommended reading:

Why B2B Marketers Need to Focus on the Latest MarTech Trends



Another account-based marketing blog that shares valuable techniques, tricks, and tips for generating more leads and customers with the ABM strategy.

Recommended reading:

Don’t Forget These Key Parts of your Account Based Content Strategy


Blog Herald

Looking for detailed how-to guides and actionable strategies to grow your business blog? Check out this resource.

Recommended reading:

25 Best Blogging Tools and Resources That Will Push Your Blog to the Top


Blog Tyrant

Ramsay sold his first blog for over $20,000, and ever since he has been building and selling profitable websites. Follow his blog and learn how to do the same.

Recommended reading:

101+ Actionable Blogging Tips, Tools and Shortcuts


Blogging Wizard

Adam Connell has created a valuable resource for anyone wanting to plan, grow and monetize their blog. Loaded with actionable guides, you’ll leave this site with a monster to-do list!

Recommended reading:

10 Successful Blogger Outreach Strategies to Build Long Term Relationships


Jeff Bullas

Jeff Bullas’ blog talks about a range of digital marketing topics, including blogging, social media, and entrepreneurship. He has a massive following, and for good reason. His content will help your blog grow (quickly)!

Recommended reading:

Why Interactive Content Is the Future of Content Marketing


Neil Patel

This guy is a behemoth in the internet marketing space. If you are looking for extremely in-depth content that is both actionable and backed by data, take a look at this blog…and subscribe to his email list 🙂

Recommended reading:

How to Start a Blog: A Step by Step Guide



Traffic. Email subscribers. Social media engagement. Copywriting formulas. Everything and anything you could possibly need to grow a successful blog from the ground up can be found here.

Recommended reading:

How to Get 10x More Traffic Without Spending a Dime on Advertising


Smart Blogger

Jon Morrow and his team moved from Boost Blog Traffic to Smart Blogger without skipping a beat. This blog continues to churn out practical blogging advice for every skill level.

Recommended reading:

8 Ways to Make Old and Boring Topics Feel New and exciting Again


Social Triggers

Derek Halpern is a magician when it comes to writing pursuasive copy and building a loyal online audience. If you want to do the same, read his blog.

Recommended reading:

5 Steps to Building A Passion-Filled, Profitable Online Business


Traffic Generation Cafe

If you are working on a tight budget, but still want to market and blog like one of the big guys, then you will find some great resources on this blog. Ana Hoffman will show you how to generate insane traffic and audience engagement on a shoestring budget.

Recommended reading:

How To Promote A New Blog With A Commenting Tribe



Analytics, Excel, technical SEO and more. This blog positions itself differently from a lot of other blogs in the space. Annie shares advanced strategies for finding meaning in the data.

Recommended reading:

A Marketer’s Guide to Google Analytics Dashboard



While this blog provides a lot of great marketing advice, it’s analytics articles are a cut above the rest. It’s easy-to-follow guides and tutorials will help you start making sense of the data.

Recommended reading:

How to Use Google Analytics to Help Shape Your Marketing Strategy

video marketing strategies, video marketing statistics, video marketing tips, video marketing benefits, video marketing 2018, video marketing definition, video marketing examples, how to do video marketing


Occam’s Razor

It’s hard to talk about data without mentioning Avinash Kaushik. He literally wrote the book on it.

Recommended reading:

Stop All Social Media Activity (Organic) | Solve For A Profitable Reality


Optimize Smart

This is one of the biggest hidden gems on the list. Optimize Smart has an entire library of articles dedicated to both beginner and advanced level marketers. Want to know how to accurately track event goals? How about create an attribution model? It’s all here, and more.

Recommended reading:

Setting up & Tracking AMP Pages in Google Analytics



With their detailed opinion posts, tutorials, and case studies, this blog has a winning combination of writing styles and formats that will give you well-rounded and useful information on SEO.

Recommended reading:

7 SEO Techniques That Will Help You Win in 2018



Another big name on the list. When it comes to building links, ranking for competitive keywords, and driving insane amounts of organic traffic, it’s impossible to look past Brian Dean and the Backlinko blog.

Recommended reading:

We Analyzed 1.3 Million YouTube Videos. Here’s What We Learned About YouTube SEO



Actionable search marketing strategies written by folks who are in the trenches every day actually


what they preach.

Recommended reading:

Optimising for Google’s Quick Answer Box


Cognitive SEO

This blog has quickly risen to the top of our “must-read” list of SEO blogs. From technical audits, keyword research, outreach, link building and penalty analysis, this blog delivers an informative punch. Subscribe to their email list, it’s a firehose of great information.

Recommended reading:

How Your Website’s Theme Affects SEO & Rankings



Moz needs no introduction. Google anything SEO related and one of their in-depth guides is bound to show up on the first page. This site has epic content related to every search topic imaginable. The best part? The articles are written by some of the top experts in the industry.

Recommended reading:

Resist Old On-Page SEO Tactics With These 5 Tricks


Search Engine Journal

If you want to keep your finger on the SEO pulse, open up this blog at least once a day.

