Work Online in Pakistan

Resulting from advance of DSL broadband in Pakistan, there have been a great deal of speak on Online Work. Many people been locating ways and ways to generate Emails while they they have work online. In this page we will look at various sites where one can find lot of freelance work and earn an income while doing the job online.  There are many of websites that provide work online but we will look into the respected and the trusted sites.

Beneath is the list of sites to find online work to do, then submit it back and possess the income coming.


Odesk is amongst the best websites from which a startup should start. They have jobs which are dependant on hourly work. Your work is monitored by a software which sends back data to website servers. This way the employer sees that you are working in a legitimate manner. There commission rates are also quite low when compared with other sites. This is a mere 10% of your total earnings. There are projects between data entry to desktop programing.


Vworker is an online agent website with a lot of online work related to web development. You’ll find enoughwork if you are a web programmer. The work ranges from simple web development to advanced web projects such as website scraping and video recording etc. The commission rate is 15% of your earned amount. The income is sent my checks and western union.


Freelancer is another great site to start your online work. You should have a wide selection of work listed on this site. From people from Pakistan it is great site as they overcome payment options well suited for people from Pakistan. You will find a catch however, they have a premium service for submitting bids. Relating to the free service, the no of bids are limited to 15. So if you start earning from this site it is strongly suggested for you to buy the premium account for coders, in this manner you will find lot of work, and you will be thought about as being a trusted worker.


Elance belongs to the freelance brookers that offer a premium service for the coders. When you have a good group of coders which are reliable and can complete projects on time, you could find very professional online projects at this site, but you will need to buy the premiumaccount for that. Elance is acknowledged for its quality of work and the earnings. But Elance also limits your no of bids even though you are on a premium account.
Please be aware of all the things in the above list when choosing to work online. Come to a decision and then keep it going for few weeks, to check how you are being dedicated to the site. If you show strength, i know that that you can find a good amount of online work.

Outsourcing to third world countries had made available a lot of work for us online. Do sharpern skills whilst you keep earning.

Best of luck on your online work.

Source by Ahsan