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6 Reasons To Eat Pemmican (+ DIY Video Guide)



American frontiersman didn’t have MREs, but they did have Pemmican.

Pemmican is a portable, long-lasting, high-energy food that was invented by Native Americans. It’s made of lean, dried meat that’s crushed into powder and mixed with hot, rendered fat. You can even add dried fruit for taste, and the best part is just a handful will sustain a full-grown man all day long – even while working. This makes it a great food to have in an emergency, especially if you’re on the move, because:

  • It saves you time, something that’ll be in short supply when SHTF, and you’ll never have to worry about cooking, gathering ingredients or even washing dishes. All of which will be vastly more difficult during power outages, disaster, or even periods of violence (among many others), when the last thing you need is to alert troublemakers with the smell of home cooking, provoking danger. Letting you focus on what really matters, without distraction – or boiling water, unlike the majority of modern-day survival meals.
  • It lasts for decades. Meaning you won’t have to worry about canning or storing food, expiry dates, or even bacteria creeping into your stockpile, making you sick, and threatening your family, all thanks to a needless blunder.
  • It’s healthy and can be eaten on the move. It’s basically old-time fast food that’s actually good for you. Proving natural fats aren’t bad. In fact, they’re absolutely necessary, because eating exclusively lean meat could cause diarrhea, which kills 2,195 children every day. That’s more than AIDS, malaria and measles combined.
    There are even tales of Canadian trappers who ate nothing but rabbit meat, who – because they didn’t get any fat, actually died of malnutrition, while stuffing their face!
    Native Americans also used Pemmican while travelling. It was their war ration. After all, just picture hauling containers, crammed with “survival soup”, eggs or anything else you need, over miles and miles. Why suffer when you don’t have to? Whereas pemmican is energy rich and light enough to fit snugly into a bug-out bag.
  • It’s cheap food, without any harmful additives. This is especially true if you raise your own meat, and don’t like to waste any part of your animal. Everything for it can be found at your local grocery store. Unlike survival options online, which often cost the modern prepper tens of thousands, stealing money away from your other projects, whilst flooding your blood with dangerously high levels of salt, sodium, sugar, and other harmful substances.
  • It tastes great, just like meat jerky only sweeter, beating MREs and other survival food effortlessly. It even comes in a variety of flavors, depending how you cook it. Making it a great morale booster for distraught family members – particularly young children, who want to live like a modern cowboy.
  • It’s a respected life skill. Meaning once SHTF, and everyone starts to panic about what happens next, you’ll be a lighthouse in a storm, safe in the knowledge you see options where others don’t. You’ll even increase your personal value, forging alliances with those you choose, and resourcefully shielding your loved ones, like the inventive frontiersman of old. In fact, Pemmican is so respected, it was the standard ration of explorers, adventurers and soldiers for years from Antarctica, to North America to Africa. Without it, arctic exploration was impossible – nothing else was efficient enough to carry, and the British relied on it to conquer Africa, welding iron rations of Pemmican to their belts for use in emergency, whereupon a man was expected to march for 36 hours straight on just a handful, before collapsing from fatigue, but far enough from danger to rest easy.

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