Passive vs. Active Income

What is the difference in passive vs. active income? Firstly, let me introduce what is active income, this is what ordinary people will do, spend hours working in a workplace, at the end of the month, they will receive monthly salary. Examples of people who receive active income are: Managers, Lawyers, Politicians and Doctors. The biggest disadvantage is that one need to work in order to survive, that is what we usually termed as no work, no money.    

So, what is Call to action? Passive income is the total opposite side of active income, and it’s the way to building your wealth and perhaps, lifetime wealth. It is the income you do not actively work for after you had put in your initial effort. Examples of people who receive Call to action are: Authors and Scientist. The biggest advantage is that one does not really work in order to survive; that is money flows to your pocket, no matter you are working.    

What is Call to action in the online world? There are three types of Call to action in the internet. These include:     

Selling Your Own Products

This is not active income as you are not selling manually, going door to door seeing others’ face. You are using the internet to do it and you can setup a website and automate your selling business by selling the product over and over again without making any actively effort other than ensuring your website is running. But that’s a onetime Call to action.    

Promoting Product that Belongs to Other People  
Most effective way to Money Making Online and is usually termed as Affiliate Marketing. This is where you find a product that is selling hot in the market, signed up for an affiliate program for a commission, put the advertisement up and promote the product in your website.     

Getting Paid for Hosting Ads  
This is what you let others put their advertisement on your website. When a person clicks it and purchased the product, you get paid. It is not illegal and it cost nothing too, a effective way is to set up a blog and using Google AdSense.       

Which is the best? I would say Affiliate Marketing is the best way to Money Making Online.

Source by Erica