Review of the Family IQ Home Based Business Opportunity:

The FIQ System is a business opportunity as a direct sales launch for the marketing system and products of Family IQ. This program is great for existing entrepreneurs as well as those that may be new to the network marketing scene. This is a “can-do” system that truly packs a punch with all of the key components strategically and thoughtfully in play.

The Fundamentals:

The training, support, resources and compensation structure are all imbedded, creating not only the platform, but the long term passive and residual income as well. This is not an MLM, it is much better as with MLM’s, there is not the immediate gratification of income. This system offers immediate earnings which blends well with a recession based economy. I wanted to capture those key components to show where those that have gotten involved will be set up for success:

Training – Initial, Individualized, Weekly/Ongoing, Recorded (flexibility)
Support – Like no other. Ideal for newcomers or entrepreneurs looking to add income stream
Infrastructure – Key resources included and have been tried, tested and optimized and ready to use
Compensation Plan – Immediate compensation and 9 layers deep make money online ($50-$24)

The Company:

Family IQ is a noble company with a sincere emphasis on offering skill building tools for relationships. Founded by Mark Hobbins, his focus has been to take what has been successful for 10+ in the therapeutic, Employee Assistance and Wellness venues and springboarding the products and services into the mainstream, the affect will be equal to presence with the masses. This new venture is providing a focus to successfully launch the business through people in the field (home based businesses) getting the word out and making Family IQ as a household name.

Compensation Plan and Investment:

This is a game changer compared to other programs. The first sale does not go to the sponsor like in an MLM, it goes directly to you from the first sale. The cost of the program is a pleasant surprise of $1,495 and well worth it due to the sale commission and residual 9 layer deep make money online streams. The first $495 goes directly to Family IQ, the remaining $1,000 goes to the sponsor. This should catch the attention of existing marketers as well as newcomers to the market.


This is the “real deal” in systems of this type. There is no scam here, no hidden fees or agendas and you can make immediate income. A benefit to this program (in addition to the profits) is in the partnership with Family IQ. It is a noble company, great reputation and with products and services that can support anyone. There is literally no competition for the products and services.

Endorsed by:

Rod Stinson, Dr. Phil, Tyra Banks and People Magazine

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Source by Deborah Ainsworth