Recommended reading:

SEO for the CMO: How to Evaluate SEO Performance


Search Engine Land

If it has do with a search engine it’s covered on this blog. In-depth guides, case studies, tutorials, interviews and the latest industry insights make this a top SEO pick.

Recommended reading:

It’s time to change your SEO reports!


Search Engine Roundtable

This unique blog’s purpose is to go around the web and find the most interesting forum threads (on search engine marketing) and then discuss them in their blog posts. This is a super resource for those looking to find the freshest ideas in the industry.

Recommended reading:

Google: The Top Three Ranking Factors Are Content, Links & RankBrain


Search Engine Watch

Stay up-to-date on the latest news and trends from the world of search.

Recommended reading:

Seven SEO trends to watch in 2018



SEMRush has kicked up their content production a notch this year. It’s filled to the rafters with actionable SEO advice from hundreds of search experts. Their webinars are also high value!

Recommended reading:

Content Marketing and SEO: How to Build Links in 2018



While this blog covers a lot of technical topics, it does have a nice list of SEO content to browse too. Well worth a look!

Recommended reading:

How to Run an SEO Campaign in 6 Steps


Stone Temple

Stone Temple is a successful digital marketing agency,

and they regularly share the tactics they use to make their clients successful.

Recommended reading:

3 Unique SEO Metrics to Investigate


Viper Chill

Glen Allsop has started numerous successful search businesses in obscure niches. He writes about advanced SEO topics and strategies that are hard to find anywhere else online.

Recommended reading:

13 Advanced Link Building Strategies You (Probably) Haven’t Used



Another giant in the search marketing world, WordStream is a go-to resource for anything SEO or PPC.

Recommended reading:

Every Important Google Algorithm Update Since 2003



The team behind the Yoast SEO WordPress plugin delivers a blog loaded with content related to technical SEO, link building, keyword research and on-page best practices.

Recommended reading:

7 keyword research mistakes you should avoid



If you want to crush it with facebook, read this blog.

Recommended reading:

How to Develop Buyer Personas for Facebook Ads (Workbook Included)


Agora Pulse

Is cross posting on social media bad? Wondering how often your brand should post on social media? Well, you have come to the right blog. They have heaps of great information about social media marketing and how to do it well. Whether you’re a beginner or more advanced, everyone can always learn new and fresh ways to make their social media accounts better!

Recommended reading:

10 Helpful Social Media Writing Tips For Businesses



The Buffer blog is overflowing with content designed to take your social media marketing to the next level.

Recommended reading:

How to Create a Social Media Marketing Strategy From Scratch


Convince & Convert

Jay Baer delivers a knock out punch with this blog. Outside of helpful tips and strategies, the expert commentary provided on this site is worth it’s weight in gold.

Recommended reading:

105 Types of Content to Fill Up Your Editorial Calendar



Another heavy hitter in the social media space, and they have the content to back it up. This is another top three resource for anyone wanting to learn how to pour jet fuel on their social media marketing efforts.

Recommended reading:

13 Creative Examples of Brands Using Twitter’s 280 Characters


Jon Loomer

When it comes to facebook advertising, Jon Loomer is a trailblazer. His blog is not only a great place to stay up-to-date on the latest facebook trends, his articles provide super actionable tips on how to get more out of your facebook ad campaigns.

Recommended reading:

3 Benefits of Facebook Analytics


Mari Smith

Mari Smith is big name in social media, and has a lot of great advice she regularly shares with her enormous audience.

Recommended reading:

9 Tips for Better Facebook Video Ads



Ian Cleary and his team have created a blog focused on highlighting how to use social media technology to grow your audience, and business.

Recommended reading:

How to Build a Content Conversion Funnel


Simply Measured

This blog discusses all of the latest social media news, and presents actionable ways to improve your performance across each social media channel.

Recommended reading:

6 Reasons Why Your Brand Should Be on Instagram


Social Media Examiner

The latest news and strategies from the world of social media, all in one place.

Recommended reading:

Visual Personal Branding: How to Build a Loyal Following With Images


Socially Sorted

Get sorted, stop wasting time, and get more out of your social media marketing.

Recommended reading:

How to Use Instagram Slide Show: 10 Creative Ways to Stand Out


Sprout Social

This blog targets businesses and brands looking to learn how to use social media in the mot effective way possible. They provide insightful posts about how Sprout helps businesses use social media to their advantage.

Recommended reading:

Enterprise Social Media: Strategic Ideas for Professionals


Video Creators

This blog has fantastic videos, tutorials, and pictures that make learning about videos and marketing fun. A great read for anyone interested in ramping up their video marketing efforts.

Recommended reading:

How to grow your facebook page with video



Learn how to create free animations, build engaging multimedia experience, and stay up-to-date on the latest and tech and trends in the space.

Recommended reading:

3 Ways to Make Your Video Presentation More Interactive


Tubular Insights

A unique look at a range of video marketing subjects.

Recommended reading:


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